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Sheila Syed<>

Hi, after reading all those wonderful contributions on Penang food my new year resolution is made: i will take two weeks off in 2005, as early as possible, and make sure i eat everything listed on this site!! We were in Malaysia just last week, first in Penang, Georgetown and then in Kuala Lumpur and since we took this trip in a hurry i did not do my usual net research on the places, but when we arrived in Penang and i began experiencing Malaysian food, i was hooked for life. Right from breakfast in our hotel to dinner somewhere, anywhere, the flavours were so amazing and the taste was unbeatable, being from India I am accustomed to delicious spicy meals, and when I tasted Malaysian food I realised that we have competition!! And how! One, Malaysian food seems simpler, with basic sauces and meats and vegetables you can cook up a dish in twenty minutes while Indian meals are a combination of three or four dishes. A Penang Laksa is a meal in itself, and the bonus is the side veggies and maybe a chicken leg they would add to the dish. Ever since we got back last Thursday I wake up in the morning craving for Nasi Kandar or Prawn Sambal, I have been getting recipes off the net and have tried some dishes, does not taste the same but believe me, makes a difference in your gastronomical experiences. This site is one of the best I have ever visited. Thank You. And wishing the world more Char Koay Teow in 2005. Sheila Syed

Caleb Tan<>

Well, I suppose I am a Penangnite and always remain so even though many of us have lived elsewhere. I have been in Canada for 18 years now and how I missed penang food especially Lak-sa, mee goreng and Loyak@! Penang food - the best! Cheer! Keep up with the good work. Let us dream!

Wee Vern<>

I miss penang food whenever i'm week is tough enough....wat more when i'm studying in johor and come bck only like once in a few months:(anyways....over the years i've been declaring all these places n food as the best....wish to try some new places though,see if you agree else suggestions pls be nice enough to tell me:)CHAR KOAY TEOW:lengkok burma(chiu chang ka in english under the tree) HOKKIEN MEE: Swee Kong coffee shop(opp p.tikus police station,morning only) KOAY TEOW TH'NG:roadside stall opp formerly air itam LAI LAI/Hai Aun coffeeshop in townnear komtar MEE GORENG: esplanade medan selera LOH BAK: kheng pin coffeeshop(penang road/sri bahari road junction) ROJAK :Swatow Lane coffeeshop/esplanade night(formerly van)CURRY MEE: no one really nice stall.


Glorious food... better yet... glorious Penang food! *grins* They'll definitely be my wallpapers, one for every week, for Sure. and Vincent, thanks lots! i'm making it a point to check out all the places when i get back. *lau nua liao* cempedak chee' stall in front of Heng Ee School. Yum!!


hello... I'm a student doing a research on a malaysian delicacies called "soup ekor".. In order to start my research, i need firstly cook the "soup ekor" on my own.. But i have the problem of finding the information/recipe about "soup lekor".. So, i thought that maybe any "leng chai or leng lui" can help me out.. i jus need the recipe of 'soup lekor".. If any of you knows how to cook it, please kindly reply my message and send me a copy of your delicious recipe, kay.. thanx alot.. your help is kindly appreciated

Mike Fejedelem<>

One of our recipe club members is looking for a Chinese Food Recipe called Wor Su Opp. Its a recipe using Duck. Can you help us out? Thanks. Mike Fejedelem (Montrose, Michigan U.S.A.)


Dear Sir: we are the largest manufacturer in china for corn starch, and refined corn oil and glucose,If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Elvina McCallum<>

Can someone make the foods in penang in frozen form and i can buy it from internet delivery to carribbean.I travel whole carribbea neither one chefs or even my own cooking cant changelle my own home town food. I MISS CHAR KEOW TEOW...extra chili, extra prawns, extra se ham.... Those guy's who took this pictures i really bek tahan. Im pregant for 4 months im miss all this..........DAMN..hahha

Joseph Frank Koay<>

These pictures stirred my stomach to the core,missed all these delicious food.How nice if we could get the smell out of it from the eyes view.Lovely picture,brings back great memories of childhood and places. first time on the site.


Working in KL for the past 3 over years, there is nothing I miss more than the hawkers food in Penang. Nowhere is Kl,no matter how much I am willing to pay, can I find authentic Penang food unless I cook it myself. I guess nothing can replace the feeling of having great food at reasonable prices at nondescript cofee shops in Penang. I never fail to promote Penang food to my KL friends and explain to them why Penang food is so special-we don't stinge on the spices which must be fresh and not instant mix like those we find in KL.


No matter how many dishes you eat,and no many how many times you eat per day, your diet in Penang is ALWAYS 100 times healthier, fitter, and tastier than anywhere else in the West(especially US). Penang- the food paradise. *burp*


wahlau eh!..."lau chui nua liao"...i've left penang for 8 months now,not so long compare to others who has left for few years,but it's enough to make me miss penang so much,so so so much,of coz the food in penang is always the best, the food in U.S...eerrrhhh..."cannot take" at all one,eat until i almost want to vomit dee...hehe..i'm coming back Penang! 3 more weeks...wait for me...


Ohh gawd..they just look so heavenly n erm peaceful?????scrumptious!!!!i really miss penang's's been years since i went there...and do you make me drool for 'em...but i'm crossing my fingers cos i might be going to penang next month....


Hi,i like penang food very much especially Fried Osyter & Cina Satay at Gurney Hawkers centra (near by side road have big roundabout) if i not forget the number of store is 16 & 17 go to try it if u haven't go before & also can take some picture from the hawker can publish into this webpage.Business Hour 5.00pm-12.00pm(Closed on Wednesday & Thursday)

Yen-Yee Koay<>

I'm from Hawaii, I missed Penang Food so much, especially the Laksa, Hokien Mee, and Roti Canai, just to name a few. I hope somebody will read this and email me the recipe, I really appreciated it. Penang food is the best in the world. Thanks alot.

