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Anthony Fowke<>

Yes i have stayed in batu ferringhi many times usually in an apartment in Eden Sraview. I enjoy my visits and will come back more often next year.Batu Ferringhi has the potential to be a great holiday location. WITH THE NEW developments coming up how about a decent size supermarket with a starbucks , get ridd of the crappy little restraunts and put in a clean airconditioned food court like in Gurney Plaza. THANKS FOR THE NEW BUSES, BUT THE RUST BUCKETS of HINN are still there.note with Airasia's cheap airfares you should be promoting Penang. I am retired and live on the Gold Coast Queensland. Tourist Capital of Australia, if you need any advice please contact me. Anthony Fowke


i stayed here many times have family here they are malay and live in the village.the beaches are ok plenty of places to eat very cheap and good night markets.georgetown is interesting good shopping at komtar i recomend to go to china town and have a look down backstreets very interesting.there is big malay village in batu ferringi its worth a look around see the malay houses some are still built on stilts and the local people are freindly.i know a good bar in ferringi Anthonys bar freindly place cheap beer and you can sign your name on the wall or ceiling.the island tour is recomended penang hill tek lok si temple tropical fruit farm [durian fruit is not recomended smells awful local people love it}cross penang bridge on to the mainland and get the ferry back lots to see around georgetown see the colonial buildigs temple in the backstreets lots to down there.there are other places to go like Thailand by road to Hat Yai big city good for shopping or go to langkawi.


I'm internal student at penang, and i would like to meet any foreigner people to guide them and to be friend with them in order to enhance my english language. any friend welcome, drop me an email and let us be friend in peneng where the nice nature and fresh air


I left frozen Saskatchewan on a teaching contract to Southeast Asia in 1994. Ferringhi Beach on Penang Island was like the first Asian woman I met - beautiful, warm, exotic, and inviting. I'm now living with an Asian lady, have an apartment on Batu Ferringhi, swim in the ocean in January, maintain my water balance with gin n tonic and leave this advice to my friends in Canada - the only utility of ice is in keeping drinks cold. Why suffer any longer? Come over here on the "Malaysia My Second Home" retirement program. There's no lasting joy in masochistic winters. On the beach! Palms, like sensuous women, gently sway in sea breezes cooling to the heated flesh while a mounting surf pounds and penetrates the yielding shore. Its almost a love story.

Sally Anker<>

There is something so special about Penang - it stays with a Penangite all their life. I was born on Casuarina Hill Batu Ferringhi 1951. We then moved to 24 Brown Road until 1955, when we relocated to Borneo. I first went to school in the nursery school in the Masonic Temple at the end of Brown Road (I think it was?) We were regulars at the Pony Club (at the Polo Club) which my parents (Bill and Joan Anker) were instrumental in setting up. When we left, our ponies were given to the chaps at RAF Butterworth. I have hours and hours of historic cine film of Penang, KL, Singapore and bits in between, which I view over and over again. Happy, happy days in a wonderful place.

John Thorne<>

I was stationed at RAAF Butterworth with No.33 Squadron from 1965 to 1967. I have not been back since. I am looking forward to returning in January. No doubt I will see a big change after 41years absence.I will be staying at The Holiday Inn, Bhatu Ferringhi. A beach I got to know and enjoy all those years ago, I cant wait to get on that plane.

Larry Francis<>

Penang was like a play ground for me in those days in the 80s. You see, I was a jockey there and had wonderful visits when I was ridding there. I often stayed at the Golden Sands and enjoyed what it had to offer. When I was there, I had an Australlian friend who lived there because of the army stationed there and I wlways wondered why he once told me he would never return to Australia again. Now I know why. Though I now live in Sydney, I miss the good life I once had when I visited penang. I will visit Penang again someday. A wonderful place.

Fernando Brito<>

Hello...I'm from Portugal and I was in Penang and Batu Ferringhi December 2004, in this beach one day before the tsunami at the same hour! was amanzing everything! I'm a pro oboe player and I was there for a Christmas Concert and meetings. I loved that place...I will return there January 2006 for recording a Cd Thanks for your site with beautifuls photos and information... God bless Fernando Brito


