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siti azrifah<>

gurney drive are now totally change..except the hawker food.i am very sad to see that the place that i always see everyday since i was kid become a dirty and smelly place.. last time when i was a little kid,this is a place that i always came with my father every morning to collect shells.i also remember that i walk along the beach and swimming with my family..its all clean more the beauty scene today...the pondok for fisherman where my foster father place also have been destroy by the tsunamy..when i was kid,i love to collect all the unique sea shells and remis that we can eat..last time thia beach also is the place for turtles to lay they were the construction of penang outer road ring project will destroy for ever our penang gurney drive...ia m very sad but nothing i can i am doing research about gurney drive for my landscape project for final semester in diploma landscape architecture...

well well...hmm..after read all da message..i am emotional angry and regret to see what happen in gurney drive now...i have a sequences picture along the both left and right site of gurney drive..only left about 2 favourite is da 1924 bungalow...hope i can have that bungalow..;) i live at the very old flat klawaiw ith famous curry fish head and a variety of mat panjang kueh at about 20 to 30 types..laST TIME i can see gurney or padang kota view from my house on 5 floor and also bunga api on 31 oct(merdeka) but now the have been block by another klawai kondo right in front my old flat klawai which is actally a school before i was born..the kondo was still in already 13 floor...i have no power to cHANGE all this problem..what can i do is to write what i feel in this block and see the lost of the old gurney with new porr(penang outer road ring project )-some one please stop the disaster in my lovely penang island...please...

K C Poon-Gilligan<>

Hello everyone out there! First of all, this is indeed such a wonderful site for one to visit especially if reminiscing of the Penang everyone once knew and now know. My husband and I spent a week in Penang in 1989 on honeymoon. We returned 3 weeks ago and re-visited the E&O Hotel where we stayed and the changes the hotel has undergone is mouth gawping!! Room rates naturally are nothing like what we paid during our honeymoon and suffice to say, it was more than our budget so.... onwards to the Holiday Inn Resort Hotel instead. Just as good is a little away from Gurney Drive. We have come away with our feelings for the island re-kindled so much as, we are currently apartment hunting with a view of settling out there in a couple of years. Does anyone out there know of a reliable trustworthy estate agent who is prepared to be on keen lookout for available apartments for sale in or around the Gurney Drive location please? Would be terribly interested to get in touch with one. Many many thanks in advance!


I used to live about 2 blks from here. My husband and I lived in Penang for one year back in 2002. The pictures bring back memories. I used to walk Gurney Drive every morning. The food in Penang is out of this world. They had so many different types you could choose from. I would love to go back there again. We still keep in touch with local friends that we made there. If you ever have the chance to visit Penang, please do. The locals are the most friendliest people I have ever met. You can find people that speak broken English here and the food is the best.

Jos Penhale<>

I used to live along gurney drive in an apartment called, Gurney Beach, very nice place to live was very lucky to live there. loads of memories i dunno where to start, used to go to Uplands school so used to pop over to Gurney Plaza after school and on the weekends, nice place to go. i am currently back in England at the moment and im goin back to Penang middle of June this year with a friend i used to go to Uplands with. CANT WAIT!!!


I used to lived at 77-D Gurney Drive in the 1960's. It was converted to a Curry Fish head restuarant in the 70's or 80's. What has happened to this site? Thanks.

Joseph Frank Koay<>

Kayes, The more I scan through your beautiful captured pictures that tells a thousand words in each of them,the more I felt like taking the next plane home. Will be back for the lunar new year.Living in Vancouver for the last 18 years.From Penang Free School. Any OLD FREES in year 1970,71 around? Au soon kwee,Khoo Boo Teik,Teoh Ah Joo, Lim Swee Aun or student of Velu, Mr Johnny Choong? Lets get together. Thinking of retiring back there again.