Bill Watters<>

I lived in Thailand for some years and it was always a delight to travel to Penang for my visa extensions for it meant being able to indulge myself in the delicious dishes available in Georgetown. My day invariably began with an extended breakfast in the dim-sum restaurants in the streets that ran parallel and about two streets down from the main drag. Just thinking about it now brings memories of the Chinese ladies circulating the busy tables with their large trays of steaming dishes and chattering away to each other like melliferous song birds, teacups continually topped up, the clatter of dishes delivered and collected. After a splash in the warm sea lunch was usually a leisurely affair at one of the seafood restaurants in the Ferenghi beach area. Tiffin was a mug of strong milky tea with murtabak in one of the roadside Indian stalls. The evenings took in a movie followed by a gourmet's indulgence in restaurants within the Centrum complex.

Jennifer Lim<>

Can someboby please help me! I am looking for a recipe for chee cheong fun sauce. The kind you get in kl. The sweet black sauce to put on top of chee cheong fun.Can i also get the recipe for bang chang kueh. I am in australia and i can't find the sauce

Mabel Pangrazio<>

Penang food tastes more Penang in Penang than if the food is served somewhere else by a penangite.

Venna< >

Hi i would like to make Bak Chang at home. anyone can help me out .


Wow!!! Hokkien Mee, Laksa, Char Koay Teow, Ice Kacang, Roti Canai, curry Mee and ....I really miss PENANG FOOD so much. I did mentioned to all my colleagues and friends that Penang food really the best :)'s true :O).....Could I have my favourite food, Hokkien Mee recipe?? Yummy Penang food I could see in this website.....I really miss Penang food so much especially my favourite food Hokken Mee .........I'm going home very soon to have TWO big bowl of Hokkien mee....he...he...:D Right the moment just have a look at the picture of the food.....:O(


Dear sir, I am Malaysia Indian working in canada, i need recipe for koytiaw goring, pinang style, please tell me how to cook

Farah-Hanif<hanif_ za@>

really cool site...after seeing all the pics , one really gets the inspiration to cook up a storm, or at least tries too... when we first move to this side of the world, it was a real torcher... not being able to eat m'sian food that is ... the food here is totally diff. except perhaps for italien/french cuisine. this was when it hit us hard , there's no food like m'sian food, be it hawkers food, restaurant food, fast food, malay food, chinese food, indian food , thai food, japanese food, mexican food and on and on and i can just ramble on...but food being the subject, there's no other better place to live and eat than PENANG. when our stuff arrived we were like eating and eating and eating...that's just us, being true penangites as we are.....well generally we eat 5 or 6 times a day... a real shocker for our friends here who eat only 3 times a day (breakfast included) ...even the good old instant noodle tastes very much m'sian (especially the curry and soup ekor ! flavor)..... too bad its impossible to get the ingredients to go to europe or stock up when we make our hometrips like our trip last Jan, we had 80 kg baggage, full of lemongrass, bird eye's chilli, turmeric leaves, ginger, shallots etc. now are trying our hands in growing the stuff, hope it will survive the mediteranean weather.lucky thing our family just came wth new supply incl. rempah nasi kandar. our friends here (North African & european) just luv our food, the favs are chicken rice, fried noodle, curry mee,beehoon ,karipap and other classic m'sian dishes. we pratically cook and eat m'sian dishes daily, so to all of u who misses m'sian food, give it a try, its really easy and worth the effort. happy cooking and eating. (its also a good way to `never ever forget m'sia'). we're making another trip this yr, cant wait to dig into all those heavenly food, got a longggggg list of what and where (but not when) to eat. our fav places, hawkers corner bkt gedung for sany's char koay teow kerang, sunshine sq for nasi ayam misai, teluk ketumbar for salwa's prawn mee, bkt jambul (behind vistaman dtk keramat for , pdg kota lama for bihun s'pore Panjang, cendul and ais kacang...hmmmmm...i think i gonna get an ais kacang making machine this time.....gurney drive for cucur udang,laksa lemak and pasembur, super komtar food court for curry mee and pegaga juice (hope its still there) and definitely roti canai and teh tarik (3 times a day)and not forgetting all the pasar malam (night market). TQ Kayes for highlighting this very wonderful aspect of penang in yr great site. it helps to ease the isuremisshome feeling. keep it up.... best wishes. farah hanif lisa.


When i saw this page"wa beh tahan liao".............

Daphne Teoh< >

Do we have to be tortured like this? I can smell Penang hawker food from way cross the Pacific. There are a few so-called Malaysian or Penang restaurants here in Los Angeles. But I always compare every dish to Penang hawker food. I drool just looking at the pictures above. If only Penang is not so far away. On the other hand, if it is not, I would be at least 200 lbs overweight. Thank you for reminding me of home.


Ah........ I miss Penang food very much.. I am living in Hong Kong now I can't enjoy Penang food.. let me die liao. After see this web site I can't bear liao. Luckily, I can go back to Penang on Nov 2002... I will eat as much as possible otherwise I will back to Hong Kong to eat such oily food, not nice.. I hate Hong Kong food very much!