I recently went to Penang (Sept 2005) with my mother, she purchased the trip as a surprise for my 30th Birthday. So the first time in my life I left my children at home with my husband. Arriving in Penang I was taken aback until I checked into the Holiday Inn. Upon walking down to the beach I saw a line up of horses. There are people that own the horses to take tourists for rides on the beach etc. I met one special person there that was so warming, kind and helpful. He taught Mum and I were to go and what to do. Even escorting us around a lot saving us a lot of money when we were shopping. The Malaysian people are amazing and warm. There smiles radiate. But what gets me is how much we take for granted on a everyday basis. They do not have a lot over there - but they treasure everything and every moment. They are never to busy to have a chat to a stranger and to ask about our customs. Penang Hill is a lovely experience. Monkey Beach where the boys cook you lumch whilst you feel on a deserted island playing with the monkeys is an absolute to die for. The night markets are just a treat, something for everyone. The food is amazing - but you do have to try to little stalls. The limo and taxi drivers are a blessing as they can communicate very well whilst showing you the sights. The staff at the Holiday Inn were very well mannered and would go out of their way to accomodate you. I love Penang that much that I am taking a friend back with me in January 2006 to catch some more of the sun and to enjoy old and new friendships.

Wooi Min<>

What kind I say? Ilived in batu ferringhi all my life. 21 years in Batu Ferringhi, Penang but I am now studying in Singapore. Home is where my heart is =)

Yuichi Ohashi<>

My wife and I stayed in Penang from Jul 1997 until Oct 2001. And my son was born in Penang June 2001. (He is now four years old but he does not remember baby time... of course.) We live in Japan now, but we sometimes recall a lot of joyful things that we experienced in Malaysia. Especially, we liked Batu Ferringhi and the surrounding hotels. We like Malaysia and Malaysian people. And we appreciate a lot. Because Malaysia is also the second home for my son. Thank you a lot, Dr.Ng Kwee Tek of Penang Adventist Hospital. We hope to visit Malaysia someday in future.

Melanie Miner<>

I lived in Penang for 7 wonderful years, but now back in America for college. i miss home alot, especially batu.. it was the best place to be and the shopping never got old. i recommend penang to everyone. and make sure you stay at the golden sands resort, or park royal (a little secret.. u can use the other hotels phisilities, including the rasa) oh and dont forget to eat at sizzling chicken.. love yall!


this place is great! i was born here and now live in england with my mom n stepdad.i grew up here and this is a great place with the beatiful scenery! u shud all eat traditional food in malaysia such as roti canai and nasi goreng!! i visit malaysia every 2 yrs to see my family and friends and i highly recommend this! try going on the trishaw its soo fun and my uncle owns 1!im going december staying there for a month!


My wife and I being twice to Penang and we going again at march 2006. Penang is the food paradise en this island stoled our heart. Good food at the hawkers and greet curry's by Jasmine restaurant. Don't think we only visit Maylasia for the food but its a big reason to travel 13 hours from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. See you soon Penang.


I worked in Penang from 1992-1994 as a contract administrator in the probably last Serbian company ever worked there since. Met a beautiful Chinese girl in a most peculiar manner and maintained relations with her until 1998 or so. To me Penang is indeed a pearl, if not for difficulties related to diplomatic ties between Malaysia and Serbia (broken in 1993) I would have gone there several times already. A bit disappointed with the sea, too sandy for my taste and jelly fish could be a threat for swimmers. Otherwise, place is just excellent! My favorite food: roti chanai (spelling is probably wrong) and a favorite restaurant used to be "The end of the world" offering lobsters stuffed with cheese.

Nelly Barrus<>

Penang is my paradise on earth. When I was growing up in Malaysia; periodically we would go there for visits.. Actually I was formerly from Malaysia. But I reside now in the US. Makes me wonder: Is it by fate or what that I am reconnected back to Penang? You see, very recently and in a least unexpected way my husband and I met this gentleman in Austin, Texas. a Penangite on a job detail to Texas. He's the one who told me about this website! After seeing all those pixs of Penang it further reinforces my opinion that, that place is the Pearl of the Orient! Thank you Y.L.for letting me know about this website. (We hope to know or come across more Penangites...A nice bunch of folks.I would love to know a lady friend from there also!)

Colin Payne<>

I first went to Penang as a young soldier in 1965. I fell in love with the place. I have spoken about it to my wife and children ever since they could understand what I was saying. My wife and I went back in November 2003. I told her that I wanted to "get the place out of my system." We are going back again this coming November, this time one of my daughters and her family are coming. Another of my daughters went earlier this year with her family. We all just adore the place! Recuperation will take a long time!!