I was born in Penang..but actuali live here in perth, australia but only ever went bak for holidayz every couple of years or so..and everytime i go, i would alweis go to gurney drive..da last time i went bak, i went to Red Box to belt out a couple of tunes..hahaha..and also went to see Wang Lee Hom at Gurney Plaza..and i spent quite a lotta time with mah frenz there..dat place brings bak so mani great memories..i look forward to going bak agen at da beginning of next year..=) dat place totally roxxxxxx!!~~~~

Dennis Allnutt<>

I lived on Penang Island from 1959-1962 at no 19 Tanjong Bungah Park in those days it was realy the Pearl of the Orient lovely white sand beaches and only low rise propertys nothing to spoil the views.I also spent time on Bidan Telor and Song Song Island as a RAF armourer. Great times were also spent at the Penang Swimming Club running up bar bills. I returned to Penang in 2000 with my wife a bit of a shock to the system with all the changes that had gone on, managed to find our old house and was invited in by the Malay family who now live their. Would like to hear from any one who would like to share memories.

Chin Wei<>

have to say.. great site to visit.. I've just wrote in but I cant help myself.. THIS IS A GREAT SITE.. the pix are GREAT!! Can we actually contributes pix as well... the more i read the more I miss HOME!! I'm hooked to this site! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! I'm sure to visit this site daily!!!

Joshin & Han<>

My Singaporean husband and I (Johorean) fell in love with Penang through the delicious food. Whenever it's time for holiday, the 1st place my huband has in mind is always "Penang". What can I say, that's the BEST place on earth to find the BEST varieties of exotic dishes. Hope that the government could provide a proper shelter for the Gurney hawkers as we once experienced running towards our car with one bowl of assam laksa and once plate of rojak. To think of it, it's quite "romantic" back then.


i would like you that is it ok i am using one of ur gurney drive picture for my assign ? thx alot dude , the picture is really very nice, u mus hav took alot of effort to take those picture right ? the most attracting picture for me is the gurney drive mamak stall , omg ,the food~~~, it makes me feel like going back to penang right now , (im currently studying at melb) the sunrise gurney also reminds me alot of the time when b4 im having my spm. few of my fren we gather at the mc'd and study there for few weeks , lol... kinda cool place. oh ya , my house is jus at kelawai rd , so i often walk to tru gurney plaza to get to gurney drive too :P anyway , thx for sharing , pg is the best , it always will b


which website that i can get the old penang picture?picture about penang town in 1900-1950.hope u can help me.

Dan Bierbower<>

Ohhh Gurney Drive!!! Every time I hear that name a tear comes to my eye. I lived there for only a short time but I miss it so much. I left my wife there to become a calf roper in a small southern town in New Jersey. What I would not give to go back in time and change that decision. Oh Gurney Drive how I long for thee. I promise I will someday come back to you. Until then...stay beautiful!


Gurney is my home. i have been staying there for 15 years since i was 6 years old. my house is juz right opposite the tall condominium in the last picture. last year which was august,2003. I left penang to US for my study. though it is juz bout 9 months since i left penang, but i miss penang so much. i really hope i can go back. going home is like a dream n fantasy for me because i know i cant go back until i finish my study which is about 2 more years to sad. i miss penang. i love Penang. Penang forever! gurney forever!


I'm very glad to see gurney drive today because i still remember last 2 years i went to gurney drive it was under renovation and today i can see the changes of the gurney drive today. I'm so proud to see the new image. And as i know the famous thing in gurney drive is the night hawker and Penang people call it as the eating heaven. And it's really have many type of food,the famous one is lok-lok & penang laksa

Yen-Yee Koay<>

To tell you the truth, I was working at Song River, situated in the middle of Gurney Drive. I wish I could be there now so that I can enjoy the 'ono' food. I really missed the food. Thank you so much for the pictures, it brings back old memories. Wish you all the best, Aloha and Mahalo.

Thomas Tham<>

Wow ! Great pictures ! I do not know Gurney Drive has changed so much. I stayed in Penang from 1968 till 1981 before moving to Singapore. I missed Gurney Drive so much. By the way, my grandpa house is still there, facing the famous night open air hawker centre. To be precise it is 182, Gurney Drive.