Koay Skolastika<>

food? penang? aaahhh wanna die 1st time taste lok lok lok lok? the best food i ever try. i go to penang 1 time only but i hope this august i will come again.. i miss penang food.


i had been in Penang for several times when i was teenager. however time has elapsed for so many years and i have not been my lovely home country for years. i hardly can recall the tastes of the all those authentic cuisines not to mention their names. Good job for this website but it will be more terrific if the web manager put the name of the food for each picture. Again, good job, dude


The pics are beautiful but could you have some description for those non-experts among us? Really great stuff! Mike


I live in London at the moment, and the very sight of Penang food makes me miss Malaysia all the more. Thank you for making me strong in anticipation for my return to KL this summer. Keep up the good work! ///Julz PS... as a suggestion, maybe the names should be included to aid foreigners? It would be a help to promote our wonderful cuisine.

Mdm Butterfly<>

Hey Kayes, You very "chek ark" one. So cruel and bad hearted. We are Penangites down in Oklahoma (now my home). Why even bother to print pictures of those delicious food and no recipes to accompany your website. We don't understand! Some more dare to burp to everyone and dare to inform everyone that you took 2 days to enjoy those delicious food. "Lu mmm chai see". "Tui Penang, pak si lu"

Min Hui Loi-Braden<>

It's pictures like these that have me attempting religously at my kithchen trying to reproduce the real hawker deal. I was infact surfing for some M'sian recipes when i chance upon this bogus recipe site:) Sourcing for ingredients is half the battle and I've learned a clever little substitute for pandan leaves; a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. My Mat Salleh other half couldn't tell the difference but being a true Malaysian at tummy, things here aren't as yummy as back home. Min Hui (ex-Taipingnite)

Zarin Ismail<>

What can I say that hasn't been said already!Born and bred on the island my food destination is always back to Penang, no matter what they offer in KL or elsewhere. There is mention of Apom, but have been raiding sites looking for this recipe. You know the idian sweet apom that is always available just outside of Craven Cafe by the Dato keramat/Macalister Road junction.The guy starts at 8pm till the ams. You will find one more stall opposite Coffee Bean in Pulau tikus. I love this stuff for breakfast. Managed to beg for the recipe once from someone, but I lost it. Its great especially the one with the egg in the middle. Anyway.....pleeeese. if you do find the recipe email me. TQ Kayes

Hui Ling<>

I am always very proud of our Penang food. Feel like flying home tomorrow to eat my favourite char-koay-teow....


I thought there would recipes with the pictures. I think that it's really cruel of you, to taunt ex-pats with lovely images that we can't eat!! Luan - Sitting in a basement flat in England...


You should try, if you have not, the famous, mouth watering, delicious, Pasembur (in Hokkien it's "Chegh Hoo" (literally translated - Green Fish) located at Padang/Field Datuk Keramat. It's operated everyday from 2.00pm to 7.00pm except Thursdays. The secret recipe is handed down from generation to generation. You can ask for spicy or non spicy. Go ahead and try. Make your mouth and stomach happy!!!


Fantabulous job!! Nothing like pics from the best of Penang to whet my apetite, Having said that,Oh God! My mouth is watering already and my next trip back home will be probably in May 2003 or something. Really don't know how i'm gonna get by without THE food of life. What's ironic is that us Malaysians in Darden School of UVA are getting together a "curry mee" and karipap stall for the Annual International Food Fest and trying really hard to come close to doing any justice to it.

Siew Ong<>

From all the readers, looks like wherever we all are now, we all miss Penang and especially the lovely hawkers food!! I will be going back in December 2001 - I have been planning what food I am going to take and it is going to be Wan Ton Mee (or tok tok mee, as some of you calls it) - huge craving for this!! I just cannot make or even find won ton mee that is anywhere near those back in dear old Penang!! My char koay teow is (proud to say), pretty tasty and has earned plenty of praises. Send me an e-mail if you wish to know how and I can even give you the recipe to "barn charng kueh" - remember that peanut pancake?!! I just make "hoo tou mee hoon" the other day and it turned out fantastic!! Happy eating, happy drooling - and long live Penang!


Good job for putting up the site so everyone will have a chance to miss their hometown food. One thing lack of the food is the "NAME of the food". Until now, i still consider foods in Penang is THE BEST !! I dont know why southerners and singaporean called our Curry Noodle (Kali Mee) to Laksa and our Laksa to Curry Noodle, really make no sense ( catch no ball lah )! Anyway, it's fun to catch up with what i had missed the foods in Penang. Although i live in LA now, but the M'sian foods here are still lack of the taste lah, except the closer one is called Little Malaysia. The Foods are good except their service sometime is getting out of hands. The downside is they dont take credit card, so i have to bring more cash everytime i invite some friends there. Please update any new foods from Penang and the name so most of the so called ex-Penangite will have chance to taste out all the yummy foods. Thank you for posting up the site about Penang. [Scroll down and you will see that all the pics of the food above have been named by John Ong. Best wishes, kayes]


I think the food is delicious so can you send me the recipes for me to cook. I hope you all can make more website like this for me to learn to cook other foods.

Lily Ang<>

Great job and photos. You may want to describe the taste, aroma, sauces of each type of noodle - I know it takes a lot of hard work but will be useful for a tourist or expatriates, especially one without Asian exposure - those food may look interesting but scary. You could begin by saying "the laksa" a must have/try in Penang, mostly desired by women. Soup is made of blended fish, with chilli and tamarind juice. It has a fishy, sour and spicy taste and is garnished with lettuce, cucumber, pineapple and makes a healthy diet. You could also name some popular eating spots in Penang - i mean hawker centres such as Macalister Road, Sri Bahari Road (for loh bak), Keat Seng at Penang Road, Lorong Selamat, Swatow Lane. I'm actually looking for a picture of roti canai - especially when the roti canai man throws the dough - it's for my 3 year old nephew who's half american. I'm creating a memorabila for him. Well, good luck on the webpage.