Eddie & Jacky<>

We have recently returned to wintry London from Penang (April 2005). This is our second visit to this lovely island and we found the resort as enjoyable as ever. On both visits we stayed at the Casuarina Beach Hotel, although the hotel is not as modern as some of the newer ones, it is friendly, comfortable and clean; above all, nearly all the rooms have a great view of the sea. Apart from dining occasionally in the hotel, we went to Ferringhi Wok for our breakfast and meals (opposite Jasmine?s Restaurant and beside The Happy Garden). Apart from the local dishes, they also serve a full English breakfast and various Western food. We found the prices very reasonable; the cooking is excellent; and the restaurant clean and pleasant. Mary, the proprietor?s sister, who helps out in the restaurant, is friendly and talkative. This is quite a new business, so they are keeping a photo album of all their customers, if you visit them you can ask to see the album. We had many meals there and never had a ?bad stomach? - we highly recommend anyone to eat there. As for us, we hope to return to Penang soon and meet the nice people there again.

George Stefanko<>

beautiful, i was sent this by a friend who lived there. george

Roger Mereweather<>

I hail from the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom and as I write this those of you who know this Island will be interested to know that the P& O ship The Aurora is sitting in the Solent (broken down) at the start of a 3 month world cruise. Well what can I say but how pleased I am that I will be returning to Ferringhi Beach on the 15th of February for three weeks of bliss at the Golden Sands Hotel having stayed there last year for the first time I can assure any one interested that this really is the place to stay if you want to be spoilt rotten!! And may I add that I will be flying with Malaysian Airways in a sea of sky!! Many years ago I came across Penang while serving in the British Army in Singapore and it used to take us 24 hours to travel up to Penang by train via Kuala Lumper and I have been saving ever since (some 45 years) to return and thank God that I am able to. Penang is still the delightful place I knew all those years ago and the pace of life has not changed one iota, I love the way even the hard pressed car driver manages to keep his cool while waiting to get into Georgetown and the weather is a delight at any time and it is nice to explore those places that we could'nt all those years ago, a must is Monkey Beach by boat just up the coast from Batu Ferringhi and not forgetting Penang Hill for those of you who want to see all scenic Island and temples and shopping in Georgetown is a must as is a visit to the Komtar for a free Trieshaw ride!! The best part of the holiday is to just relax in the garden of the "Golden Sands Hotel" and watch the sea lapping up all day until 5pm when the Gong goes at the garden bar for happy hour or two and I send my wife up to our room to shower while I partake of a few bevvies with my friends. Finally just a word of gratitude to "Kayes" for keeping us up to date with the tsunami and grateful that Penang did not suffer any long term damage. Best wishes. Roger Mereweather (Late Royal Army Pay Corps)

Declan Mc Quillan<>

I recently stayed at Golden Sands Hotel in Penang when the Tsunami struck. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Penang for the courtecy which they showed to me and my family during our visit..I cound not think of a better place on earth to be on that day. We will some day return to enjoy the hospitality which they give out so freely. Thank you all in Penang


My wife and I have had 2 visits to Batu Ferringhi The Breakfast at Happy Garden Restaurant is the best they serve real bacon and the coldest Tiger Beer of all. We will be back shortly

Sam Parkinson<>

My husband and I have been to Penang twice. The first time we stayed at the Bay View Beach Resort and then at the Golden Sands. I must say that Penang is absolute paradise, and the people are the nicest I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. We will certainly be visiting again. Sam

Alfred Samuel<>

I just came back from Penang to Singapore, this is my first trip to Peneng though I have been to many states & places of interest in Malaysia. I have to admit that this was indeed a very memorable trip for me & my wife. We stayed at Ferringhi Beach Hotel, just beside Batu Ferringhi from 20/09/2004-23/09/2004. From our Hotel Room's balcony we were able to have a very clear view of the beautiful beach & the Sea. The climate was cool & it was very windy almost everyday. The Hotel staff & the local residents were also very friendly & to my surprise most of the people were able to converse in English. We went shopping at KOMTER complex during daytime & Batu Ferringhi at night were the Pasar Malam (Night Bazaar) is situated. Things were very cheap & we did bought some nice handicraft & T-Shirts as a symbol of remembrance. The food was also very good especially the "Char Kwey Tiao" very different from those that we have tried in Singapore. I wish to visit Penang again or even migrate there if possible. I will highly recommend Penang to any Singaporean going to Malaysia for holiday. (Alfred Samuel)

Joseph Frank Koay<>

Beautiful sights,make one closer to home when I see it and able to tell my friends,ex-penangite residing in Canada.