Peter Wales<>

How well I remember Gurney Drive and Penang in General. When someone guided me to this Website and I first saw the pictures of Penang today I couldn't belive it! PENANG HAS CHANGED. I was in Penang from May 1958 until July 1960 and I can honestly say that period was one of the best times in my life. I married at the Penang Registry Office one Saturday in February 1959 and settled down to a life of bliss in a bungalow at Tanjong Tokong. I well remember catching a bus and walking to Gurney Drive for a meal on the Mukan Carts. Chicken Satay as I remember was my favourite but I didn't mind the odd bowl of Laksa as well but you know wherever I have travelled and wherever in the world I have tried the local version of Laksa, it was never like the beautiful Laksa I used to have in Gurney Drive. One of the other dishes I loved was what I called Crispy Chicken (don't remember the correct name) and what about those Prawn Curries. No one can make a Prawn Curry like the cooks of Penang. I musn't forget finally the Indian Beef Curries from an Indian place in Chulia Street.Unforgetable! At other times we used to catch a bus to Tanjong Bungah and walk up a long steep driveway to an old hotel that looked down on the beach and straight up the Strait towards Bidan Island. What could be more pleasant than having a nice cold beer and watching the moon make a silver pathway along the water and then have a plate of nasi goring to finish off the night before going home to bed. I. am 68 years of age now but I will never forget Penang, truly my "Pearl of the Orient"


The picture - small frame, the third picture. I wonder if Mr. Loke Yoon Wai (son of Mr. Loke) is still living in that house. He was my classmate in the late forties. He took up law together with Chew Kok Chooi and Oo Gin Sun.ESPONSE


Bravo to a good website. I was born in Penang and lived at Gurney Drive during my teen years. It was so sad to see all the bungalows and big houses torn down and replaced with tall buildings, shopping centers and hotels. My family's old house and friends still live in that area. The atmosphere was so different then -- too many traffic jams and tourists now. It was a wonderful place to live since I could get anything I wanted. A good place to learn multiple languages and culture. Every summer, my husband and kids love to go back to Penang and enjoy the fun and food they cannot get in the USA. Gurney Drive is a good place to visit. You can enjoy the quite moment in the morning and see the beautiful sunset and sunrise everyday. The sound of the wave is so calm and give you a piece of mind. Please keep up the good work and I will forward this site to my colleagues to see. Thank you for introducing this website.

Roger JONES<>

As part of the AP of the elite 1st Green Jackets 43rd and 52nd we arrived at Penang on or about the 12th April 1962 and took up a brief residence in our new home at Minden Barracks. There was so much to be done in helping to quel problems in Brunei and in Borneo. Any time off in Penang i spent with young ladies in the Botanical gardens by the juke box, many hours were spent just sipping Pepsi from Real bottles:)

Geoff Brownsword<>

Being a stranger to gurney drive and the hawkers is no problem,just follow the local people and do as they do. The hawkers are very friendly and like alaugh and a joke, the food is very good indeed and very inexpensive a MUST for anyone,we loved every minute of the time spent amongst the people of Malaysia in and around Penang. BEST WISHES FROM GEOFF&VAL.


I went to school at Uplands, and so have MANY memories of this place - watching people stroll up and down as I cleaned my teeth at night, breaking out by crawling under the fence after hours and going to eat noodles, strolling down there with my first ever girlfriend feeling like a million dollars... God I miss it.


hi, everybody. actually i'm the student of UTM,Skudai now. i have gone through a lot of your mesages and i know how precious is Gurney to you all. i'm doing a research of redesign the gurney drive, but however it is difficult toi find pictures of old gurney scenery. so, i hope if anybody could send me their pictures featuring gurney drive scenery so that we could share how valuable it is to us, especially penang people.

Dave Flury<>

I stayed in Penang in 1999 for three weeks at the Parkroyal Resort hotel in Batu Ferringhi. I work for the US Navy in San Diego California, and was there for some work with the Royal Malaysian Air Force on their F/A 18 jets. In 2000, I stayed at the Gurney Hotel on Gurney drive for two and a half months (10 nice weeks). I enjoyed my stay in Penang immensely. I met a wonderful lady there, unfortunately, I only know here by the name of Jasmine and she lives in Penang, near the Botanical Gardens. Someday soon I will return to Penang (I hope), and enjoy my stay again.