Hey there! Im so hungry now....least you could do is share some of the recipes..pls..pls... Sharing is caring....even only recipes in this matter....

Yat Hoe Ng<>

Looking at all the various dishes you displayed here, makes me very hungry!!! The major difference between the food serve now in your pictures and that of my childhood of the 60's is that the plates bowls are all made of melanine or plastic. In my youth, the they were all porcelain. The bowls all had the picture of a cockrel on it.Diffrent vendors would mark thir bowls with different colour paint. Is the makan centre in Dato Keramat 'Padang' still there? Regards yat


Hi Kayes, you are bad..bad..:)you make me feel so hungry. But fortunately I will be visiting Penang next month. How about some pictures of our tropical fruits and some ko-kueh? May be I can try to get some of those pictures for you. Kayes, keep up the excellent work for putting together this outstanding and informative website.

Tan Bill<>

i think that penang food is very tasty and delicious. i myself like it a lot. my favourite is fish head curry. that is why i hope that you will feature more on fish head curry, because not only me, but many others also like to eat fish head curry. THANKS!!!!!!


Hi Kayes, The only thing I have not seen anyone mention, is the "murtarbark" (not sure of spelling). When I was in Penang last (April 1999) there was a hawker stall next to the Penang Parkroyal, with a man that made these but nothing else. It was the nicest dish on our whole holiday! We have tried to recreate them at home, but just can;t seem to get the recipe right!!


only pictures and no recipe? this is most traumatic.. *sigh* i wanna taste authentic hawker food!!!!!!!!!!!


check out this list of hawker food in Penang - ck's list of great food

Bj Chong<>

On my frquent returns to Penang, I find the hawker food has deteriorated in quality and am quite disappointed.Except for some of my favourite stalls that maintain their recipe because the old sifu is around many new stalls are pathethic and tastes like ??? Laksas used to be nice and thick with fish meat but I took one at Phoenix and the soup was like disolved juice of prwan paste!!!. Wow, thanks CK; your lists are long and hopefully I shall still fit into my already bloated torso from eating in my asian visits.

Nancy Ng<>

Hey, why didn't you take me with you when you took those pictures? i wouldn't have complained! Mmmmm... yummy.. i wish i was there... hopefully my husband and I will go to penang soon one day! A very impressive site indeed. Good work!


Hello!! This is really getting out of hand!! I miss Penang food too much and the only comfort for me is a nice packet of Instant noodles with lots of chilli - as i eat it, i imagine it is Hokkien Mee/curry mee or some kind of hawker food. I used to be a regular at Hawker food stall at Gurney Drive. Some of my favourite hawker places are the curry mee near the Penang Stadium, Char Bee Hoon at Chung Ling, Ayer Itam, Laksa at Ayer Itam, Char Koay Teow at Lorong Selamat, Koay Teow Thng at Gurney Drive etc etc... even typing all these down makes me drools... hehee... I will never ever get the chance to live those days when I was that regular at the hawker stall as I am now married and settled in UK. But Penang, we are coming back next year and have the best Penang Hawker Feast of our life!!!!! :)


Hey! Great stuff here! I'm drooling with delight. So what about giving us the recipes too? I'm sure I'll have a horde of guinea pigs, so give me a chance! I need one for poh piah, so please let your secret out!

Hans Schlereth<>

Kayes, it was really nice of you to visit me at Soho, It's been a pleasure knowing you. But I'm still wondering where have you hide all the best Nasi Kandar's here in town. I've been too so many places to try this nothern Indian food The roti Naan with Tandoori Chicken. The best Tandoori chicken you can get is at Yasmin restaurant on Penang Road. I go there almost every evening to get my tasty good dinner. RM5.50 for a set of tandoori with a good laasi(yogurt drink).makes a perfect dinner. keep up the good work! i sure enjoy this section!

George Gilchrist<>

I love it, but I am more of a rice & curry type. Therefore Penang chicken curry & kapitan are my favourites- in fact the only meals I ate every night while we were there. Fortunately I have found a couple of good value and tasting restaurants run by Malaysian expats here in Perth. Plus my wife is becoming quite proficient. But I look forward to trying the real thing again!!

min ONG<>

oh my god!!! there is no words that could represent my feelings now... i am so hungry... i miss PENANG... OH!!! can not tahan... kayes, u r the BEST!!!!! thank u so mcuh of creating this page. i will add this to my favorite, so everytime i miss the food, i can at least have a look. after reading the feedback, now i realized that there are so many Penangites sharing the exact feelings as mine. i must go to New York ASAP. there is no 'human food' except Penang..ha ha.... keep it up.... regards from virginia, min.

Melissa Yeoh<>

Good Gosh!! This is the best website, ever!!! Thanks for putting it up, Kayes. I'm drolling over the keyboard here. About to start munching on the mouse. Forget about guessing! For all you folks away from our lovely island in the sun, go home and personally hunt down all the above yummy dishes at their respective locations. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again (till the food matches the location and the dishes and utensils used). That will be my mission (and I choose to accept it!) next year when I go home. It's also great to have the feedback section, so all of us faraway Penangites can have a cyber-taste of some good, old mouth-watering hawker cooking. May Penang and her food live long and prosper.

Han Chuan Ong<>

Great pictures! But I felt it was rather cruel to have pictures of all hawker food displayed here and I am thousands of miles away from home! Now, I have to pretend that my hamburger is actually a steaming plate of char koay teow!

