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Sue Loh<jenniyal@gmail.com>

Lived in Pulau Tikus all this while and did not realised that there's a website dedicated to it until now! I live just opposite this church and used to stayed in Jalan C.O.Lim. The road is still there and the house is still there but the environment change a lot since then, especially the huge One-Stop Complex. It used to be a big garden, miss that no doubt. It used to be a lot simpler, used to shop at the market area in the mornings, afternoon used to visit TipTop restaurant for ice-cream, then buy some biscuits from the Sundry shop along the street. I used to mail my letters at the old Post office. The taste of the hawkers food haven't change much but the price is getting higher, and the portion shrink, but no matter how I still love the food best. It shows that time has changed but the heart has always stay close to it. Love Penang to the core! :)

Rosie Lewis<hlewis28@juno.com>

My grandmother used to live at Cantonment Road. I remember the kampong house was built on stilts and was next to the toddy shop and/or post office. After she passed away in the 60's some family members lived on in the old kampong house. I believe the old house was torn down when the property was sold to developers in the 80's. I think there is a bank there now. I have memories of that place, the chickens in the yard and the numerous stray cats and kittens. The house did not have indoor plumbing. There was an outhouse and we took our baths in an enclosed area outside the house. There was a little shop that sold groceries located on the property itself. The last time I returned to Penang was in 1995 with my husband and daughter. The house was no more. I hope to return sometime soon with my daughter who is now a teenager and give her a sense of her heritage.

Bon Young<bon@clear.net.nz>

Hi,I was in Penang about 4 years ago on a visit from KL my daughter is living there we are from New Zealand. Many years ago I had a penfriend Named Kathleen Cheah she was living in 9 Bangkok Lane, I guess the street names have all changed now, her parents were school teachers I think she was the only child it was the era of 1956-9 and she was 17.yrs old. I would be gratefull if anyone has a recollection of her or family to contact me at the Email address above or my postal address below, thanks.
Bon Young
33 Ascot Ave,
Auckland 1050,
New Zealand.


Penang is the most beautiful island once upon a time. And the food are very tasty and cheap, but not anymore. Travelling is most enjoyable for tourists but now the traffic hac jam up the roads. Colonial building are getting lesser as new building are being built to replace the existing one.

Kenny Tan Dr<ken_dental@yahoo.com>

i grew up in burma close..had the most fantastic time growing up here.life was simple then.i still treasure the numerous trips on my bicycle with my best buddies from penang free school around here and gurney drive.stil have very fond memories of the delicious food...

Marie Gasper<mgasper@optusnet.com.au>

This is the Church of Immaculate Conception in Pulau Tikus. My family attended mass here for as long as i can remember. Most of the family were baptised, confirmed, wed and buried here. It's lovely. There used to be a grotto at the back of the church that had a statue of the Virgin mary surrounded by candles. I wonder if it's still there?

Francis Williams<francis@perthfamily.com>

Francis Williams (now living in Perth, Western Australia) the son of late Bernard & Mary Williams they were formaly living behind this church t: 618 9459 3873 www.perthfamily.com


There's a stall of Wan Tan Mee suggested to have a try before you're regret.. It is a pushcart in the miidle of Pulau Tikus Market street in the evening.. This Wan Tan Mee stall not only available at Pulau Tikus.. There are 3 franchise in Penang.. It managed by the lady in the picture & her husband. Those noodles & all the ingredients are homemade by their own.
You can find them at:
-Wah Hong Cafe, Kampung Jawa, Bayan Baru (near Bayan Baru Petronas)(5.30am-11am)
-55 Cafe, Jalan Tengah (behind of CIMB Bank) (7am-3pm)
-Pulau Tikus Market (6pm-11pm)
You can find them in Penang & go and try it when you're free.. It's really very tasty & delicious. The noodles are not too difficult to bite.. The soup is made from original ingredients.. not only MSG.. Other than noodles, this stall also sell Hor Fun, Bee Hoon, Ee Fu Noodles, Cintan Noodles, Wide Noodle (Chor Mee).. And the sauce is the original ketchup sauce & another one is 'Ma Lat' Sauce (Spicy Sauce)
Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any inquiries about this stall of Wan Tan Mee. Email me at (michiko_shirley@hotmail.com)
*Those information are not fake.. It's true..
Guys, you may try it!! It's really really delicious.. Trust me.. ('',)


i'm 17... i never like school (like most students).. but as i aged, i began to realize i'm bout to leave my coccoon and meet the world.. i'm studying in CPT. i was thinking bout how much whining i've done instead of appreciatting school. so i was googled bout my school and found this page! =D

Bismillah Kader<bismillah@internexia.com>

I was a student at Pulau Tikus convent until 1959. Sister St Rita, Sister St Phillips and Sister St Vincent were some of the teachers. We also had a Mrs Ng. My class included Angela Oh, Zainon, Zubaidah, Hasnah, Hanum, Hajaar, Salma, Rokhiah, Lim Siew Kien or Mich, Peggy Lim and her sister and Lyn Lyn...I cannot remember the others very well. I was one of the youngest being 15 years. I am now 63. My class would be about 65.

