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Sue Ngein<>

My grandparents owned a tailor shop here and it's still here,thanks to my aunts.there used to be a row of tailor shops and they complemented each other;one specializes in making emboidery belts etc.slowly,one by one gave way to antique shops,cafe, travel agencies and others which now makes it a favourite spot for foreign tourists.My aunts'shop is the only one left and she has to give it up soon(in few months time)due to the increasing rent.Guess the customes will also feel the lost esp regular ones and are mostly former british and australian officers who used to serve here.Spent most of my years here,especially during my schooling years in Convent Light Street.will always cherish the fond memories in the old shop.feel sad that they have to move out for good.


Hi im french but studying in Penang. I was looking some great photos about penang to link to my website i had to do for my kolej project, i found your site and its really the best one around!Every time i look these photos i more and more fell in love with penang and fear the day ill have to leave to finish my studies...Fortunately i still have 1 and a half year there.I have also convinced my brother to come and see me thanks to your website...

Steve Holt<>

My first visit to Penang was in 1980 and I was hooked on the culture the lifestyles the history the people but most of all a strange kind of intangible magic that grabbed my soul. Now I've got to keep returning to make sure its ok - my soul that is. I try to get back at least once a year. Well maybe you will all know from previous comments which is my favourite bar in all the world - yep Hong Kong Bar on Chulia St. I have so many happy memories of that bar, every bar has a right to have character but the Hong Kong abuses the privilege. The family that runs it seems to remember everyone and sometimes its hard to get out when its quiet and Annie is saying awww go on have one for the road; hey should I care though. There is a picture of me as a much younger man in one of their books in the back room and many of my stories and signatures in the books below the bar. Maybe Penang itself isn't quite the same now as it used to be, but where is? I would still love to retire their from the uk, eventually, and then I could become a regular at Hong Kong bar. Of course I know that there is much much more to the Pearl of the Orient - Penang, than a bar on Chulia Street. What a great site, thanks so much for all the pictures.

Jerry & Helen<jerry>

The people were friendly, trishaw men great guys, and as for the Hong Kong Bar we had one of those evenings where Helen got chatted up by a salty Canadian seaman, and I (Jerry) was asked to bring back some books to an unknown address somewhwere in London, all good fun, but beware the naive traveller. Food excellent, my Dad who lives in Thailand, loves it as well, satay the best.. and lots of bargains to be had in the Sam's Batik House. We will be back soon.....

Paul Twambley<>

I remember the Hong Kong Bar very well from the first half of 1973when I was a regular visitor to Penang on the MT Cree, a small product carrier (tanker) which was on charter to Shell. I am sure the proprietor's daughter was called "Annie" Is she still around? There used to be an amazing collection of photo albums lining the walls and every visitor seemed to get his photo taken. Annie's memory for faces was incredible and she would instantly recognise people who hadn't been near Penang for years! We never missed a visit to the Hong Kong Bar even though it seemed to be the only bar in town that wasn't a "Girlie Bar" Memories!


Hi there, What do you see here? If you ask me that I would say I see colors, life, spirit, unity in diversities of cultures, religion and languages curious men and women cladded in colored cottons thriving businesses noisy buses and cars silently pedalled trishaws heaven for drinkers epicurean dishes begging personalities (well versed in the way of Chulia Street) sincerity veiled in innocence of a child roaming culprits as well... all in all its a meeting point for humanity to learn and earn some may yearn to come back again. What you see is what you get; What you feel is what you are; what you take is what your tongue and stomach will tell; what you gain is gainful experience or if you are negative in outlook..maybe painful experience. ENJOY THE STAY.CHULIA STREET is here for you to SEE and SAY.

Fiona Lavender<>

Hong kong bar rocks!! Lots and lots of people....and army guys *big grin* just joking, it's nice to meet everybody and around this area is like one big family. The drunks are happy cos they think everything is hilarious, the sobers are happy cos they are laughing at the drunks, and the bar people are happy cos they are making money. Fiona (the other blonde aussie)

Jane Wong<>

So great to see this home page, b'cos my mother house just next to Hong Kong Bar, I really miss Penang very very very much, I'm been US already 3year and I stay at chulia Street abount 20 Years, hope u can take more picture for Penang Island


Agree with "Ab",assoc with the Oasis hotel is the "Rainbow forrest Resturant" friendly service and staff. I don't work there and I don't have any financial intrest there. Two of the best places for ROTI are just before Chulia st if you are coming from the KOMPTAR KOMPLEX.Midlands mall is on Burmah st a 5 to 10 min ride,good to spend a good day looking at the Malaysian girls.Love Georgtown and Penang Island.


Undoubtedly the best place to stay in this area if you're on a budget is the Oasis Hotel on LoveLane, off Chulia Street. A colonial mansion, their staff are most friendly. I got a room there for RM20, with RM8 for dorm beds. Hard Life Reggae Bar is just across the street. 24 hour "Line Clear" Nasi kandar is absolute heaven.


hi, kayes, nice penang must be take you lot of time to do it...... i like it very much.......try to maintain it time by time


Great Photos!!!, I am still amazed how clear and sharp they are. One of the better sites I have seen on photo travel. Some thing I always wanted to do. (Photo Travel) I guess I will live my life vicariously through you till I set out for the far east. Keep up the great work!J ohn Erickson Seattle WA USA


I've wanted to visit your nice place since 15teen years ago,but not yet realized.Becouse of loosing adress of a friend of a Malaysian student who was learning in Kobe University of Japan.May be a good chance to come to your country this time.I have plan to look MALAYSIA through West to East. Upper side of Penang by a car or bus.I`ll be glad if I could get time table of bus and other infor mations and Newses.


Hi there just wanna say great page with lot of usefull infos for tourists and penang addicteds like me :o)) keep up this fantastic work :o) see ya best regards from germany AnDy


I am going to Penang & k.l. next January for the first time. Looking forward to it greatly. Have been surfing the net trying to find out what there is to do in both places, but all the sites have the same few places for visitors ): but I am sure there will be more to do than seems apparrent on the net :)

Suhaila Abdul Rashid<>

Chulia Street is the most interesting street in georgetown,full with lively street activities and the most historical street, i'm currently studying architecture in final year, n 've discovered a lot of fascinating value along this street,...its shophouses, food, street cafe nite life and everything...and i even met my current boyfriend there...:-)


I live there since baby times. i move out when i was in 20 years old. after living there for such a long time, i can frankly tell u all it is a very amazing place. the ppl here start their biz as early as 6am (for hawker store) and later on 8am for shop houses here, then when after biz hours, then the night hawker start their respective biz at around 6p.m. till 1a.m. as u can c, the area here is always in a non stop action (activity). but since the government passed the law that enable the owner of the pre war house to raise the rent, then alot of the citizen in chulia st. move out. i m 1 of them. bcoz of this, now chulia st. is just onli a biz area. and at night, the feeling is totally not the same as in the past. may b can describe it as lifeless. i really miss the old times of mine in Chulia St. may b this is somethg we need to face in the era of development, the heritage of the past is somethg we have to sacrify. after all no pain no gain. hahaha. anyhow, it still a good place to drop by, coz we still can take a look at some historic building here. have a nice time when u drop by........... Go Go Go Ftp On The Go