Helen Yap<>

Ooh..this is too much Kayes. I'm taking the next flight into Penang for that mouth watering "tock tock mee" and also the Bangkok Lane Pulau tikus Mee rebus and Mee goreng with extra sotong and chilli. It is absolutely the best. The Indian mee man has been selling since my school days in the 70s. He speaks fluent Hockkien Feel the lips burning due to the spicy chilli, than you wash it down with ice kacang with extra atap chee and sweet corn.After all that you walk across the road to another coffee shop right across from the Balai and have "dented face" lady's char Koay Teow. Totally awesome.If you pack it home, it will be wrapped up in banana leaves. It has a terrific flavour. Coming home soon!!


Good job Kayes!! You really make me feel home sick. I really miss the "original" Penang's food. Thanks to Patrict and Florence for the information of Penang restaurants in the U.S. Infact, I have already tried all the Penang restaurants which mentioned by Florence. I like their roti canai very much. However, curry fish head in N.Y.C. Penang restaurant(in China Town) really disappointed me. Try Little Malaysia restaurant in El Monte, California. So far, this the best that I found in the U.S.(not for comm. but for sharing)

Audrey Lee<>

wow! this a great section kayes! coming from beloved penang and being overseas, my mouth is already watering. there's no food like penang hawker food! i had a computer presentation on food not too long ago and my tutor and course mates were sure wishing they could have a taste of our lovely food. wish i had checked my hotmail account earlier to get the beautiful pictures off this page. keep up the good work! i sure enjoy this section!

Leon Teow<>

Hello kayes, that really make me home sick. I will definitely go home next year for my vacation and i will spend my time just for eating. Thanks for this beatiful pictures.

John Ong<>

I will try to name them all. But hey! It's nice of you to do this, but frankly, it's kinda a torture for those who's not exactly easily accessable to those food!

1. Sah Hoh Fun or Yee Foo Meen kinda thing

2. Wan Tan Mee

3. Kopi

4. Hokkien Mee

5. Poh Piah

6. This is the killer "Oh Chien"

7. I really can't tell, looks like a goop of stuff, Passumbul kinda stuff????

8. Char Mee Suah

9. Loh Mee OMG!

10. Chwee Cheong Fun

11. Hokkien Mee again

12. Char Koay Teow, the best dish ever!

13. A few dishes of Mamak's heavenly food!

14. Kon Lou Meen

15. Another Hokkien Mee

16. Ais Kacang (Ang Tao S'ehng)

17. Mee Goreng (gosh, it's very tough for me now! I'm gonna go home now!)

18. Chendol

19. Ngah Pou Fun (Clay pot rice) Heavenly!

20. Penang is not Penang enough without LAKSA!

21. Kayes! You're gonna like me more from now on! I think this laksa seller is that famous Air Itam, bus stop laksa

22. This is the Pulau Tikus kopi tiam! I always think that the drinks are a little too expenssive.

23. Mee Goreng and Mee Rebus across the street from the Pulau Tikus police station! I can see it. And next to the Apom!

24. And I'm not very sure about this, but I think this one is at "Eah Kah" close to the Kuan Yim Teng. HOKKIEN MEE. With a Pao steamer next to the stall!

I can't tell you how hungry and home-food sick, not exactly homesick!

It's a torture, but hey, kinda like that! Don't go there! I'm not into S&M, but food is my life!! Or my life is food. Whatever it is. I love them all.

Thanks Kayes.

John Ong

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

(This will give those who do not know I'm not home, treassure what they have!)

Benny Koay<>

Eh.. U make me sick man! I miss the food very much!!!!!


wahhh kayes!! i envy you lah... trying all those food. why didn't you 'hire' me to be the food taster? :) well, i am very glad to see a section for food up at last. thanks kayes. hmm... the pics of the food here doesn't really look clear, so making a guess what they are is not too esay. anyway, i'll give it a try. iss no. 12 the most famous (well at least according to me) food of penang - char koay teow?? and what is no. 3? looks like kopi o! hokkien mee can be no. 4, 9 or 15. or they could be curry mee! yeah yeah.. i dunno lah so making a wild guess. no. 17 gotta be mee goreng (mamak mee) and no. 18 ice kacang. right? or is it no. 16 ice kacang? is no. 5 popiah? no. 7 gotta be satay. 19 looks like the claypot rice. and which one is my favourite food - laksa??? 2? 11? 20? btw, the laksa stall (no. 21) could it be the one at gurney drive? ok lah, i give up. i guess i have more than half wrong. aww... no honourable mention for me. :( hey all food lovers! there is a site where you can go to for recipes. go to <> and i'm sure you will enjoy the site. ok happy cooking then!!

Lan Wei<>

Hi! Kayes, Although I don't know who you are, but I think I started to like you! Aha.. Don't misunderstand ya? I like this Penang Page very much! Thank you so much for leting all of us who are not in Penang to have this chance to recall our memories on our homeland..The pictures of the scenery, foods etc....hmmm...You make me longing for home now! Could you please also tell us where to get the most famous hawker foods in Penang? I mean the exact location, eg Air Itam laksa, Penang Road chendol, etc. My friend told me the most famous curry mee is located somewhere in Butterworth, have you ever heard about it? Best regards, Lanwei, S'pore


YumYummy!!! It's been so long since i went back home!!! I miss the food there!!!!!!!!! Good job!!!


No 11, 15, 5 and 2xNo.3 please...


Good to see. Better to eat. Best to share with the lovables. regards, san.

SY L<>

Congratulations for making such a remarkably great homepage. I do miss the Penang food very much, especially the char koay thow at the Bee Hooi coffe shop and Char Koay Khak infront of Union Primary school.

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dear kayes, i would like to recomend u the mee sotong and the coconut shake at esplanade it's yummy :)

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well..well you miss out the most tasty famous dessert in PENANG....chendul at the penang road ,go ahead and try if you haven't do so. I bet you you will love it, the chendul stall situated on the left side of the road.