CK Mok<>

Hi, Mr Low I am Mok, I used to play badminton at the court In Lim Theng Hin house in Gurney Drive from 1967 to 1972. I did remember a family by the name of Low who used to work there and staying at the Quaters beside the car park at the back,and also a driver by the name of Mr Idris, There is also a badminton courts under the coconuts trees. An enclosed garden next to it. We used to play badminton every evening there. The house owner grandson by the name of Jeffery used to stay there but left to England in for Further studies.( My classmate... but lost contact.) I stay next to the Song River cafe then intil year 2000. Sadly, natural progression and development has to take place but my memories to this day, are intact. Hope we can contact each other again..... Best regards

Kelly Camelia Lim<>

well...i like Penang soooooo much..... she has her own style, it make people love her naturally and without aware. I was always asking my friends in US come to visit here ~~~, it's happy to see this webpage so that i can show them how beautiful N attractive penang N gurney drive are..... but, i guess you missed some spot..that is the shot of the hawkers in the end of gurney drive, i think there is one of the characteristic of gurney .... ^_^ finally really hope to see more pics in the web page again~~~ ^^ *i m sure will come back to visit again!! ^_<


Hi !!!!!!! Im irene and i stay in the same apartment as you. I live at 9th floor..... Eventhough im just 15 but i hope we can share our experience through the a korean mix chinese and stayed in penang for 12 years now.......Nice to meet u !!!!!!!!

Ron YC Ng<>

Makes me wonder why I ever left Penang....


There is something very special about Penang, the name Penang alone brings back some spell bounding memories.I always feel happy whenever the train, bus or car I'm travelling in approaches the island. The view spells relief.

Marcus Chang<>

Penang! I have been grown in this place for 18 years and still counting. Nowadays, i can said that i'm very pround of penang development. The food here is the best from the hawker stall to the restoran, especially 'laksa'. Anyone from overseas should come to try penang cruisine. I'm sure 5 years later from now, penang will be as like as Hong Kong.I hope this website would show us some pic of Pulau Jerajak. I knew that this island will be one of the tourist hot spot. thank you.


Just moved to kl a few months ago. it has been a very emotional time for me here and the photos of penang made me realize how much i've missed it. thanks alot ps: do post more pics of penang. i'd appreciate that

Sharon Lin<>

Hi, i like penang food very much especially Fried Osyter & Cina Satay at Gurney Hawkers centra (near by side road have big roundabout) if i not forget the number of store is 16 & 17 go to try it if u haven't go before.


I used to live at a new condo in Gurney Drive in the late 70's. it was Sunrise Towers. I remember it was at the end of a Gurney Drive. Our apartment overlooked the shanti fishing huts across the road. Gurney Drive was pleasant to walk down in the evening, experience the night markets, sample the local delicacies from the stall holders. In the early morning at sun up the front was bustling with morning joggers , walkers , tai chi exercises. What has changed?

Chris Fallon<>

Oh yes i remember a lovely Seafood restaurant just down a bit from your main Picture so nice to look out over the sea as my friends and i enjoyed a lovely meal. this picture sparked the memory really great pic's Kayes, and the site is vibrant with all the lovely images of a most interesting beautiful plce called! keep it going i will love to visit regular and thanks! Chris


Hi I used to hang around late evening most days with friends like Bashir,Duke,Chris,Julien,Noel and few others when we were teenagers. Bashir and myself spent more times there because of a eurasian-looking girl who used to live in one the terrace houses facing the sea. We were smitten by her looks and used to sing songs to attract her attention but were very afraid to approach her. Those were the days of great times and fun when bicycls were kings.


wow. I juz dont know what 2 say. All I can tell you is that the island is very2 beautiful during sunset. I love the view. Don't 4get 2 go to Bukit Feringghi! Very nice place. Enjoy your self there!!!


Browsing the pictures above, can you enlighten me of photo #2 second row. I cannot acutally recall whose house it was before. I visited Penang last year and I noted that a lot of changes. Took a drive along Gurnety Drive and the place is not as beautiful as before, so is the beach. Comparing to Esplanade, this later place is very well kept and clean, especially with the food vendors all concentrate at one section whereas Gurney drive they are around and also the high rise sort of spoil the view of the place. Gone are the beautiful Island of Penang - a once famous Pearl of the Orient with its beauty and clean atmosphere. Green hills and so on.

Michael Low<>

Hey Uncle Piew, nice to see a family member on the message board! I must confess that there will always be a place in my heart for Gurney Drive, since it is the place where I always stay at (in my grandparent's stunning house just next to the "Plaza") during my visit to Penang. I look forward to visiting Penang again for Chinese New Year - can't wait to visit my favourite Hawker stalls once more!