Bev Reardon<>

We have just returned from our holiday to Malaysia. We visited Kuala Lumpur, Batu Ferringhi and Langkawi. The Malaysian people are kind, friendly and great fun. They are always smiling. We loved Penang, we stayed at the Casuarina Beach Hotel. Upon arrival i was a little dissapointed, the hotel seemed like it's hey day was the 70's, however, the place really grew on us and we were sad to leave. There were a lot of returning guests, the staff were all fantastic, it was all very laid back. The hotel was very clean and the view from your balcony is breathtaking. The beach was not busy and was very photogenic. We ate at the Happy Garden and Jasmine Restaurant mostly. Happy Garden is gorgeous Chinese food, the spring rolls and curries are to die for, the surroundings are perfect. Jasmine is good as you can see the food being cooked front of house. Again, excellent food and service. We ate mostly Indian, but the sizzling stir fries were excellent. The street market: this lines the whole of the main road in the evenings. Hint: things get cheaper the further down the road you travel! At the Casuarina end things were twice the price that they were by the Golden Sands! We hired a taxi plus driver for the day to go sight seeing, it was great, he was an excellent driver, knowledgeable about the sights and great at taking photos.We hired him from Anthony and Sarahs beer garden.It cost £20.00 for the whole day! amazing! Botanical Gardens are a must see, the monkeys run wild here and you can get really close. All the restaurants and bars were excellent, we never had a 'bad stomach' and the prices are very reasonable. Foot massage and facials etc are very popular here, and very cheap. We loved it, and went as often as possible.Foot massage is highly reccomended!!!! We will definetly return to Batu Ferringhi and the Casuarina, we made some great friends.

Noel Rozells<>

Our family used to rent a house along this stretch of beach in the early 1950's. I left in 1953. Finally poised for a visit after seeing your great web site.


my favourite place in the world

Alexis Michael<>

Driving to Batu Ferringhi and Telok Bahang used to be a lot of fun what with the beautiful scenery, the sing-alongs, the picnics with home cooked Nasi Lemak, and a dip in the beautiful ocean. I also have patchy memories of being taken on an outing to Batu Ferringhi once by some family friends who bought me a matching batik outfit (skirt and top) and bag set (thank you so much). The main Tanjung Bungah/Batu Ferringhi Road used to be dotted with so many stalls selling locally made souvenirs and goods. Possibly on this same outing (or maybe that was in Butterworth), I saw how the power lines along the road had so many spider webs in them along with their really huge eight-legged inhabitants. It was quite creepy to see!

Willi Boehm<>

My father who was in the German navy was based in Penang during the second world war. Here he met my mother. He is the only person I know to have broken a Japanese soldiers sword into two in a fight and lived to tell the tale. During the war years and later, they spent time at Batu Ferringhi particularly at the then Lone Pine Hotel which I understand is now somewhat different. As teenagers our parents took us to Batu Ferringhi during week ends to enjoy the sea and wonderful coastline. Later during the 70's I used to spend many a night camping on the beach in Batu Ferringhi just before lover isle, with classmates. These were fun times. We never tired of the free beer that we harvested from the small hotel called the Suki Inn that was adjacent to our camp site. It fitted in well with the tent that we had "borrowed" earlier in the week from a bunch of boy scounts who were camping on the beach in butterworth. The nights were cool and filled with great fun as we would make our way to Telok Bahang for a late night feed. We even had a visit from a spirit at around 3 am. It was real and it was cold. All twelve of us saw it. We were not drunk nor stoned. We left the next day but did return some months later for more fun times. Interestingly others we spoke to had also "seen something" at around 3am at Batu Ferringhi beach. One never tired of camping at Batu Ferringhi where we had so much to do and so much time to do it in. Late at night whilst we sat quietly on the beach we could hear the fisherman chating out at sea in the still of the night. It was absolute peace. Who could beat having a dip at the Chin farm which was a short distance up the hill, which if I recall was across from the Rasa Sayang or Golden Sands hotels. The water was fresh, clean and cool, and it felt like it belonged to us.I hope to return in June 2004 with my folks who are now in their 80's and are longing to have one more look at the great island. They have seen the bombs fall on the Island, they have seen it grow from the beautiful paradise that had rice fields on either side of the road leading to the airport from Sungei Nibong to what it was in the 70's. To take them home and watch them reflect and reminisce on the old times is something I will cherish forever. Once again it is the island of Penang that will provide me with another lasting memory, and a moment in my life that I will keep with me forever.