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Your pictures speak a thousand words. Moreover,it make me hungry....again and also make me feel homesick...and bring out the tiger in me....errrauuuuuuuu........

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This page has brought out my good memories about Penang food, especially where i take McDonalds everyday in Birmingham,Alabama. i will be very happy if you could include some information about Bukit Mertajam, where i came from.


THANKs A LOT for sent me the mail !!!

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I think you have done a marvellous job. Actually I have been thinking to create something like this. But I have some extras in mind. I think it will be fun and informative to include a location list of those famous/delicious hawker food for each category. You can obtain information from feedbacks. We can even have a forum to discuss about our favourite hawker food. Lets make our Penang's Hawker food a tourist attraction. Keep it up Kayes !

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Wow! Wow! Kayes, great job. Let me see: 1. Chay hor fan 2. Wan tan mee 3. Kopi oo 4. Hokkien mee (I like it) 5. Poo piah 6. oo jian (so expensive!) 7. Pasambul 8. Chah kuah tiau 9. Low mee (great garlic taste) 10. and lot lot food......I can't take it anymore, I am so hungry now! You are great, kayes!

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yeah, it's me again. just wanna add a comment re: no. 4. so no. 4 is kopi o? what is kopi o doing among all those yummy hawkers stuff? kopi o (black coffee) is not unique to penang. kayes, why don't you take a pic of teh tarik instead... especially of the man in action, 'pulling' the tea? now, that is something unique! btw, have you people tasted teh halia (ginger tea) which is also teh tarik of course, add in ginger. very nice!!

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Wanna know about the good food in Penang? Contact me!

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Hey, if you guys miss the Penang food and you live in the USA, try to stop by New York City sometime. THey have several VERY good penang restaurants selling many of the dishes above... The three that I know offhand are: a) Penang (Upper West Side) 240 Columbus Avenue (corner of 71st street) NY NY 10023 (212) 769-8889 b) Penang (Upper East Side) 1596 Second Avenue (corner of 83rd street) NY NY 10028 (212) 585-1968 c) Penang (Soho) 109 Spring Street NY NY 10012 (212) 941-8868 The owners went to school at Chung Ling.

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Gee Kayes.. those food makes me hungry and want to fly home ASAP. THanks Patrick for the Penang restaurant in New York City. I would like to add in some more recommendation * Penang restaurant in Boston chinatown (everything is pretty good except the Mee Goreng) * Penang restaurant in Chicago new chinatown * Penang restaurant in Atlanta chinatown * A malaysian restaurant (serving authentic penang food -- the owner is a penangite) is Seattle's International District. Hope this will help those craving for home food!!

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Yo, dude, Cool site! I'm a native islander of Penang. Local product :o) Can I borrow some of your pics for my own use? I'll place your site to my link page.


*burp* i'm gonna go on another round of diet after all these. forgive me, i'm only human

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Penang Island is a most famous hawker centre in Malaysia. We can simply get a lot of different type of foods in Penang. Most of them tast good and cheap. I like to eat. That's why I'm always feel lucky that I'm one of the Penang Island resident!


Hi K, How are you doing? can you give all the recipes. so i can try at home .Thanks! -MM


hi, you food picture make arouse my appetite, going to Penang next week, may I have all the address for all the food in your picture so that I can taste all of them when I am there. thank you very much. Lihuahua

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i have left penang for five years and i miss the food over hokkein mee at pulau tikus,mee goreng beside the sheraton hotel,dim sum at macalister road and nasi kandar at litle india.....the best.....and one the lok lok at gurnry drive....


this is one kick ass food site. i have been searching for food pictures the last 4 weeks and this is the first site that i have actually found one!!! thankyou so much that picture of coffee or whatevea it is will help me greatly in my food assignment!!!

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hi ... i would like to get the recipe for "Barn Chang Kuih" Could u please sent me the recipe as soon as possible ? thanks ...