Richard Jay Mason<iltoall@yahoo.com>

Yes I was married in this church in 1999. To my lovely Malaysian chinese bride. Margaret. Boy does this bring back memories, and how I miss Penang. SINCERELY RICHARD JAY MASON

Debra Rodrigues<debbiegr1969@yahoo.com>

My grandparents (Larry & Reda Rodrigues) celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in the church, my parents (Tony & Barbara) were married there, my godmather & godfather, as well as most of my aunts, uncles, cousins etc. were also married there. I was baptised, made my 1st communion, confirmation & was also married there. I was also lucky to have my son (Antoine - now 11 yrs) baptised there as well. I still attend mass there some weekends. I was in CPT from Primary 1 (Headmistress - Mrs. Loh - daughter Helena) until Secondary 5 (Headmistress - Mrs. C RAMANATHAN - not Ramachandran). I was classmates & bestfriends with her daughter, Shanthi. Sad to say, Mrs. Ramanathan passed away a few years ago. Am still in contact with quite a few of the girls from my batch, but would love to get in touch with Chee Yuet Mei - she left CPT in Form 3 to study in Singapore. If anyone who knows her comes across this, please email me or give her my email. Many thanks.

Chong Shan Di<cloudy_daymy@yahoo.com>

yes,i like one of the stall at pulau tikus night market.its name is sin wah char koay teow.last time it is situated at jalan gottlieb just right in front of the penang chinese girl secondary high school.after that he shifted to the pulau tikus night market.it has a history of about 35 years.their char koay teow had been inheritance from their late father to all his sons and daughters.i hope everyone can try this stall's char koay teow.the price is reasonable sompared to other stall.thank you.

Aaron Edmund Loh<aaroneloh@yahoo.com>

The parish of the I. C. Penang will be 200 years old. Estb. in 1810 it is the oldest active parish in Penang. I.C. church now have a new roof. The old blue roof was replaced with a grand new gray new roof. (too many leaks in the old one) It interior has also been given a new coat of paint, making it look more alife.


i was pupil incpt since the the 1980.i was in standard 1.i was in primary school of convent pulau tikus till secondary school.i'miss my school day.i'm now in u.k..would be interested if anyone is in the same year would contact me.this is my husband wedsite add.do ring me...if u know me..


6 months in HK and i totally detach myself from pg. But only when i found this page i knew that deep down inside i truly miss penang a whole lot! The food, pulau tikus...my goodness. I grow up in this area, and use to ride bicycle when i was a kid to One-stop (midlands/looking good) when it's built. study in penang chinese girls primary school and then later chung ling. Now i really miss the time i use to drive on the road down to komtar. things are like this, when you start to live an extremely busy life, old places began to fade away in memories. but i always feel something amiss. Now i know what it is. Penang truly holds the dear pieces of feelings and memories in my heart. will definitely go back to live in penang some day.

Daphne Wu<daphnewu@singnet.com.sg>

This is the place I grew up and have fond memories of. Also a CPTarian from Std 1 to Form 5. I've lost touch with all my classmates except for one who also lives in S'pore now whom I chanced upon. Through her I managed to contact Tina, was really great as I've not seen Tina since 1983 after our Form 5.I really wish I could meet up with Siew Lay too. All these pics and messages really got me nostalgic. My dad and I used to bring our 3 Dobermans for walks in Gurney Drive then to Waterfall Gardens early in the mornings, thereafter to the corner coffee shop opp the Police Station for breakfast,along with our Dobermans and the kopitiam owners and patrons didn't seem to mind. That was a long time ago, try doing that now, I just can't imagine.

Jackie Hendricks<jackiechch@hotmail.com>

I went to school in Pulua tikus convent in 1970 std 5 our teacher is Miss Davies (Indian) and we had a Malay teacher called mis Davy I am living in New Zealand but do nake trips back to Asia and make it a point to visit Penang when I can. I was suprised to see many of the old shops stil there the char keow teow on Burmah Rd, the ice kaching in Pg road. I enjoyed walking down memory lane in the wet market and having breakfast there. Families I knew then the Andrews family on leonardos lanem, the Nieukey family (Angeline Nieukey) Ng family on Burma cresent Helen and Molly Ng i almost walked inot the house on Burma cresent when I was there last! pinto family who lived next to the church (Annette Pinto) I would go back there anytime even if it is for a char keoy teow or ban chan keoy on burma road. would love to hear from anyone who know anyone I know thank you to kathy Rodrigues for yr contact I will endeavour to meet up with you next time I am in town CHEERS Jacqueline Hendricks

Dev Sajan<dsajan@gmail.com>

this place is the best in penang where you don,t have to drive your car to eat, shop and ao every thing... THE no 1 place in penang

Roy Khoo<chefkhoo@hotmail.com>

Does anybody remember the corner coffee shop at I think Bangkok Lane- very goooood Hokkien Mee...the dad always quarrel with the wife and son, and the Mee Goreng guy next to them. The mee goreng guy actually remembers my name when I went back there after years in the US.