Hanns J.Oechsler<>

I just coming back from Penang, Batu Ferringhi, yesterday, I stayed at a guesthouse for 3 weeks, yes "3", paid a nite RM 25 and read now a few comments. I am wondering, everybody is talking about good food and excellent hotels, the food is excellent at every Malayian, Indian or Chinese foodcourt, but I didn´t see Western tourists sitting at those "cheap" places to eat an fresh made roti canai or nasi goreng, or from a banana leaf. All Western tourists are sitting in restaurants, where yu find only Western food, breakfast English or Aussi or American style, lunch and dinner like at home, why nobody is testing Malay food, real one: breakfast in the morning:no muesli, but roti with curry gravy at Khaleel restaurant,lunch:with fingers from the bananaleave at Net Cafe, dinner: nasi goreng at the Beach restaurant or at Ali´s. Price between 0,70RM for a roti, 3.50 RM for nasi goreng, 7.50 RM for bananaleave, tea or kopi malay 0,80 to 1 RM, all very cheap and excellent food and all fresh-made, and everywhere very friendly people. So, why to go to big hotels, catch a cold by aircon and pay a lot of money only for staying 10 or 12 hours in a bed and so called friendly staff? Guesthouses have also beds and friendly staff. So long. Joe.

Quazi N Shahriar<>

Me & my wife went to Penang in may 2001. We took a package from Malaysian Airlines for 5 days 4 nights at Penang. Unfortunately all beach side hotels were booked so we had to stayed at the city center Grand Continental hotel but it was a blessing in disguise. We had the chance to see Penang city as well. Our hotel was near the KOMTER complex and the bus stand. first day we went to Batufiringi beach by taxi and that charged us 30 ringits but later on we become smart and used to go there by bus and it used to take only about 2-3 ringits for both of us. Batufiringi beach is a very nice place. we met our Ali our massage man there. He offered nice relaxing massage to both of us. You will find different types of water sportts at the beach. For food there are many road side cafes available thou most of them are open during evening. Ther is a nice NIGHT MARKET at the beach side road, which offers souvenire and other gift items from malaysia at an affordable price. For Communication between the beach and the city center bus service is very nice. I have lots of sweet memoried of this place but I think I am writing too much so I better cut it short now. Oh by the way, the good news is that inshaallah (if allah permits) I will go the Penang again this May to attend our JCI (Junior Chamber International's ASPEC conference. So hope to see you all there. Bye now.

Mark Robertson<>

I first arrived in Penang in October 1994 and stayed there for 4 months, as I was working at TUDM Butterworth on the mainland. It was my first visit to the far east and since then I have always liked it. Although I was working at Butterworth I stayed at the Marvista Resort in Batu Ferringhi (great). It was a hell of a drive and boat trip to work and back each day. However it gave us the chance to have breakfast at Tai Ann cafe every morning down Chulia Street in Georgetown. Oh happy days. Since then I lived in Kuantan on the east coast for 4 years and have worked in Malaysia every consecutive year since my first visit. A great country, with great values which could inspire other countrys throughout the world. I hope to live there some day.

T R Aashi<>

I've just returned from an excellent trip to Penang. We stayed at Golden Sands Resort and enjoyed the beauty of the area. I wish to come again. T R Aashi

James and Julie Huntington<>

Just been reading some of the comments. Some of the experiences of fellow travellers to the wonderful island of Penang. We have holidayd there up to now twice 2002/2003 for a month each time. It is hard to put into words to try and describe the warmth of the people. The hotels are more than adequate, the generosity and personality of the staff far outweighs any that we have experienced any where else in the world. The island itself is laid back. It's an easy place to live. The climate is outstanding and the food incredible. I don't think that there are many days go by while we are about our business in the U.K. that we don't think about the wonderful times we have had at The Copthorne Orchid Hotel and all the friends that we have made there in Batu Feringhi Village. Heres to 2004 when we will experience the warmth of the island and it's wonderful people. James and Julie.

Yusnita Yunus<>

PENANG....what a wonderful island that i ever been n can't be describe the fantastic place. I've been there in USM for three years, i don't have the oppotunity to travel around but i alwiz joined any experience organized by USM. Finished my study, i come back as tourist where PARKROYAL HOTEL as our destination. WAH!! A great place to stay, i enjoyed the FOOD and the scenery.....

Roy Fleming<>

My wife and i lived in penang in 1978-1981,we lived atjalan chee phee cheok in hillside and then moved to vale of tempe.I played football for a team called chinese wanderers and they were a good side in them days.My wife and i come back every couple of years to visit our malaysian friends who our like familly to us.Our next visit is september 2003,i can taste those satays allready, bye for now and tre ma kasi to you all.


my sweet experience was in 1990 when i was of the staff at usm marine research station teluk bahang...this photo bring back the memories of the tenure of my service. Daily we cruise together by usm boat to the research station. The beautiful scenery, fresh air, friendly people and spicy foods will be cherished forever...happy always......dont forget nasi kandaq dan roti canai satu..teh tarik..satu... near teluk bahang roundabout...