Types of Hawker Food and Where: CHINESE Ah Thooi Mee Suah (Vermicelli with Duck Drumstick soup) Roadside Stall at Jalan Sungei Pinang infront of Boon Siew Honda workshop Ban Chean Kuih (Chinese Pancake) Ah Kee Chinese Pancake, stall beside coffee shop at junction of Taman Sri Nibong and Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah - night only Tel:012-482 1077 Cart beside Chartered Bank - afternoon Cart in front of General Post Office - afternoon (Muslim) Beef Koay Teow (Glutinous Flat Noodles in Beef Soup) Lebuh Victoria Bus Terminal hawker complex Char Tung Hoon (friend glass noodles) Ang Hoay Lor Restaurant, Jalan Gurdwara Char Koay Teow (Fried Glutinous Flat Noodles with prawns, cockles) Sisters at Jalan Macalister (near junction of Jalan Macalister/Jalan Perak) - morning Lorong Kulit/Jalan Dato Keramat junction - night Lorong Selamat stall opposite coffee shop - afternoon Ah Hoe Char Koay Teow , junction Jalan Carnarvon/Lebuh Melayu New Asia Coffee Shop, Air Itam Pulau Tikus Market - night Song River Cafe, Persiaran Gurney Lebuh Kimberley - night most hawker stalls serve good char koay teow Halal (Muslim) stalls Rudy's at Tanjung Bunga Hawker's Complex opp Copthorne Hotel Stall at Jalan Chee Seng, Tanjung Bunga - night only Chee Cheong Fun Coffee Shop at Lorong Macalister Jalan Baru Chendol (strips of smooth firm green pandan noodles made from rice flour - usually served with red beans, coconut milk and shaved ice, topped with gula melaka (brown sugar syrup) PENANG ROAD FAMOUS TEOCHEW CHENDUL Road Side Cart at 2 Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Jalan Penang, Georgetown (beside Joo Hooi Cafe) Tel:261 8002 Super Komtar Food Copurt Island Plaza Food Court Sar Chew Restaurant, Jalan Cantonment Chicken Broth Padang Brown Hawker Complex, Jalan Anson Chicken Rice (Hainan) Fatty Loh Tanjung Bunga, opp. Chinese Swimming Club Jalan Cantonment, Pulau Tikus, opp Maybank In front of Agora Hotel, Jalan Macalister Coffee Shops (several specialists along Lebuh Chulia) Goh Thow Chick Cafe, 338A Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown Tel:261 8650 Kheng Pin Coffee Shop, junction Jalan Sri Bahari/Jalan Penang Poly Cafe, Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus Sky Hotel, Lebuh Chulia Choon Pneah (Spring Rolls - fried variety of Popiah) Most Hainan restaurants Curry Mee (known as Laksa in KL - Yellow Round Noodles in Curry Gravy with cockles, prawns, cuttle fish, pig's blood, toupok) Bee Hooi Coffee Shop in Lorong Pulau Tikus/Jalan Burma junction (Pulau Tikus) - morning Cathay Cafe, Jalan Burma (opposite Union Primary School) - night Sin Nam Hong Coffee Shop at Komtar second level Lorong Kucing Lorong Seratus Tahun Lorong Swatow New Asia Coffee Shop, Air Itam Stall at Jalan Loh Poh Heng, Hillside, near Esso petrol station - afternoon Dim Sum Bee Hooi Coffee Shop, Jalan Burma/Lorong Pulau Tikus junction Hong Kong Tea Garden, 162-164 Jalan Macalister, opposite District Education Office, Georgetown Tel:229 6688 Ewe Char Koay Popular Stalls, Lebuh Cintra Fish Head Beehoon Sky Cafe, Lebuh Chulia Hum Chin Peng (Chinese "doughnut") Cart at Lebuh Kimberley/Lebuh Cintra junction Popular Stalls, Lebuh Cintra Hokkien Mee (known as Prawn Mee in KL - Yellow Round Noodles in Prawn Soup) Coffee Shop junction of Jalan Burmah/Jalan Cantonment - morning Crystal Food Garden, Jalan Tanjung Tokong, near to Sandy Bay Beachcomber - evening Sin Kim San Coffee Shop, junction Jalan Macalister/Jalan Rangoon Coffee Shop several doors to the left of Midtowne Hotel, Jalan Macalister Song River Cafe, Persiaran Gurney - night only Swee Kong Coffee Shop (opp. Pulau Tikus Police Station) Jalan Burma Coffee Shop at Jalan Perak/Jalan Kebun Nyor junction Hokkien Char Bee Hooi Coffee Shop, Jalan Burma/Lorong Pulau Tikus junction Hoo Wan Tung Hoon (glass noodles with fish ball, soup) Garden Inn Hotel, Jalan Anson - set lunch Ice Kacang (usually spelled in Bahasa Malaysia as Ais Kacang - shaved ice with toppings of red beans, raisins, black jelly, bananas, red/black syrup, evaporated milk and a scoop of ice cream) Kek Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Penang Low Eng Hoo Coffee Shop, Lorong Selamat Road Side Stall at Lorong Swatow Ipoh Koay Teow (bean sprout chicken) Jalan Air Itam Joo Hoo Eng Chai (cuttle fish and vegetables) Song River Cafe, Persiaran Gurney Koay Chiap (thick glutinous noodles with duck meat soup) Air Itam Market - night Koay Kak (Fried Steamed Glutinous Rice Cubes) Coffee Shop, Lorong Macalister - morning Air Itram Market Jalan Anson Market Koay Teow Th'ng (Glutinous Flat Noodles Soup with fish balls, pork strips, pig's blood) Hai Oan Coffee Shop, Jalan Burma, near junction of Lorong Macalister - morning Side Lane between Jalan Hutton/Lebuh Dickens (opp Police HQ) - morning Jalan Argyll (opp back of Island Girls' School) - morning Jalan Hutton (opp Sek. Pendidekan Khas) - morning Kek Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Penang Lorong Swatow Roadside Stall junction of Lebuh Beach/Lebuh Market Laksa (Large Round White Noodles in Fish Gravy: Assam Laksa - sourish variety; Siam Laksa - spicy hot variety) Air Itam Market Balik Pulau Market Kuala Jalan Baru, Balik Pulau Helena's Laksa (franchise) at Bukit Jambul Shopping Complex Kek Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Penang Kheng Pin Coffeeship, junction Jalan Sri Bahari/Jalan Penang Lorong Selamat Lorong Swatow Swee Kong Coffee Shop opposite Pulau Tikus Police Station, Jalan Burma Lok Lok (skewered seafood