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One of my fav. sites on Penang. Love all the pic. n news.I try 2 visit the island whenever I'm free - usually every 2 months. Thanks Kayes 4 all the good work. Ur dedication is very much appreciated.Have a wonderful year.


hi i am masses and i was living in penang 8 months in year 2001 i love that place now i am living in sweden and i will love to visit penang again with my wife she did not see malaysia befor so i will love to show her.. if u can send me some new photo about penang the beach it will be nice thank u ..and see u

Barry K Reid<>

I am looking for information on The English Hotel @ 38 Beach Street which belonged to my grand father Walter Lawson a long long time ago.


Love ur website very much,,,pls keep update the make me a lot of sweet memories.

Jaime Hernan<>

I wanna visit penang next summer. Nice pictures

Dave and Joyce Lane<>

This site is a gem. We have been visiting Penang for 11 Years, and have only just found this mine of information. And we thought we knew it all!!.Many thanks

Edward Kwan<>

Hi Kayes (whatever your real name is!) Great site - stumbled into it while surfing. Penangnite myself but left for the US in 1976 and never really looked back. Have been back several times to eat and to remember the good ole days, but the place has changed a lot! Not the sleepy hollow that I once loved. Zoning or the lack of, has destroyed the once idyllic island. My fondest memories were riding my bike to school along Cantonment Rd, MacAlister Rd, Western Rd, Scotts Road and into Green Lane. Now it looks like a war zone! Glad they are doing something to the wonderful heritage houses. Especially in Penang, the Peranakans are definitely an important part of our culture. Great site, keep up the good work - I have already e-mailed all my Penang friends all over the world to check it out, and they all loved it. -ed kwan

Brian Kenny<>

A very novel and well designed site (now that's what I call "user friendly"!). Great photos and interesting accounts from visitors who clearly have a common love of Penang. From 1954 to 1956 I served with 91 SQDN RAF Regiment(Malaya), or if my memory of bahasa serves me rightly, 'Tentera Udara Malayu Kerajaan'. I visited many places and made many friends from Penang. e.g., Azli(or 'Razali')might remember me from our time in HK. (Flying Officer Mohammed, BEM, and a very special friend, Othman, also served at the same time). Keep up the good work.

John Stallinga<>

One day this will be my home-town. I married a Penang Girl. We live now in Holland, but we will be back. John & Patricia. Penang, WE LOVE YOU & MISS YOU VERY MUCH !!!


Hello Kayes-Came across this wonderful website of yours. Being a Penangite, no longer residing there though, must say I am most delighted seeing your photos - brought a smile to my face. Keep up the wonderful promo work.

Constance Chan<>

chance yr website. LOVE it! please update me, thanks!

Joe Naidu<>

Having been born in Penang and went to school at St. Xavier's and now living in the USA, your website brings me alot of childhood memories. I grew up around Tanjong Tokong/Pulau Tikius area, please show more pictures from that area. Thank you for your wonderful work and I tell evrybody here in USA to visit the Pearl of the Orient, because in my opinion it is a paradise on earth. Thank you Joe Naidu


Assalam Alaikum, hi guys. In 2000 summer, I spent the most beutiful 10 days in my life with my wife in Malaysia. 7 days of them was spent in Penang island. I was getten married before I went there by 15 days. I spent all my money. No credit card available with me. I used my teller card (International) with HSBC to get money, and I got. It was dreamy and wonderful trip. I really think to repeat it. Khalid , KSA-Riyadh