David Parry<>

I have been to Penang twice and it is a place that will always be in my heart. I only wish I had been there in its heyday as I feel that with each year that passes the more tourist orientated the place becomes. The upside of this is the restoration of some of the old buildings. I have seen that some people complain about the crowded conditions of the funicular railway. I actually walked to the top one evening and avoided all that. I also surprised the station master at the top of the hill when I asked to buy a single ticket to go back down as I don't think anyone had ever tried to walk up and ride down before. After rumaging around in his desk he managed to find a book of tickets. Seeing the pictures on this site have made me determined to go back for a third time this year and this time take my wife and daughter to see this wonderful town.


I just want to say that Penang is the most gorgeous place in the world i have been going there since i was 3 years old and am now 18 i just came back from there last week and am missing it so so much, i have always stayed in the golden sands and would never go anywhere else. Im back in Penang in 8 weeks and am moving out there in january and can not wait!!! Glad so many other people appreciate the beauty of Malaysia and the kindness of all the locals out there!!!!!

Sid Austen<>

Batu Feringhi as I remembered it in 1951 was of a streach of unspoiled beach that could only be reached by walking thru the coconut trees, not a hotel in sight, and of the lads from the campong climbing up the coconut trees to chop us down a fresh coconut, and then choping off the end so that we could drink the cool liquid. Clear clean sand with a few fishermen attending their nets, it was so quiet you could hear yourself think. Batu Feringhi was paradise, and I was so disapointed to see all the developement when I returned...and they say thats progress, what a shame. Sid Austen..ex 81 SQDN RAF.

Peter Worth<>

I lived in Penang when my Father was based on Peneng Hill (RAF) we used to live right across the road from "The Sandycroft Leave Centre" later changed to a girls school I believe. We went back to the UK in 1971 after 3 of my most impressionable years. I have only fond thoughts of what I would easily call Paradise, as a 10 year old I wanted for nothing more. In the very near future I will take my wife to Penang, I know she will fall in love with the Island as I did.

Lyn & Brian Mildenhall<>

My husband and I have had 5 trips to Penang over the last 5 years and have thoroughly enjoyed all. We stayed 3 times at the Bayview Beach in Batu Ferringhi and twice at the Copthorne Orchid in Tanjung Bungah. Both hotels are excellent and can fully recommend either one. The staff at the hotels and the people of Penang are the nicest people we have had the fortune to meet, nothing is a bother, and any whim can be catered for if one asks. We will be returning again in Sept-Oct 03 for our yearly visit.

Samuel Railton<>

My wife and I spent 8 glorious days in Penang to celebrate our 25 wedding anniversary, following a week in Bali. We stayed at the Crown Prince Penang and were overjoyed to find 1st class accomodation at a very reasonable rate (RM 100,00 per day B&B double room). An additional plus was the International menu which enabled us to sample some real food like American Ribs and French Cajun Chicken. After 2 weeks of local cuisine in Bali, Singapore, KL & Malacca,this was heaven sent. WE thoroughly enjoyed all Penang had to offer, especially a self driven tour of the Island (took about 6 hours), Gurney Drive with its wonderful shopping centres, the Butterfly farm and the scenic night time Tram Way up Penang Hill in Itter Hitam was awesome. We both agreed that it was better than Bali and would like to return there soon to experience the wonderful culture and hospitality only the people of Penang can offer.THE DREAM HOLIDAY DESTINATION.

Jody Lee Nguyen<>

This was where my husband John and I really got to know each other. The atmosphere and surroundings are so refreshing and romantic like no other place. We hope to visit again soon.


I WORK HERE!! it's really a nice place to go, to stay and to enjoy. I love Batu Ferringhi because i love the beach. anyone that visit Penang should not miss out to visit Batu Ferringhi, even if you are staying in Georgetown. Only one word can describe how i felt for the beach in BAtu Ferringghi : "Beautiful"

Avril Pasqual<>

i can only say this. i want to go home! oh, beaches of penang, there is nothing like you anywhere else. i grew up across from penang in butterworth.we spent a lot of time in the picnic areas of batu ferringhi and tanjung bungah.white sand, coconut trees swaying and giving shade in the heat, little white crabs that crept out of their homes in the sand.a sunset scene in penang. out of this world.thanks for bringing your beaches to last visit home in 1999 was too short for me to take a dip in the sea. this is consolation enough.