Aileen Beh<aileen_beh@hotmail.com>

I love Pulau Tikus. I studied in Convent Pulau Tikus primary and secondary school. I graduated in 1987 (form 5). Then after that i studied form 6 in St Xavier Institution. I miss all my classmates that time. Any one who ever studied in CPT are welcome to correspond with me. Would be nice to hear from you.

Dave Jeffery<kimie@kimie.karoo.co.uk>

hi we lived in penang from 1961 to nov 1965 while my dad worked raf butterworth as an air dispatcher with 55 sqn then later 47ad at raf lynham i would love to trace our old amah mary dont know chinese name but her husband joe worked at the cold storage depot he also had a brother bang hoq spelling may be wrong long time ago ,have great and fond memories of penang the satay man coming round at night also the many visits to the snake temple and butterworth on the ferry , also would love to contact any old friends of my dads we lived at jalan gajha my brothers name was gary and mums betty and old man dave jeffery

Richard Massang<massrich@yahoo.com>

Hey there Jeff, It is interesting to hear stories about my family. I know that all Massang's in Malaysia are all related going back a few generations. We moved from KL to Perth. We might be distant relatives! Great place Penang! Best food in Malaysia!


we used to stay here and what else can i say but it captured my heart. unwilling to leave but unable to stay, as we qouted then. how i wish to be there again. i love it. viva penang! viva pulau tikus!

Priya Menon<pinkymenon@gmail.com>

I went to school at St George's, which is right round the corner from this area... this is where I used to hang out when I skipped school. God, I miss it. There's nothing quite like Pulau Tikus.. such an Asian flavour, great atmosphere. The hawker stalls... even the yuppie area (Belissa Row) doesn't feel awkwardly pretentious. And some totally golden places to shop.. it's a bit of a search, but well worth it. If you're a true Penangite, this is probably where you feel most at home. I live in Manhattan now and the closest I get to this is Chinatown.

Yayat Supriatna<yayats@bdg.centrin.net.id>

I know about pulau tikus from my girl friend who lived and work at kommodities company at there. She is origin from Bandung Indonesia who have been work at ther about 7 years. Some day i hope can see her at that place, i think its nice place.

Ahmad Merican<nanatv@hotmail.com>

I am not from Pulau Tikus but from "padang Brom' at Perak Road. My best childhood friends were the Eurasians from Pulau Tikus - dear friends like Joe Rozells, Larry Rodrigues, Jimmy Boyle, Steve Coombs, Reutens etc. We were the initial group that monopolised the entertainment scene in Penang before and after the war with Hawaiian and Jazz bands. Ahmad Daud too was part of this musical community that performed weekend functions at Westlands school hall,Francis Light school halls etc for the then teenagers! Yes we knew the Carriers, Pestana, Massang, and most of the 'seranis' from the Pulau Tikus GEREJA area. I moved to KL and have been here since 1956 - but good old Penang is still my priority vacation area .Love to hear from any of the families I mentioned earlier on - if they are still around


The place where i grew up almost 40 years ago.......It has changed so much and yet at the same time retained it's unique character which is so evedient throughout the whole Penang Isle. Looking at the Bangkok Lane pic above also brought back so much memory as that was the place where i stayed from birth till 3 yrs before we move to Lorong aman which is abt 5 mins walk away. Still remember then that most part of P.Tikus were filled with coconut trees and u can actually see indian man with their trained monkey that will climb up the trees to pick fresh coconuts!! So many things to talk abt P.Tikus.....

Prof. Dr. Joachim Wolf<bjw26@hotmail.com>

Hi, I´m very happy to find those pictures. After finishing my Ph D thesis, 10 years ago, I was working for german company B. Braun in Penang. I was living in Condo Berjaya 20-3-2, Pulau Tikus. I had a great time there. Good food, nice people, nice weather. Please drop me a message of my old place, is you can. Joachim