HP Low<>

Gurney Drive has always been very special to me as I was literally brought up there. My father used to work for a famous (the late)Lim Theng Hin and we used to live at the the rear of the building. That building is now demolished and in its place, Evergreen Laurel Hotel.My memories of GD are ,digging for "siput" (similar to someone in an earlier posting), clean sandy beaches and the odd bicycle race along the Drive.Corner Club and Song River cafe also bring back a lot of memories but I will always remember the ruins of a very old hotel at the very start of GD where one of the very first condos now stands.During my time there I have also witnessed a big 15 foot swordfish being landed and several attempted suicides!! Sadly, natural progression and development has to take place but my memories to this day, are intact.

Mike Smith<>

The British Military Maternity Hospital Penang The hospital opened in 1965. The staff were Commanding Officer Major J F S Batson RAMC Medical Officer Capt P Hewlett RAMC Admin Officer Capt H M Gordon RAMC Matron Maj D Gray QARANC CSM/Wardmaster SSgt Tony Anthony RAMC Dispenser Sgt Joe Wilkinson RAMC Chief Clerk Sgt Mike Smith RAMC Medical Stores Sgt Reg Morling RAMC Laboratory Tech Sgt Andy (name forgotten) Chef Sgt Bob Harris ACC Civilian Clerks Simon, Dharalingham and Martha (Typist)

Stephanie Tan<>

I've stayed in Penang for almost two years. I find that gurney is really the most interesting places for us to hangout especially for teenagers and adults. At nite, u can taste famous food of Penang in Gurney Drive. Besides that, u can even go for clubbing such as Cafe and Bistro with great pop songs. Besides that, there are even Starbucks for us to hangout there with a comfortable environment.There are even steamboat and bbq there. Moreover, if u were to find place to have steak for ur dinner, Roadhouse Grill is best. That's all. Hope u all will have an enjoyable trip in Penang!

Vicc Law<>

well...i donnu how to describe penang. expecially gurney drive, there is the best place i have been before. i m a penangite but i m in New Zealand now. All my relative and friends are in butterworth. i cant miss the food in gurney drive expecially the Rojak and Laksa. Anywhere i will go back to malaysia end of this long time no back to penang....5 months....thanks to the person who make this website. Put more thing about penang cause i have homesick now....haha

Mike Chin<>

I'm amazed that none of your correspondents even mentioned Gurney Drive's Song River Cafe in passing! That was a favourite haunt, amongst many others, more than 20 years ago. Is the cafe still there, complete with hawker stalls? Thanks for maintaining the website. ~ An Old Xaverian (1974) ~

Julian Wong Seang Chuan<>

Hi thanks for the info and photos of penang. Really makes me homesick at times. I have previously written in with a different email address. I left Penang in 1970 and have been in uk since. I therefore would like old friends to contact me. My webpage url is It is wonderful to be able to get into your site and view the penang scenes. Why not have some chinese music too? Anyway, thanks again and all the best!

Kim & Phillipa Porter<>

I was posted to the RAAF Base at Butterworth from December 1993 to December 1995 as part of the permanent Australian Army Contingent who organise training and administration for the Australian Rifle Company. During this period my wife and I resided at No 1 Gurney Drive (Gurney Towers) We both loved this part of the world and have been back every year since departing. If we ever win a large Lottery we will return to retire in Penang. Kim & Pip Porter.

Julian Wong<>

Hi, I am also from Penang. Left home in 1970 for UK, but Penang has always been my home. Whatever pictures appear on the website, it is memories that really count. I was a bit upset several years ago when I was home to find how dirty the island was. However, I am sure and hope the government is doing its utmost to educate the people and to clean up the island. It is the 'Pearl' of the orient and so should be maintained and cultured as such. Thanks again for putting the photos on the site. They do make me feel homesick looking at them. Good luck and congrats!


hie, actually i'm doing an assignment on malaysia. and thanks to this site now i can understand penang better. thanks to you the webmaster..... you have done a great job e-mail me and maybe i will send my final project for your preview.

Alan and Pat Jones<>

Gurney Drive is our all time favourite place in all of Malaysia, having stayed there on three different occasions, soon to be four times. Our ambition is to eventually move from country Victoria in Austalia to Gurney Drive and enjoy the delights of the scenery, the people and the food!

