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A G Murray<>

I am a Penangite now living in the UK. I have such fond memories of the Botanical Gardens in Penang. We used to visit the gardens on Sundays at about 8.00 am following dim sum (breakfasts in a Chinese restaurant). I still remember playing by the cool streams that used to flow across the gardens. I wonder if they are still there. The Pavilion holds particular fond memories for me as it was one of our annual prefects' presentation venues. Any Old Frees around? i.e. Penang Free School old boys and girls? I happened to be one of the girl prefects back in 1978/79.


The Penang Botanical Garden is awesome! Love taking my sons there, and let them roam free. However, the gardens staff sometimes ride bikes or other vehicles quite recklessly, and kids were not allowed to ride bikes here (I saw some did, are there different sets of rules for visitors to the park??) The International Flower show was a showpiece. Keep up the good work, can't wait for next year's. Hope to see more beautiful gardens in Malaysia.


Dear sir, i'm a student,majoring in Botany.I'll be finishing my studies soon. I would like to get address of Botanical garden of Penang and would like to know more about the prospects in this field.

Ram Kakarala<>

Thanks for the great pictures of the Botanical Garden! I visited Penang, and the Garden is one the highlights of my stay. The cannonball tree (whose flower is shown here) is fascinating. A friend and I walked around the Garden trails and then decided to climb up the nearby tar road to the top of Penang Hill. It took us 2.5 hrs to reach the top, 900m over 5km in the peak of the day (starting at 11am)!


I would like to know what are the names of the plants in the Botanical Gardens. I won't be able to go there because of transportation problems. Could you kindly send me the names of the plants there? I also have another special request. Could you please send me a photo of the front gate with the name and all. Thank you.

Gloria B. Joaban<>

I had a very memorable stay in Penang during my scholarship at SEAMEO-RECSAM last Oct. 19, 1992 to January 16, 1993. Our group of teachers from the Philippines had numerous visits to your beautiful spots. We really love to go out on Sundays to see and stay in parks. How I wish to make another visit to your lovely place. My warmest regards to the personnel, professors and staff of SEAMEO-RECSAM.

Munir H. Shah<>

It is one of the finest botanical gardens of the world

Miss Lim<>

Dear Sirs, um...actually, I would like to know what are the names of the plants in the Botanical Gardens. I won't be able to go there because of transportation problems. Could you kindly send me the names of the plants there? I also have another special request. Could you please send me a photo of the front gate with the name and all. Thank you.

Chim You Fatt<>

My first visit to the garden was during a school trip to Penang.the exact year I could not remember but it was in the early 1960's.My primary school i.e. N.T.P.S(Tronoh)Tronoh, Perak, organised this educational trip to the island state. What I recalled most was the group of monkeys gathering along the roadside waiting for morsel of foods from visitors. This web page for Botanical Garden Penang is timely because there is always someone like myself and others from around the world having part of the memory of yesteryear in Penang.

Aw Eng Eam<>

Oh - the sight of the mossy damp bridge can still tickle my senses. I could feel the moist detritus undergrowth as I peruse UR fotos. Well done - brings back memory of my provious home in Penang. I am now residing in New Zealand. Been away from Pg. since 1969. Keep up the good work. PLS TAKE MORE PICTURES. Ta' Aw Eng Eam or also spelt Ow Eng Eam OR

Margaret Hewings<intraapplebylakeview@>

I am comming to Penang on April the 17th. and wish to connect with someone in the Orchid field. We will be attending the World Orchid Conference in Kuala Lumpur We will start our vist in the Orchid section of the Botanical Garden in Penang.

Avril Pasqual<>

here's where mum & my aunt took us kids for picnics back in the '60s. we brought food in tiffin carriers (who uses them nowadays?) and we bathed in the waterfalls to cool off our sweating bodies. what happened to all that water now? the monkeys were still there when i brought my daughter for a visit in the '90s. still as thieving and cheeky as ever. they are part of the charm of the botanical gardens.they act like they owned the place. "give me a packet of kacang or else no entry into the botanical gardens."