Eddie Yeoh<eddiekyeoh@aol.co.uk>

I was born in 25 Jones Road, Penang and used to hang about the Dhobi shop and Seong Kee Tailor shop which happen to be feature in your home page. The memory is still fresh in my mind of the Pulau Tikus Market at the back of Dhobi shop. I used to helped my sister in law carrying the shopping she purchased for the familys dinner. I was awarded with a bowl of Hokkien Mee at Swee Kong Kopi Tiam for my effort. That was in the early 60's. Had been back to Penang on several occassions and last time was 2003. Due for another trip soon. Perhaps beginninf of this year. You know we Penang Guys are really spoilt when it comes to food. There are food hawkers every where. I remember when I was a kid. We used to get Wan Tan Mee hawkers in the mid afternoon followed by Keow Teow Tung, followed by Hokkien Mee. You get the old Chinaman selling Kong Teung, Indian man selling Masa Rodeh. Later on in the day you get Char Siu Fun man and in the late evening we used to get Pau Man - Char Siu Pau, Nor Mai Kai and list goes on and on as if we don't need to sleep. Last but not list we have Chee Cheong Chok, Kai Chok old man. Nowadays I suppose all this guys is obsolete. I was educated at Methodist Boy's School in 1963 Form 3 and would like to meet anyone of the same year. Please do not hesitate to email me at eddiekyeoh@aol.co.uk and would be please to hear from you. My school name is Keat Chin Yeoh

Rob Gilbertsen<rsgilb@yahoo.com>

Only that I would very much like to visit. I have a great penpal who lives in Penang who sent me this website. Good food, beautiful scenery and beautiful women!


Hi all , just found this really cool website about Pulau Tikus... can't remember much but my grandparents lived in 427B Burmah Road next to Kuching Land opposite the church, known as the Baptist family. I was born in Penang and my dad was with the army in Butterworth so always got on the ferry... if anybody knows anything about the Baptist family pls email me. Thanks

Noel Franciscus<noel.franciscus@boral.com.au>

hi there do anyone know the where about of shirley barnabas who use live at vale of tempe she had sisters by the name of irene dorothy the were all singers at the dart pub please reply if you know thanks

Chee Moon Leng<moonlengchee@hotmail.com>

Oh my goodness, a site dedicated to Pulau Tikus!! Thanks to my sister for sending me this URL. I am Penang born and bred and lived in Pulau Tikus for most of my formative years. I now live in London, and visit home with my mixed-parentage daughter occassionally (but never often enough!). The two things which I notice upon reading all these entries is how people firstly remember other people in their circles at the time they lived there, and secondly, the food!!! Penang has simply the best food in the world!!! I say that unreservedly, having worked for an airline and pretty much travelled the world. Pulau Tikus has changed - sometimes, methinks too much - but if I look hard enough at some of the pictures a flash of recgonition strikes and suddenly I see again the workshop where I used to get my bicycle repaired, the row of houses where my sister's piano teacher lived, or the corner shop that sells the best char koay teow ever. As I face the start of another long cold winter in London, this site - both the pictures and the familiar "Penang-speak" of the emails sent in - has really warmed my heart. Hey, you can take the girl out of Penang, but you can never take Penang out of the girl.

Andrew Wong Hup Cheung<luciusmalfoy2020@hotmail.com>

hi everyone.. im andrew and im 16.. im CURRENTLY from the immaculate conception church and i only have one word to describe it.. OUTSTANDING.. most of the ppl here are my friends and to be honest the people are as friendly as they could ever get.. when i left high school i didnt have a best friend but now i have more then 10.. and they all attend the same church.... really, this place is like my second home and i'll b more than honoured to have anyone of u out there to come visit this little corner of heaven of mine.. :) do email me if u are interested.. sadly i wont be around next yr during february.. leaving for australia and its probably the toughest thing i'll ever have to do in all my 16years... , love ya'll and God bless...

Jeff Attewell<jeff.attewell@hotmail.co.uk>

My mum and grandparents lived in 25 Kuching Lane for as long as I can remember. My grandfather was Laurence Massang I don't know so much about him except I think he worked in local government and my grandmother was Edith Massang she was a justice of the peace in later years and did lots of work with St Johns Ambulance. My mum was Julianna but most of her friends called her Lena she was a teacher at the Chinese girls high school. She married an RAF serviceman my father around 1954 or 1955 in the catholic church in Pulau Tikus and changed from a Massang to an Attewell. I visited Penang in 1978 and again in 1980. I have fond memories of Pulau Tikus especially food Satay, char keow teow. When I went there I visited Grand Aunty May my grandfathers sister who had married into the Nieukey family. If anyone who reads this knows any of my relatives from those times and have some time to spare I would love to hear stories about them. Please if you have time email me I would love to hear from you. I'm guessing that Pulau Tikus was not such a busy place with so many people in those days.

Ivor Robless<irobless@unitedgoninan.com.au>

I was baptized,made my first communion,confirmed and my Solemn Communion at this church.I was there last month with my wife Zita.