Ian Richardson<>

I was stationed at the British Military Maternity Hospital Penang during 1970-71 and helped with the closure of Minden Barracks when it was taken over as part of the University`s campus. Just before its closure I looked out of my bedroom window one morning and noticed thjat all the high hills surrounding the barracks had a red communist flag flying from them. I later learn`t that the bridge at Ipoh had been blown up by the CT. My family and I had a very memorable time in Penang and made lots of friends with the civilian members of the hospital staff. I revisited Penang in 1995 but was not able to visit the old barrack site. Nevertheless I enjoyed visiting the bars and restaurants we used to frequent. By the way my youngest son was born at the hospital on 27 Oct 1970.

Chong, Boo Jock<>

Lovelier pictures of the famous promenade as compared to before. I have just returned again from Penang and the new Gurney plaza is just opened and had a lovely meal at a Nonya Restaurant there.But the traffic jam there is has to be rectified to increase flow. Alas, my old house,11 Gurney will be demolished soon to make way for another high rise condominium next to Gurney Hotel...and for you folks who are against such development may I remind you that we cannot impede progress and the world cannot be at there because some of us would like to preserve our socalled 'heritage'. Miami, Waikiki had their dogone days too!!!

Angelyne Chan<>

Well, i think your web page is quite nice. Actually i'm a penangite,so i'm very familliar with the area in Penang. How about u? U also from Penang? Anyway,I'm doing an assignment on designing a Web page about the Penang Tourism.That's why i access your web page. I need a lots of picture to make my Web Page more interesting and colourful! Er...i want to give comment about the picture regarding to the penang food.I think u can add more colourful picture(food) so that the person who look at it will have a "rasa" want to try it! And why don't u include the food name with the picture? People who r not from Penang will not know what is the food that u have shown in your web page. [If you look at the Food Section carefully, you will see that all the food has been named by John Ong. Best wishes, kayes]

Richard Harcourt<>

What have you done to the beautiful "Pearl of the Orient"? I served with the Royal Air Force at RAAF Butterworth 1965-67. We had a house at Tanjong Bungah which had disappeared 5 years ago when my son spent his honeymoon on the island. The small row of houses and bungalows had been replaced by a network of ugly high rise flats.All the open beaches have been replaced by ugly modern hotels and other complexes. All the same an interesting site, but I still prefer the photographs of Penang that I took during my stay which we as a family enjoyed and remember fondly.We made many friends during our time. Oh! By the way my daughter was born at the British Military Hospital at Minden Barracks and Christened at St.Georges Church in Georgetown in 1965.

Masnor Warthi<>

Gurney drive is a completely a new site from what i see here.Are the street hawkers still on the roadside as it was 15 years ago when the last time i was there? Can somebody answer me! I will be disappointed if it's gone because I've already plan to visit Penang especially Gurney Drive next month. I really look foward to eat my favourite Penang Laksa and Pasimbor, which I miss it so much. I love 3 things in Penang, that is the freindly people, food and the beach, please do not replace the white sandy beach for hotels and appartments, thank a lot.


I just returned from Penang and I had the best time of my life. I enjoyed everything about Penang, the food, the place and mostly the people. I can't wait to go back. I hope I will be able to go there soon.


Well what should i say,Penang have always been my favorites,the food,place and lots of sweet memories there!!~ :)

Bee Eng<>

I have tried so many Malaysian restaurants in United States. But nothing, nothing can compare to the real food, hawker food in Penang. Before I left Penang for college, every night I used to walk with my grandfather in Gurney Drive and ate all the junk food all along the way. I miss it so much.

Maricel Vincent<>

If given a chance,we will never think twice in livng again in Penang.We used to live in this paradise for five years.We miss the sea,the food,the people and especially the sun!We're dreaming everyday about Penang...