dipped in boiling pot of water, served with gravy) Esplanade Hawker Complex - night Padang Brown Hawker Centre, Jalan Anson/Jalan Perak junction Pulau Tikus Market Lor Bak (Fried Minced Pork Sausage in Dried Beancurd Covering) Coffee Shop at junction of Lebuh Carnarvon/Lorong Melayu Kek Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Penang Kheng Pin Coffee Shop, junction Jalan Sri Bahari/Jalan Penang Nasi Lemak Garden Inn Hotel, Jalan Anson - set lunch Johnny's, Pulau Tikus Market Swee Kong Coffee Shop (opp. Pulau Tikus Police Station) Jalan Burma Potbless - 2 Lorong Hutton; 1-Stop Midlands; 98 Lintang Mayang Pasir 2 Nyonya Cakes O' Chien (Oyster Omelette) Coffee Shop junction of Lebuh Carnarvon/Lebuh Kimberley Coffee Shop Junction of Jalan Macalister/Lorong Selamat - evening Ocean Green Restaurant, 48F Jln. Sultan Ahmad Shah Tel:226 2681 Song River Cafe, Persiaran Gurney - night Popiah (Mixed Vegetables and Crabmeat in Thin Pancake Covering - fried variety is called Spring Rolls or Choon Pneah Coffee Shop junction of Jalan Macalister/Lorong Selamat - evening Kek Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Penang Wah Leong Coffee Shop, Jalan Burma Lorong Swatow Rojak (cut fruits in prawn paste) Van outside Poly Cafe, Jalan Burma Sar Hor Fun (Fried Glutinous Flat Noodles and Beehoon with Pork and Seafood) Coffee Shop junction of Jalan Macalister/Lorong Selamat Coffee Shop in front of Penang Jail, Jalan Datuk Keramat Coffee Shop junction of Jalan Burmah/Jalan Nagore Foo Heong Restaurant, 56-58 Lebuh Cintra Tel:261 2350 Sky Cafe, Lebuh Chulia Satay (Chinese) (barbequed skewered meat - Pork, Chicken) Coffee Shops junction Jalan Penang/Kampong Malabar Lebuh Cina Kheng Pin Coffee Shop, junction Jalan Sri Bahari/Jalan Penang most coffee shop stalls Seafood Broth/Pork Broth Roadside cart at Lebuh Chulia, opp Lorong Cinta - night Coffee Shop in front of Penang Jail, Jalan Datuk Keramat Joo Leong Cafe, 179H Sungei Tiram, near Penang Bayan Lepas International Airport Tel:012-498 4865 - seafood porridge Wantan Mee (Thin Round Yellow Noodles with Prawn Dumplings - Soup or Dried variety) Jalan Burma (in front of Union Primary School) - night only Swee Kong Coffee Shop, opp Pulau Tikus Police Station, Jalan Burma Coffee Shop opposite Lai Lai Supermarket, Jalan Burma - evening Coffee Shop, junction of Jalan Anson/Lebuh Melaka Lorong Selamat World Cafe, junction Jalan Nagore/Jalan Bawasah most coffee shop hawker stalls Yong Tau Foo Padang Brown hawker complex - evening INDIAN Capati Chelliah's Store, 43 Jalan Kelawei, Pulau Tikus (teh tarik, tosei, capati, nasi kandar) Mee Goreng/Mee Rebus (Fried/Boiled Round Yellow Noodles) New Asia Coffee Shop, Air Itam Kek Seng Coffee Shop, Jalan Penang - Chinese Mee Rebus Lorong Swatow Coffee Shop junction of Jalan Burma/Lorong Bangkok Larut Cafe (beside Sheraton Hotel) - formerly at CRC Murtabak (Indian 'roti' (bread) filled with minced mutton or chicken over hot plate) Hameediyah Restaurant, Lebuh Campbell Nasi Kandar Craven A Cafe, 4 Jalan Dato Keramat Stall behind Immigration Dept. and Penang State Assembly building, Lebuh Light Kassim Nasi Kandar, 14 & 21 Jalan Gurdwara, opposite Gama Supermarket Kedai Kopi Merlin, 1 Lebuh Penang Khaleel's, Ferringhi Mutiara Arcade, Batu Ferringhi Sabuhan, Jalan Burma Indian eateries in Lebuh Tamil Line Clear, junction of Jalan Penang/Lebuh Chulia Pasembor (various fried seafood in water chestnut salad - Indian and Chinese variety) Persiaran Gurney - evening (Indian) Padang Brown hawker complex - afternoon Roti Canai Hameediyah Restaurant, Lebuh Campbell Indian stalls at Jalan Transfer (beside the mosque), Jalan Argyll most Indian coffee shops/stalls Teh Tarik ('pulled' tea) almost all Indian and Malay roadside stalls and eating shops have 'teh tarik' Tosei most Indian coffee shops, especially along Penang Street, Market Street, in the morning MALAY Rice and Malay Dishes Tanjung Tokong UDA Flats Hawker Stalls opposite Mar Vista Resort Hawker Stalls around Penang Parkroyal Hotel Junction of Jalan Kelawei/Jalan Jones Hawker Stall opposite Sheraton Penang Larut Cafe beside Sheraton Penang, Satay (barbequed skewered meat - Chicken, Mutton or Beef) most coffee shops JAPANESE Winston Hawkers Centre, Jalan Anson VEGETARIAN Chinese various coffee shops in Jalan Transfer, Jalan Kedah, Lebuh Pitt, Jalan Magazine Indian various coffee shops in Lebuh Pasar, Lebuh Penang, Lebuh Queen, Lebuh Cina Western pure vegetarian at Matahari Hawker Centre, Batu Ferringhi .

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such TORTURE!!!... aaaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!- thank u nevertheless... sleepless in london, budi blair

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I was born in Malaysia, a Malaysian at heart, but fate took me to USA, I am now an American. I missed home tremendously, with my parents deceased almost 20 years now, I yearn for the Penang food I grew up with. My best friend, a fine girl friend I knew while growing up, pass away in 1993, it broke my heart when I learnt of her demise in 1996. She was a Sharifah, & I remember her every Christmas. An ornament on my Christmas tree bears her name. Anyway, I miss the food, & I wonder if you coule give me the recipe for all 20 dishes you have on your pictures, sir. Thank you. Deb

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"kiam kar see"......."lu chin nah bo ah kai"....."lau nuah kar siaw liao"........."si kin nah"...u owe us big one....find us some good recipe//.....