Man when i dropped by this whole site it brought tears to my eyes and after seeing darsh and alvin drop a few words...i got to say Penang is a totally marvelous place. Just like darsh im studying in KL rite now and even with all their clubs, shopping complexes and skyscrapers,nothing beats Penang. Stayed in PG for almost 10 years of my life and i will never forget every1 here. Tourists should check out a mamak called Raffee...but beware u gotta have a Penangnite stomach just in case. But its my fav. nasi kandar in town. penang RAWKs


I was in Singapore for just over two years a long time ago. 1953-55, RAF Seletar. I visited Penang on a few occasions. I remember the beach at Tanjong Bungah. or should it be Tanjung Bunga? Just a short distance out to sea was a small island that I believe was called Palau Tikus. (rat island) I paddled out to it on occasions in a canoe. The water between the beach and island was infested with dodgy jelly fish and sea snakes and I was advised to be careful. There was a Chinese? hotel adjacent to the beach that I photographed. It has changed a lot, possibly rebuilt. I was and still am a keen photographer and still have many 7x5 inch black and white photos of Singaapore/Penang. I sell these on eBay and all so far have gone back out to buyers in Singapore.


Pulau Tikus got a Tourist Spot The Siam Temple, just like in Thailand. i miss penang a lots, i also dont know why? maybe i just went there for 5 days for my grandfather funeral, after that i force to went back to KL to start my work, maybe i miss my grandfather a lots,or i just miss penang? beacause i dont have chance to go around penang during that 5 days, just have a feeling, if i'm not working this saturday i will go penang! but is hard, need time and money,

Sim Kooi Tin<ktinsim@yahoo.co.uk>

I was a pupil in CPT until Form 5 in 1968. Would be interested to know anybody from the same year.

Lichin Rodger<chinta9195@hotmail.com>

This church - we used to take a short cut round the back to school -cpt (class of 1978) (I recently ,summer 04 went back with my two kids,Elliot and Georgia and had a great reunion with fellow cpt-arian, Lye Imm, Lay Hoon, Su Lee, Sub, Justina,Peng Ling- you guys still rock!!!) After being all around the world, having lived in the U.K. and now in Los Angeles, working alongside famous hollywood figures - I can truly say you guys over there in Pulau Tikus still have the best.....my fondest memories of taking daily early morning jog at Gurney Drive with my best friend, Helen Yap, then going off to the hawker stalls for "hokkien mee" or "char koay teow" Helen -are you out there -get in touch with me...If any of you comtemplating leaving our island in the sun -don't stay away too long -for we always need to return to the source - to our self -that will always be where we belong. So - enjoy Pulau Tikus.Be grateful for what you have right now -a gem -a pearl of the orient indeed.LiChin Rodger (Ong Li Chin)

Ken Laken<kenmerc103@tiscali.co.uk>

When I was in the RAF in 1952 I was posted to Penang,and on our leisure days we used to go to the RAF Leave Centre at Tanjong Bungah. At sea and few hundred yards away from the beach below the centre was a small island and we were told it was called Pulau Tikus which meant Isle of Rats. Is that island still called Pulau Tikus?

Leslie Phoon<malaysiakopitiam2000@yahoo.com>

Hi,Oh, how I miss Penang. It had been almost 20 yaers since I left. I am originaly from Ipoh. I am now in Washington DC USA. I am looking for a friend which I haven't seen for more than 20 years. Her name is Sedrilyn Neoh and her former address is 60 Leboh Acheh, Penang. If anyone who is reading this message and knows her, please ask her to e-mail at me.Thanks for the memories and keep up the good work. Hopefully I will be back in the next two years.


I remember very clearly this place. Way back in 1967, I was paid 6 cents per delivery to deliver the St Georges Herald, the monthly church magazine to congregation member's house on the island. And Pulau Tikus was my favourite spot as in this area alone, I could earned some $ 1.20. And Philomena Peterson's aunt, Jenny Robless' house was one of them. I remembered her name as it was very unique. I am surpised that she still lives till today though all the wooden houses are all gone.


Well , my story is as close to as Alvin Neos one . except that i live in tg.bungah . but pulau tikus is the centre of everything . everyone has to pass it no matter what . some mornings early i would go to cathay cofee shop , have my wantan mee and a milo ice . and many eevenings me and alvin who lives there would go to bee hoi and have the best fish and chips , and after a night of clubbing head down to Raffee's . i mean . its really suprising how penangites are not fat slobs . enough about food . entertainment wise , we have everything around us . especially gurney plaza which happend to be my home for some time . met many friends there . pulau tikus is a place to relax despite its traffic . eat . MAKE MUSIC . and so on . so happy to have lived in penang . but unfortunately now i live in Kuala Lumpur . city of smoke and unhappy faces .god i miss the friendly people of penang . the close knit comunity . BRING ME HOME

Sue Lim Lay Peng<suzylim@hotmail.com>

I am so happyy !!!!!!!!! to find this page, I have been studying in Convent Pulau Tikus since std 1, and completed my Form Five in year 1976, hey you gals out there, Junie, Rossie, Amy, Molly, Patricia, Gabriel and so many others, not forgetting maggie, who is now helping with his parent's bread shop.please write to me if you see this page, Really miss you gals so much. I am now staying in Sandakan Sabah. Pulau Tikus is so famous for its hawkers food, especially that famous Hokkien Mee at the junction of Bangkok Lane, never get to eat it as it is so "laku". Will say more abt Pulau Tikus the next time.