Y H Low<>

I left Penang in 1975 but continue to occassionally visit Penang that I like to call "home". On my recent visit in Aug, I thought I could recapture the idyllic atmosphere of the old romantic Gurney Drive but it was the most depressing sight! New buildings sprung up to show the obscenity of opulence of the selected few residents to the detriment of the ambience of a relaxing place where the locals and the common folk can relax and savour the cool evening peace. Traffic was coming to the level of a Bangkok street or a Jakarta city chaos, the fumes of the run down vehicles and tooting of horns from the motorcycles, the blast of the radios from the street hawkers, the congestion of vehicles parked by the roadsides--- you can't hear yourself talk and the stench of the sludge resulting from the receding tides, Penang is no longer the same peaceful place I used to know. Is the State Govt or the local council so blind to the immediate effects of this? Where is the foresight to the! ir planning? Are tall buildings, modern apartments and condominiums the only symbols of progress or wealth to show off?? I find all these so obscene to the flamboyance of modern Penang.I find that the above pictures, while admittedly are lovely to see, are rather a superficial facade of what Penang should portray! Big expensive condominiums and 5 star hotels are only a flagrant exhibitionist streak of wealth that disregard the majority of people who cannot afford these flamboyance. What the general public enjoys most is the natural beauty, the simplicity of taste without these ostentatious symbols of wealth. The destruction of the natural beachline, the casuarina trees that line the older part of Gurney Drive, the huge mangosteen estate of the former (can't remember the name) college for trainee priests and the St Joseph Novitiate has been a very sad debacle of the instant-get-rich-quick mentality of property developers, this has been a great loss to the present generation of Penangites; they can no longer enjoy a quiet evening relaxing by the pristine beachside of Gurney Drive , and no one could dig for siputs (now no longer in existence as they have bee! n wiped out by pollutiuon). Whenever I returned to Penang for a visit, there is the sadness of the beauty being wiped out by the so called modernisation, which unfortunately without regard to the ecology and the environment. I hope the authorities will realise that they need to preserve whatever Penang has been noted for the future generation! People do not measure the wealth of Penang by the number of expensive condominiums (in fact it is so stupid when the infrastructure does not cope with the proliferation of these concrete jungles!),we visit Penang because of its natural beauty and culture, not for these monstrosities.

David Amstutz<>

I am a Swiss, but also Malaysian, and especially a Penangite and on top, a Gurney Driver! Just go to the Zealand CafÈ Bah Kuh Teh Restaurant and ask the manager if there was ever any westener working in this place before, cleaning the tables of the Penangites who had just devoured delicious chicken feets! Can you imagine this picture? I have seen the development of Gurney Drive over 10 years now, and to me its home. And by the way, drop by at Zealand Bah Kuh Teh: This restaurant has lot's more to offer than only (excellent) Bah Kuh Teh.


Now.. this is my favourite place of all in Penang. I was a regular there every weekend. I would go for the hawker food outside Macdonalds then go for a walk at Gurney Drive, sit there feeling the breeze and talking and laughing away, watching the sea rushing to the shore. It was those sweetest days in my life back then. I hope the local authority will maintain this place as it is certainly a landmark of Penang (apart from Penang Bridge) and it is indeed a treasure.

Silje Haadi<>

I would just like to share my opinion with you; Gurney Drive is still a beatiful place! I lived there for a year (in Silverton actually..), and I love Penang more than anything...and Gurney Drive is one of the best memories that I have from George Town. I can see your point when you say that it's not the same as it used to be, but look at it! I used to call it "the lovelane" (maybe others do as well)...Gurney Drive is a road bursting with love....


I don't know whether i am suppose to write this down..but honestly speaking..I miss home so much...:( Penang is my hometown and i have been away for nearly a year..still can't find time to go back...stuck in London I guess for my studies. GOsh...still waiting for the moment to pack my stuffs and head straight back..but God knows when... Anyway..cheers for such a lovely website with loads of pictures which kinda stir my emotions now...alright then... thanks!