John Lew Thye Yong<>

I'm studying Penang Botanical Garden as my case study for my project to develop a botanical garden in Kuala Lumpur. Because in Malaysia only has only one, but another will be built in Putrajaya soon(more on exhibition). I'm just thinking to create something special that unique than other garden around the world. so if anybody is interested in this field and you have information or feeling about this, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. (Landscape Architect is the CUSTODIAN of the external environment)

Chong Lei San<>

The breathtaking beauty of Botanical Garden - thank you for capturing it and sharing it with us. Having spent 14 years of my life in Penang and now living in California, I grow to appreciate the beauty surrounding the Pearl of the Orient. This is a part within me that defines me wherever I go.

Adrian Kilsby<>

we're coming in December. As a horticultalist i am very interested but my wife gets bored by my ethusiasim for all things in the plant world. Hope you have some shops to keep her occupied while i indulge.


I was at Penang for Holyday,It is a pleasure To be there.There are a lot of things to see and to do. Keep it in this way.

Des Stark<>

Hello Kayes It's been a while. I was going to get some of my coloured slides made into photos but at $5.00 each it was very expensive.I have now found a Canon scanner that will scan 35mm slides. I'm having a demonstration next week and if it is successful I'll be able to send you some pictures of Penang taken in 1963 - 1965. Some of the pictures of the Botanical Gardens look the same as some my slides. Keep up the goog work. All the best Des

Jack Chan<>

My father told me that it is believed that the Japanese hid valuables( gold,jewellery,notes etc)rooted from the Chinese during the WW II somewhere in the Botanical Garden. They are yet to be found. I think I know the location...........

Diane Chin Levinson<>

Penang's botanical garden holds many happy and fond memories for me. When I was a child, my family frequented this lovely garden regularly. We had many lovely outings and picnics there. I left Penang to pursue an education, met my husband, got married and have since resided permanently in the USA. But, to me Penang has a very special place in my heart. I am still overcome with emotion and nostalgia when I visit Penang, especially Penang's Botanical garden.

Naizatul Siza<>

I love this amazing place especially early in the morning. Fresh air, colorful flower n' Butterfly, peaceful, calm n' refreshing. I would be visiting frequently since my fiancee used to live nearby. We have such a romantic memories here also his childhood stories at here. I hope this place will remains as it is. Keep up the good work guys...

Wim Simons<>

On the end of the Month we are visiting your country. We are flying the 30 th of January from Amsterdam via Kuala lumpur to penang and we are looking foreward to visit your beautiful Botanical Garden Best regards, Wim simons The Netherlands

Koay Ee Ling<>

Yes, Botanical Gardens (BG) is the best. The gardens in KL and PJ are nothing to compare. Do you know why BG is so special? Because it's next to Penang Hill and not next to a highway!


70's...botanical is the best

Earl Cochrane<>

I saw a monkey drink a can of Coke here!

Tzun-Wei Lee<>

Hey, where'd all them monkeys go?

Elaine Pneh<>

It is wonderful to visit this particular site. Have fond memories of the place. Used to spend hours feeding the chimpanzees in the Botanical garden and was often chased by them! I still remember the day when one of the chimpanzee ripped the seat off my bicycle ! Taught me a lesson not to taunt these lovely animals. It is one of the very places left in Penang that remains unchanged and I hope it remains so for a very long time to come.

S. Yung Ng<>

It'll be 10 years pretty soon since I've been away from home. This site is just awesome...especially when I get pangs of homesickness and want to see some sights from where I grew up. I lived down the road from the Botanical Gardens (Lorong Air Terjun/Waterfall Road) and my family used to go to the Gardens a lot in the evenings. We (Girl Guides in the 14th Penang Company from Convent Pulau Tikus) used to camp at Coronation Camp a lot too, which was also down the road from the Gardens, nearer the Moon Gate and went hiking through. I miss home tremendously and can't wait to go back again. *sigh*

Joerg Klingenfuss<>

I go there every evening for walking up and down just like the locals do. is the best relaxation after a hot day. actually the gate is open until after 8 pm and you can buy drinks and fresh tropical fruits right in front. will leave tomorrow and stay again in pen for about one week in sunway hotel as from tuesday your webpage is very interesting because of the good pictures best wishes, joerg (george) Klingenfuss Publications Hagenloher Str. 14 D-72070 Tuebingen Germany Phone ++49 7071 62830 Fax ++49 7071 600849 E-Mail

Russell Wellings<>

Thought you might be interested that my Great Grandfather was Mr Charles Curtis ( Mothers side ). He was the founder of the Botanical Gradens in Penang. I have never had the opportunity to visit but my sister did several years ago. I understand that a portrait of Charles still hangs at the Gardens. My mother ( Charles Curtis - Grand Daughter )is still alive ( 73 years ) and well and lives in Wales in the UK. I would like to hear from anyone who has information on Charles Curtis. Hope you find this of interest. Thanks for the opportunity to post this information.