Shariffah Afifah<fifi1958@tm.net.my>

Hai I came across this page while searching for articles on pulau tikus. very intersting site. i am still staying in Pulau tikus, have been since 19fifties. need help anyone. email me.

Alvin Neoh<distortnia@hotmail.com>

I live here and i love it. Wantanmee at swee kong kopitiam. mee goreng near the police station. night time hawker centre at the market. morning kopitiam new cathay. nighttime happening kopitiam Bee Hooi. chill spot Hup Kee. sometimes me and my friends would hang around Burmah House. they have roti bakua soybean milk and pancakes near the main road. not to mention the ice kacang stall down the service road. you can walk to gurney drive from where i live. takes only two or three cigarettes to get to the shore. the shophouses and row houses near the police station are beautiful. hollers to all the Ptikus uncles and aunties.

Priscilla Jaya-Fisher<pjaya-fisher@geomatic.com.au>

I attended CPT and settled in Melbourne in the seventies. Mrs. C. Ramachandran was the head mistress. Zainah Arshad was my best friend for the time I was a student there. Have tried to keep in touch with her but have had no success at her Edgecumbe Road address. I certainly miss Penang and my school days at CPT as I had very enjoyable and memorable times there.If anyone is interested, you are more than welcome to write to me at the above e-mail address.


huh...just bumped into this page and thought would give it a try. Any CPTarian of year 1993? I've completely lost touch with all of them...almost...And for anyone else from other schools around the same years, who would like to get back in touch, try writing to me...we could perhaps link up to those long lost friends.

Kathleen Rodrigues<rodrigues_kathy@yahoo.com>

I was born in Pulau Tikus, grew up in P.Tikus, went to CPT until form 3 and then got transferred to Green Lane Convent. I still attend mass at the Church in P.T. and I am at the market often. We lived in "Kampong Serani". Had many relatives and frends and those memories will always be with me. By the way are you related to Ann Peterson or aunty Olive?

Philomena Peterson<philomena_peterson@yahoo.com>

I am looking for information on my maternal grandparents. My grandfather was Tan Seng Khim and my grandmother Khaw Siew Kuan. I was told they lived at No. 7, Gladstone Rd. Penang, off Burmah Road. Does Gladstone Rd exist today? My mother is 80 yrs old and lives in Kuala Lumpur. She is adopted. My late father was Henry Hilary Peterson. We used to live in the Eurasian settlement in Burmah Rd, next to the Church of the Immaculate Conception. My family left Penang for Kuala Lumpur in 1958. I would like to make contact with my mum's family.

Lynda Cheng Lean Bee<leanchengb@yahoo.com>

Alexis Michael's mail sure evoke memories of my CPTarian days. I recognised the names mentioned because I was her junior in the school. I used to live in Kuching Lane and now having married, I live in Gurney Drive. Pulau Tikus area has been in my blood since I was born and I still go back to Kuching Lane to see my parents. A lot has changed indeed in Pulau Tikus since the 70's. I still "roam" the streets of Pulau Tikus so if there are any questions, would love to answer them if I can.

Vincent Chandran<jc1594a@american.edu>

I studied in Glugor English School in the 60s and than went to Pykett Methodist School.Our principal was DS Ramanathan, former Mayor.I lived in Udani road the Power Station where my father worked. I must say that the best part of my life was in Penang.Cheers to Penang!!

Che Ruziah Wan Mohamed<rwm103@hotmail.com>

I was once a cptarian's, left cpt in 1983. to all my friends maria joy rowan, siew chin, yuet lee, noraini yusof, suzana sarif, siew ean, ananthi, eliza elias, geaik lian miss u all .
do contact me

Francis Jeremiah<jeremiah@mmi.com.sg>

I'm trying to trace my family roots, My great grand father was from Penang his name is Raphael Rawlings McDonalds Jeremiah(this is from the record books)I would like to know if there are any of my family members still in Penang, as mention in the article from the Yahoo search engine, there was a Jeremiah mention. Please write to me if anyone has any info. Thanking in advance for the info. Rgds, Francis Jeremiah


oh my god,since i found out this website i keep on visiting it,this is where my house is!one of the pic even almost show my house!aaahhh...i miss it so much,in NY now,will go back soon...aaahhh i want to eat all those food...!!!