Julie and George<>

We've visited Penang twice, 1998 and this year 2001. An uncle had lived at Codrington avenue for thirty years so we knew a lot about the island and it lived up to our expectations. We had two wonderful holidays and can't wait to go back. We stayed at Casuarina beach hotel and found the staff very accomodating,and the service excellant.

Graham Richardson<>

We stayed at the Penang Parkroyal on our visits to Penang and would not change Hotels it was magnificent the Staff was so pleasant and the rooms very good Had a ball each time (3) and hope to return again next year.


Any one who has stayed at the OLD GOLDEN SAND HOTEL (before the owner, Mr. Lee sold it in 1971/72) or know him or his family please drop me a line I would like to hear from you. Thanks!

Per Dalsrud<>

Teluk Bahang is a peaceful and harmonic spot of this earth, where it seems that the Malays, the Indians and the Chinese are living vert close to each others as well as in harmony with each others. Unlike the "busy", touristic Batu Ferringhi just a few kilometers away, Teluk Bahang has kept it's original atmosphere intact more or less. I am looking forward to come once again to the small, personal guest-house of the Indian family Rama, which will adapt every peaceful "nomade" as a natural member of the family. Across the small street down from the village corner is the home of my poor Malay fisherman friend, Nana bin Vanchik, who is working on fishing-boats together with Malay as well as Chinese friends. The water at the beach is far from crystal-clear. But even it is a 5-Star hotel near by (just a few yards), where just a handful og guests are staying (less than one for every floor), you will walk among the local friends; eating very good, fresh seafood for a dollar or a little bit more at the small Chinese restaurants; with a few, small tables. A few foreigners from all over the world will drop by at Rama's - some are staying for months, while the more impatient "YOUNG" backbackers are rushing further, with their Lonely Planet books in their hands on their "speedy ways" to see the recommended sites and monuments. The monument above all is just the human, and a pure soul, who you can feel to find understanding and a common "tone" together with. I wish I was there, listening to the Muezzine's soft prayer just after sunset, completing a peaceful day.


Recently spent 2 weeks in Penang at the Casuarina on Batu Ferringhi. Wow. What a beautiful place to visit. See if you can get your names onto Lvers Rock like we managed to under the cover of darkness. If anyone wants to contact us for tips, you'd be most welcome. A beautiful island, some parts very busy, but still a beautiful vibrant island. If its peace and tranquility you want, you can find that too. You must visit the happy garden restaurant and eat their sizzling chicken whilst watching the flying foxes in the evening.

George Gault<>

I felt I had to add my little bit to your web site. I have a great fondness for Penang, having spent 13 glorious months stationed at RAAF Butterworth just across on the mainland. All our free time was spent across on the island, infact we used to hang out most of the time in the Oasis cafe in Penang Road, the Oasis is now gone, but in it's place is an excelant retaurant called the May Garden. If any one else remembers these times during 1965/66 I would love to hear from them. If any one is off on holiday there and hasn't been there before then you are going to have a wonderfull time, my wife and I have been back there three times in the last four years and will be back. While in Bhatu Ferringhi make sure you visit the Last Drop restaurant great food good value, also if once or twice you just fancy an english breakfast then give Sherine a visit at the Happy Garden.

Chris Pizzey<>

Many thanks for setting up this site. It's made me all wistful! I used to go to Penang a lot during my three years in Singapore. It's a bit too late for Batu Ferringhi, but take with the development of Pulau Pinang, keep some of the jungle! Best wishes.

John Gimblett<>

My wife and I are off to Penang/KL in October and pages such as this are getting us to a fever pitch of excitement already, despite there being 8 weeks to go (and counting!). I was last in Penang in 1986, so I imagine it's changed considerably since then. I went on from Penang to Sumatra, a strange and dangerous place, but that's another story....

Jamie Troup<>

Thanks for this website for those of us who have a soft spot for Penang it is much appreciated. I have been visiting Penang on a very regular basis since 1988. Would be happy to share experiences by e-mail.

Fawziah Makda<>

Penang is beautiful, the people are friendly and full of hospitality. I spent my honeymoon in 1995 at the Ferringhi Hotel and we use to frequent the beach at Batu Ferringhi and also visit the Komtar. I will definately return to this island. Fawziak Makda(nee Ally)


Mum was born here, beautiful place with wonderful people. Miss the kampumungs and all!


I stayed in hotel Golden Sands, dec.1999 and enjoyed my stay there very much, the whole of the island was pleasant,I been to many places in south east Asia but it was perfect.