Chong Boo Jock<>

Ahhh... the fresh morning air we miss for ten years now. They say the air from the trees have therapeutic value,thats what a 75 yr old taxi driver told me on my way home to Vancouver Canada last year.My wife and I used to have taichi and walked a couple of rounds,met old friends and old friends of my parents etc. It was exhiliarting to say the least. do we still see that? I bet maybe increased awareness of alternative cures and tranquility they get from the madness downtown. Good luck folks Keep in touch.

Evelyn Drummond<>

Yes, I would very much like to be listed in the Penange Email Directory. I want to be a friend to others. I am very fortuanate to already have a very wonderful friend in Penang. Her name is She has been pure sunshine in my life. I feel like I have another Granddaughter. We are not related, but we have so much in common. I would hope that I could have other friends from your wonderful country of Malaysia. Thank You so very much for this opportunity. I am a very true friend when I make friends.

Ms Lee<>

Greeted by the soft scent of green. Surrounded by thick luscious forest one cannot escape from feeling the green breathing. Happy blooms potraying peace and calm. Palms which strive to kiss the sky. Most amazingly, the bond between mankind and Mother Nature... *I could still feel the rustling leaves after visiting Botanical Gardens about few years ago*

Wong Chih Yoong<>

If there is a heaven , here is it ......

Mary Ewards<>

Have the chimpanzees ever turned violent at the Botanical Gardens?


Watch out for the crazy monkeys who'll steal your lunch. On the walk up to the botanical gardens you can also feed them by the roadside, but watch out for the fangs.

Nasirah Othman<>

i've been there last year.i was impressed by the fascinating scenery there,i saw lots of monkey ,lots type of trees i'd ever saw and i think that's a very suitable destination for everybody to rest their mind and have a peace time.


The last time I visited the BGP was at least 5 years ago. I am very happy and proud to see what it has become....neatly groomed, clean and green.


It is wonderful to visit. I am very happy and proud to see groomed, clean abd green.Keep up the good team work.

B. S. Chan<>

When I was around 8 years old, I was told that the monkeys were fighting for independence and soon we would need to have passports in order to get inside the botanical garden. Can anyone tell me whether this is true ?

Wolfgang Bucher<>

Dear Sir, unfourtunately I have never been in your famous Botanical Garden. But I have a special request: I was a membership of the International Camellia Society and take interest for the Tea cultivation,manufacturing and tea research. Also I collect tea plants from the different tea areas in the world. According to different literatures there should be tea estates in the cameroon highland and other places in Malaysia. For the next season of harvest , could you offer viable seeds of the available Camellia sinensis selections, from Malaysia? Perhaps you cultivate tea plants in your garden? I am very glad if you could help in my inquiry Many thanks in advance,yours sincerely Wolfgang Bucher.

Fan I Lee<>

i am a final year student from USM,Penang. i am a Mass communication student. i would like to know what happend to the fish in Lily Pond. This matter concern me a lot because i happened to witness the 'almost dying' fish last Sunday (8/7) with one of my friend. secondly, i need some information on this matter to write a news for one of my Journalism paper--'Kewartawanan II'. i think this matter will attract readers' attention. Thank you for your attention. your reply will mean a lot to me. from, i lee(Journalism student from USM) p/s: if possible, i need to have the informations before saturday(14/7). thank you.

Marcello Cascino<>

Dear Sirs, I'd like like to know if You grow some Plumerias (Frangipani) in your garden, if yes are You interested in changing/selling seeds? I write from Italy and grow Plumerias since 20 years ago, I need new colours and I'm so patient to start from seeds. Thanks a lot from your attention. Hoping for a good response best regards Marcello Cascino Italy

Ah Yin Eng<>

The pictures are beautiful. I regret leaving Penang in 1961 but circumstances forced me to go abroad because I was denied the opportunity to make a decent living. My medical degree was not recognized and my teaching job was going to end when a qualified teacher with only 10 years of formal education plus a year of teacher's college became available.