Gillian Robless<ferngill@yahoo.com>

I have fond memories of the years I spent at the Pulau Tikus Convent. If any of my classmates reading this remember me please write to me. Gillian Robless

Alexis Michael<alexismichael@optusnet.com.au>

I went to the Convent Pulau Tikus(Sec.) in 1978&79 (for Forms 1&2). I was friends with Kumutha Valli, Lim Poh Wah, Dolly Lim, Christina Michele, Christine Lim, and Melanie Thomasz amongst others. Maxine Jeremiah, Yolanda (Joseph?), and some other very talented girls were held in high esteem during school concerts. Remember their 'Freak Out' dance performance? Hello to everyone from CPT. Mrs. C. Ramachandran was our head mistress then (she was also my mother's hockey coach in her day). I loved going to school to be with my friends. I did my first holy communion as well as my confirmation at the Immaculate Conception, and fainted there, twice - once at my first communion, and the other when I went to Sunday mass. Apparently, I was anaemic! Francis was my boyfriend for a short while - we did our cathechism together, and we went on our first date and had Har Mee at a cafe in the first row of shops after the church on Burmah Road. I was very shy. Francis's father had a small cart!/stall after school, where he used to sell sweets and 'asam-boi', among other goodies of course. We also had a 'rojak' man who was very generous with the rojak paste and peanuts. We loved him. (I wish I could have some rojak now - my mouth is watering). When I didn't take the little blue/green private school bus with 'Apek', I caught the public bus on Buhmah Road, which travelled home past the Adventist Hospital (where two of my sisters were born), the Chinese High School (the stall on the corner had great steam-boat), Hock Seng Gardens and the cemetery on Mt. Erskine Road, Fettes Park, Tanjung Tokong, through to Tanjung Bungah, where I lived in Hillside. Going to the Pulau Tikus market with my family was always a buzz. After shopping we would have a snack or lunch at the Sri Intan (if I'm not mistaken) (or Sri Pantai). It was such a big treat for us kids then. I'm longing to come back to Penang (On my return in 1999, it wasn't long enough, and I didn't even have an Asam Laksa!) What little I saw has changed, and is so much smaller than I remember Penang to be. Kayes - thanks for posting my messages. I hope you don't get sick of me. You've done a wonderful job of creating/helping with this site. Thanks again. Alexis Michael.

Yen-Yee Koay<yykoay@hawaii.rr.com>

I was born and raise in Penang, Pulau Tikus, after looking at the pictures I am speechless, everything changes, well what more do I expect. I have not been to Penang for almost thirty years. I will be going back pretty soon. I am so glad to take a good look at the pictures. I really missed the food, what more could I say. I missed my friends too, I have lost contact with them. Is there anywway you can help me out. Thanks alot. Bye from Hawaii, Honolulu. Mahalo

Philomena Peterson<Philo_54@hotmail.com>

I was born at 48 Nagore Road in 1954. My family lived in Burmah Road, Pulau Tikus. I'm really happy to have found this website on my old hometown. I really miss Pulau Tikus. My mum used to tell me that everything was near and that either she walked or took the 'beca'. Its a pity the Kampung Serani had to make way for development. I can still remember my Aunty Jenny Robless (now 97 years old) sadly telling me that she had to find alternative dwellings because they were going to pull her house down. I took photographs of her house in rubbles. I wish I could go back there to stay again. My family has since moved to KL and visit only during holidays.