I actually a'm not a Penang born, but very interested to settle down there


Hello Kayes, It must be a labour of love. It's a real refreshing change and appreciative of your efforts in updating Penang. I enjoy all your shots of the scene and they send fond memories to me such as the comments below from G.K.Lim about Beach St. He must be from my vintage period as I do recall the fun and memories of my time there. I also remember the British Council in Bishop St., just off Beach St. I used to visit there after school in SXI and spent hours at the library there. There was a very charming Malay personnel in the office, I think his name was Hassan or Hussein (can't remember), quite short, has a moustache, always wore white shirt and long pants; he occassional acted as driver to the British Counsellor and used to send the Consulate car (a Ford Failane) for service at Universal Cars workshop at corner of Anson and Burmah Rds (I was working there as an accounts clerk in 1960's to 70's)he has the most suave and very fluent spoken English and even sounded very Englis! h in his ways, a perfect gentleman. Chap Goh Meh there was a highlight, I used to kick all the fire cracker floss and papers there and it was fun! The next shot of Chulia St was interesting.....vey depressing to see the state of the buildings! Appears that residents are not "houseproud" and leave such buildings with a depressing appearance, or is it because they are rented and couldn't be bothered at maintaining them? I also notice that most of your shots appear to be taken during the early morning? Very surprising that Chulia St scene looks so peaceful with hardly any traffic. During my last trip in Jan, I walked along Penang Rd right up to the "Blue Mansion" in Leith St, the place there was choked with heavy traffic. (Unfortunately it being my last day in Penang, and the "Blue Mansion" was closed that time for renovations!) Anyway, i hope to see someone with a camera in Penang during my last trip and take a chance that the person might be you! Would be nice to meet you and let's have a cuppa one of these days. Regards


Thanks for posting all these great pictures. I have visited Penang several times and your site brings back all those happy memories. I cant wait to visit your island again and see everything again for myself. You are doing a wonderful job of promoting Penang, dont stop.


Hai,Though I am not a Penang born but I love Penang very much,its the paradise of the East.Whenever I get an holiday I will be sure to be in Penang.The lovily beaches of Batu Frenggi will never vanish from my mind.Keepup your good work , let the world know how importance of the gateway to MALAYSIA...Love to all Penang guys.

Daniel Chao<>

I love this site as much as I love Penang. I've been to at least 30 cities in the world and Penang is no doubt one of the most beautiful and interesting place. I really love your style - happy, talkative and shamelessly self-confident! Best wishes and thanks for your time in building up this wonderful site!

Uday Joshi<>

Beauitful sites to visit at least once in life time


For your information, a new attraction has been added on to Beach Street. It is the Tzu Chi Book Store (I don't know the exact English name for it). Anyway, Tzu Chi is a charity organization founded in Taiwan. For more detail information, it is better to check with the staff over there. This new place is part book shop part cafe. Actually cafe is not really an appropriate name since they don't serve coffee there. You could order drinks while admiring the beautiful interior design of the building. Then you could look around at their books and other souvenir collection. A trip to there yourself, and you would know what I mean.

Bill Kirkwood<>

Please inform me of updates to this website

Henry K. K. Lee<>

Please keep me informed of updates. Enjoy your website very much, keep up the good work.


Yes must have been taken on a sunday as we have never seen it so quiet here ... lol ... well traffic wise that is ... this looks a really interesting cafe ... and what a sensible place to have one ... right near to all the banks ... wow we have spent some hours in this district ... so it would be very nice to pop in for drinkies while we are waiting ... hope it goes well for them ... really enjoy it when you have new pics to look at kayes keep up the good work ... best wishes from sandy - england -

Joerg Klingenfuss<>

will leave tomorrow and stay again in pen for about one week in sunway hotel as from tuesday your webpage is very interesting because of the good pictures best wishes, joerg (george) Klingenfuss Publications Hagenloher Str. 14 D-72070 Tuebingen Germany

Arif Muhammad<>

excellent place worth visit

Shi P'ng Ch'ng<>

Put me in the list please. I am a resident of Penang since i was born. I have not been back for over 15 months now...:( Great to see that the pictures are growing and more and more people are visiting. I have to comment that your effort is well paid off. This is the best Penang site that is well portrayed in pictures rather than words. Thanks for a fond memory of home for those of us who are away from home.

Adelene Wee<>

a very interesting area!


This is truly an excellant & informative page. I am learning more about Penang in here than in all the other Malaysian sites put together! Well done. cheers shawn


Hello, Kayes I'm a born and bred Penangite eternally proud of this island. I just found your site this afternoon. You're doing a great job. The question is, how do I get listed in the Directory? Please advise. Thanks and keep up the good work. Koay

Marcus Tsui<>

Thanks for letting me know about this page. I did enjoy it very much! Thanks and please keep up the good work.


Hi, Can you post some old pictures of Penang? That will really bring back memories, good memories.