J Shanks<>

I have been visiting Penang since 1977 and always enjoy my visits. However the coast road to BATU FERRINGHI has had very little improvements made to it and can be a dangerous drive at certain times. Also recently I visited the Hill railway with my kids and they were terrified by overcrowding of the carriages on the downward trip. They have said that they never want to go back which is unfortunate. Please investigate the safety procedures of the company before there is a terrible accident. However I still like the place but take care that it is not over developed.

Ray <>

I just came back from my first trip to Penang. It was soooooo nice trip!!! I love it very much. Friendly people and beautiful beach.... My greatest memory in Penang,it that I did swim with fish at Payar island. I wish I can visit that beautiful country again.

Brian Oakford<BrianOakford@AOL.COM>

I have been to penang over the last 25 years and love it now just as I did on my first visit. My wife is a penang girl and we will be returning to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversery in APRIL 2000 I would like to thank you and my wife for the loving memories I will have for the rest of my life.

Steve Johnson<>

Hi I enjoyed looking at the pictures on your site much better than being fed the holiday magazines very selective choise of pictures and information. Sorry i may soon be one of the hoards of tourists in your area. regards .steve.


Just a note from a long-time friend of Penang. I was based in Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand from 1970-72, and fell in love with Penang. Used to spend weekends at the OLD Golden Sands Hotel at Batu Ferringhi, well before the current developments were built. In fact, I met my wife there! She was on holiday from the UK, and we met on the beach, in October 1972. I've been back a few times since then, and in July this year we are both coming out for a holiday, staying at the Golden Sands Resort.


i stayed in sri sayang apartment before... when my brother and family from singapore were staying there. very nice place. huge spacious apartment, with all the facilities. yes, while staying there, we walk opposite to the beach at rasa sayang. i beleive some stone's throw away is another nice apartment - mar vista. the facilities there are better than sri sayang but the apartment is not so spacious!


during my preparation for my SPM, i usually drove up to Rasa Sayang Hotel...and sit at a little hill by the beach with my friend to enjoy the evening view.

Kathy Macleod<>

I have just had the best 4 day break in Batu Ferringhi. I stayed at The Ferringhi Beach Hotel where I found everyone so Friendly, especially the staff, locals and other holiday-makers. Next time I visit I will be staying much longer !!


I loved Penang so much and my dad's hometown was at Penang too. I mostly stay at Golden Sands Resort while having my holidays at Penang. Those water sports make me crazy. **smile** and I met some new friends who went there for vacation too. By the way, I'm going to meet my bf over there next year. Wow! Excited!!!

George Gilchrist<>

Just thans to Dr Bremavathi for prompt, friendly and efficient treatment to our young son, which enabled us all to enjoy the rest of our holiday in a lovely place.


This was the place i cried over my first heartbreak many years back and i thought that was the saddest place on earth to be but thinking back, this is the most beautiful place on earth and despite that sad night, it turns out to be the most beautiful night of all.....


Penang has many special memories for my husband and me as our courtship began on the beach in Teluk Bahang. It was a trip with of college mates at the end of the our university semester when we went there in April 1994. Since then, each time we go to Penang we make it a point to drive past Penang Mutiara and the rest house next to it which we stayed in. Hopefully the next time around we will walk on the same beach again.


I had the greatest vacations of my life when I visited Malaysia last winter!!! I had the opportunity to rent a car in Penang and got to drive for the first time on my right hand side. It was an unforgettable trip! I had to admit that I am in love with this country ^_^ I hope I can get to go back to M'sia and be able to kacap bahasa ... My favorite food is Penang Chowkwey tia (spelling?), ice kacang, nasi goreng, etc... This is my story: I was driving towards the shore follwing a sign that said :"Ke ferri" (to the ferri) I seriously thought that it was going to be something like a navy pier where you can seat along the shore and see the ocean. Oh surprise! there was I following those signs when suddendly all cars stopped! Why? right after everyone, including myself, stopped, I saw people steping out of tehir cars cuz these doors where closing... I was already on the ferri!!! heading towards butterworth!!! I was really scared!! hehehe but it was really funny cuz I got to drive back along the longest bridge in SE Asia. By the Way, I am originally from Mexico! Ciao ^_^ Hasta la Vista Malaysia! Nos veremos pronto! ( c u soon)

Alan Biffin<>

Recently stayed at Parkroyal Batu Ferringhi, which I can highly recommend to all and sundry. Whilst Penang is rather a busy place, BF offers a slightly quieter scene. The night markets set up along the side of the road at nights are good fun and relatively cheap shopping. Make sure you bargain to at least 70% of asking price. Food at almost all cafes and restaurants along "the strip" is varied and great. If you want the coldest beer in Penang go to the beachside cafes next door to the Parkroyal. Ask for Pippy.