Li Edwin<>

Love penang and most of all gurney drive....cause i live here..i think this website should have more picture of gurney drive so that tourist can have more information about this place.most of all this website should put every picture of a condominium in gurney drive in this website including the hawker centre and mcdonnalds.....if you can do that i m very grateful cause my family is living there and i just moved out last year and came to singapore to study....please put more picture ....thanks


man it is nice to see pictures of home again thanks for the threat... i am in u.s now and have not been back since 96 thanks again

Chong Boo Jock<>

For thirty eight years,my memory of Gurney Drive lingers on to my childhood days where we used to swim and fish,using the beach seine.Relatives came from afar and hours are spent digging for siput the little bivalave thats ever so tasty.So exhilarating to think of the breeze,the waves pounding the shore that was part of my biological rhythm because I had difficulty sleeping when I first went to England for studies becausethere was no distant sound of the waves. Silly it was.Married there,lived there after and all my daughters were also born there and they too have fond memories. I certainly visit my former house,next to 1 persiaran Gurney whenever I return and reminesce the old times with my parents,and my dilapidated house and the Kelawei flats abandoned ,built by us in 1956 was but a memory to me and my wife.If any of you can remember the film Broken Lance,my feeling was akinto Robert Wagner's in that film when he returned home to his dilapidated ranch.... What bygone days! My dear old house is there as if to remind me to return and I thank Gurney Drive for the memories,for whilst we live for the future we need to have a long memory of friends and of good deeds they gave us, and for my dad who was so excited when he brought me to view the house in 1951 and we would sit by the sea wall and gazed at his retirement home until his death in 1974. Dear friends who remeber me,lets all meet and relive those days in Gurney Drive. I will continue to write...


I can't agree more on what's written in this page. It is regretful to have all this to happen in our generation. The beach is our common heritage and we have to do something (a lot of things) to save it. Stand up and express our anger to the authority concerned.


Apa Kabar! Kayes! This site is superb! I'm a former expat and having lived on Gurney Drive, I could see many of your pictures from my balcony! Your URL has been forwarded on to many of my friends and family so they can finally see the photos! I got to your site via a friend in the Philippines so it's definitely making the rounds! You can bet those of us who have lost touch will find each other here! Jumpa Lagi!


Wow! Everything in Penang reminds me of memories especially Gurney drive!:D Well, take a stroll along Gurney in the evenings....I promise u its superb! Cool, ever breezy perfect location to hang out.


I grew up spending a lot of time along Gurney Drive, but there's too many "condos" going up along it these days.Please stop.....let it be a prestine stretch where every citizen can enjoy going there for walks and relaxation without seeing concrete shooting up everywhere along Gurney Drive.


How can I know more about Silverton? Nice site..kayes!!


Like yr new additions. yr homepage is really professional. wish i know how to design one like this

Tang Lan Wei<>

First of all, do you mind to change your background color to light green? So hard to read those words that left by others in this page! Gurney Drive...yes, one of the places that I spent most of my childhood time....but where is the beach now????? No more "siput", no more sand...all are rocks...only the trees are still those that I'm still familiar with...


Hi! Well...what to say...Penang or let's be more specific.. Gurney Drive is a 'great' place...esp. during your 'wander off' time..

Evelyn Wong<>

Wow! This place is very beautiful and romantic. I am from Hong Kong, I hope that Hong Kong has place like this. What an attractive environment! (^.*)


Great Job ! you must have put in alot of efforts for such a great and well-visiting homepage about penang. Everytime I feel homesick, I will search for some pictures of Penang in the internet to ease the pain. currently i am preparing for my college examination, but I will be back to penang 2 weeks later. I miss Penang so much for it always bring alot of good memories. Penang is such a wonderful and too many places to visit. Places at the south of Georgetown such as Bukit Dumbar, Bukit Jambul, Balik Pulau , Titi Terawang, Batu Maung , Snake Temple, Pantai Keracut , Gertak Sanggul are also great spots to visit.


Gurney drive give you the best pasembor in malaysia , although it sometimes served unfreshed vegetables.The laksa there also mmmmmmph....try the laksa yourself. and don't miss the ais kacang as well...I'm now in Sabah and I can't wait to be in Penang. Chow


I remember just this summer, walking the gurney drive with my girlfriend, stopping at the hawkers place near Gurney Plaza, eating lok lok, laksa, saygortong..then afterwards just strolling hand in hand while drinking ice cold bamboo juice, laughing and talking about anything and everything. so many kids with those bubble guns, shooting them everywhere, and it made the night scenery even more romantic. Gurney drive is definitely a lover's place to be. It's sometimes really nice to think back at these moments, treasuring the times we had together. Even though it's impossible now to experience this again, I can still always remember the love and wonderfulness we shared in all those nights on Gurney drive. It's my favourite place in the world.