G. K. Lim<>

Back in the late 1950's and early 1960's, there used to be the USIS (United States Information Service) Library at India House (I think), along Beach Street. We didn't realise that that was an American propaganda machine -- what the heck; they had good novels. As boys, we'd go and borrow the books to read, would spend afternoons in the library. And were led to believe that the USA was right, and Mao Tse Tung was wrong. Oh, well. Another image of Beach Street: Again back in the 60's, during Chop Goh Meh, the banks would let off crackers, strings of crackers from the top floor of the building to the gound, and the road that was Beach Street would be hidden under a carpet of red bits of paper. Beautiful! Of course, we were too young to realise that that would be nightmare to the city council workers the next day. :-) G. K. Lim

Jeremy Stone<>

I was born in Penang in 1961 in Ross Road. My father, Peter Stone, was a Rubber Planter on Bukit Metajim Rubber Estate near Kulim in Kedah. My family later moved to Sabah, but I was educated at Uplands School on top of the hill between 1967 and 1969. I have very many fond memories of Penang and since I have been living in Hong Kong since 1986, have had many opportunities to visit.

AC Leong<>

My nephew sent me the url of your Penang Page and I am very glad he did. I worked in Penang from 1971 until 1991. My office was on Beach Street near the OCBC Bank and every morning, I would park my car at a private car park at Church Street Ghaut and walk to office. The chap who looked after the car park was called Hussein and he washed all the cars there very clean. After he died his son took over and he wasn't as good as his father. I know Beach Street very well after having spent 20 years there. Thank you for your very nice pictures which remind me of many things! I now live in KL with my daughter but I go back to Penang at least once a year.

Loi Rachel<>

Not a bad website :) Keep it up


Last time when I was still young, I call the Beach Street as "Bank Street" coz many banks can be found rite over there. Normally on every Sunday, we just can see few peoples and car moving along the street. It is a very historical street in Penang.

Dennis GummieÆ<>

It's my pleasure to visit your homepage! You have done a great page on introduction to Penang's places. But hope you can accept my comments: Don't use blue border for pictures, you can try out Adobe Photoshop to make your pictures nicer (canvas size) etc. Still need some improvement, but I'm sure you can do best homepage !


I always refer to your Penang Page. It is really helpful for visitors like me to know Penang better to enjoy. Pics you uploaded are very inetereting for me and if you can add short comment to each pic, then we can enjoy more. My next visit to Penang is in October.

Vaho Goh<>

After i travel to a lots of places in Europe , Asia ... i found that Penang is the most wonderful island in the world Everything is great here , especially food !!! Thing here are cheap (if u compare to other country like SG. and so so.. ) Historical places , culture ( if u notice , every month in Penang , u can easyly find that there is a festival here ! You'll never get bore stay in Penang ... So , what to say more , I love PENANG .

David Fanning<>

I am doing a research paper on the effects of tourism, on the fishing industry, of penang. Do you have any stories or information? I would greatly appreciate your help. Sincerly D Fanning USA


Thanks to you We won our school annual project because of your help.

Proychai K.<>

I've never been to Penanag before but just want to tell you that this is a useful website for searching the infomation about Penang. I'll go there next 3 months and gonna spend 3 months for my internship hotel at , maybe, the Sheraton Penang.....Hope to get a nice internship there....

Ronald Walker<>

I have many memories and photo,s of Penang. At the end of WW2 I was Stationed on Penang Hill. An article about us was published in the STRAITS ECHO Vol 1. No27. I still have a very tattered copy that I treasure. Some day I would like to come back for visit. Ex:- 1482474 CPL R WALKER

Markandran Govindasamy<>

My 1st visit to Penang was when I was just a baby. My Granddad lives on Kampar Rd and has done for nearly 40 years. Penang - I LOVE IT!! I live in Manchester (England)but lived in KL for a while when I was at school. Hi to my friends Bobby and Kris down at Golden Sands. See you in January 2002 when I will win at pool (again!!).


I was born in Penang in the year 1962 and I am very grateful to GOD to allow me to be born and stay here all this while. Penang is a very lively place and there are many beautiful places to visit and not to mention about food which is so easily available all the time. I am really proud to be a Penangite and it is the responsibility of everyone here to ensure that Penang doesn't lose its attraction.