Tang Loon Kong<tangoloonokongo@yahoo.co.uk>

Hi I am Penangite who lived in Singapore for 19 years, since 1983 and now lecturing management subjects in Shanghai China. It was like just yesterday that I was back in Penang as a boy. What memories! I lived in Penang for most years of my childhood. I used to stay at 7 Pangkor Road, where my maternal grandparents had leased the premises from a Thai magnate. The address is still there but not the building. Pangkor Road was known as "Ong Loh" because this road was frequently used by motorcade of dignitaries because it connects to Gurney Drive, Kelawai Road, and Northam Road (now known as Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah).Pulau Tikus was a very quiet place, where I would accompany my cousins to go marketing on weekends. Breakfast was usually bought from the hawker's centre that was just beside the main wet market. I distinctly remember the public weighing scales that were there for verification against 'faulty' dachings which we do not see anymore. Food was then cheap and delicious. But most all, I enjoy the walk from Pangkor Road to Pulau Tikus along the very shady Burmah Road past Kampong Herod. At times, we would also detour to the many Thai and Myammar Buddhist temples to seek spiritual solace. Those were the best memories I have for Pulau Tikus of what the local Hokkiens called it "Pulei Tikut". Pulau Tikus was also an oasis of sorts when I wanted to buy books. I remember there was the Mark Bookstore which I went very often. Of course there were the Tip-Top, and Top-Top cake shops. There was the provision store called "Ban Hoe Seng", and the Barkath Stores - these were famous names, along with Cold Storage at Penang Road before the appearence of modern day shopping complexes. And if you were ever hungry or simply lazy to cook dinner after most shops at Penang Road were closed. head for Pulau Tikus - it would be twenty four hours of glorious food be them Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee, Poh Piah, Ow Wa Chien, Rojak, Roti Pangang, Penang Laksa, Loh Mee, Chnieh Hu and many many more - "Mmmm... I am hungry already". In the afternoons, it was usually hot. So from 7 Pangkor Road, maybe after a session of 'hide-and-seek', marbles, or football, my cousins and I would first go the breezy Gurney Drive (another haven), play in the sand and dig for clams (korek siput) for pre-dinner snacks, and cleanse ourselves in the seawater. Sometimes, we got to see fisherman's catch brought fresh from the sea. As evening approached, we would make a left turn from Gurney Drive to reach Pulau Tikus for dinner of sorts, and more gloriuos food. So, Pulau Tikus for me was breakfast, lunch, and dinner during weekends, with plenty of walking. On a more serious note, I participated once in school art competition at the Pulau Tikus Convent. I represented the Stowell Primary School in Bukit Mertajam over at Province Wellesly. Well, I did not win any price, and naturally did not choose art for a career. Ha! Ha! Just joking, I am still great at drawing - it is all in the perception of life. Such good memories made me decide to buy a condominum over in Tanjong Tokong. Tanjong Tokong is very near Pulau Tikus and Gurney Drive. When I return, I will buy myself a bicycle and cruise to Pulau Tikus, Gurney Drive, and Pangkor Road again. I wish that if any of my cousins or friends see this essay of mine, they could insert some more facts to show that Penang is simply a very wonderful place without the need for any 'razzma tazz". Tang Loon Kong B.Sc (London), M.A (Leeds), M.Sc (NTU)


Yes,I remember jones rd,mee mamak,spaniard's inn,top top, tip top restaurants',the nite life was beautiful then.I used to spend time with someone;not anymore though.Good music to listen to,bands,people of penang are friendly,I mean friends I met.


Iiels...I really miss penang,my hometown so much since i came to japan to study.penang is my paradise,my family,my friends,and my dogs is there..:)thought i was born in greenlane but i spend almost my time in pulau tikus coz my sch is there,pcghs..and i wont miss out botanical garden and youth park every weekends.theres also my fav hospital,adventise and my fav shop,starbucks(inside the midlands).

Lawrence Paterson<seakrieg@aol.com>

Hello, I am writing a book about German U-boats that were stationed in Penang between 1942 and 1945. If anybody has any impressions - good or bad - of the German sailors that were stationed there during that time, I would very much like to hear them. Thank you Lawrence Paterson

Teoh Hooi Eng<shirleyteoh@hotmail.com>

I chance upon this web site and am glad this is dedicated to Pulau Tikus. I went to Convent Pulau Tikus in 1969 (Form 1) and left in 1973. I was from Form Five Additional Science Class, my teacher in Form Four was Lim Boon Hor, and Mrs Kanda in Form Five. Where are all my schoolmates now? Helen Tenson, Fee Mooi, Beng See, Shakila, Khatijah, Hasnah???? Remember the ice-water seller and rojak seller outside the school? Anyone who knows me, please email me... Thanks this is a great site.

Luke Teoh Boon See<bsteoh@tm.net.my>

I wonder whether anyone remembers SXBS at 457 Burmah Road. There was a hostel run by the La Salle Brothers in the early fifties. Anyone from this hostel? I remember an epitome of Florence Nightingale in the person of Patricia Thong, a dental nurse at the school dental clinic. She has passed on but she was from Kuching Lane - now known as Lorong Lane. After each dental treatment, she would give me a motherly hug and slip a brand-new crisp 20-cent note into my hand. Wow! That 20-cent could get me an ice-ball and some sweets from Ah Bok's push-cart. Does anyone remember Ah Bok? Does anyone know the whereabouts of Yeoh Seng Huat, Clifton Rodriguese, Tan Cheng Liat, Cheah Sin New, Philip De Souza, Jackie Ng ?


OH MY GOD!!! I can't believe this ... Pulau Tikus has changed .. I was born and raised in Penang, left in 1996 to S'pore and now in US. I haven't been home since 96. The only thing I can remember in all these pix is good ol' Immaculate Conception. I see a lot of CLS and CPT, what about CGL???!!!! I lived in Tanjung Bungah but P.Tikus was the happening place .. Lendros Lane Even more happening. I dated a guy there for about 2 years. Not being home for so long, now I'm feeling soooo homesick. I just know it's not going to be the same as it was 7 years ago ... old photo's would be great. Hey!! anyone know me .. e-mail me.

Patricia Omb<patricia_omb@yahoo.com>

Pulau tikus, a place which fills my memory. I have never thought that one day i would leave that place for good. Things change, people grow, I miss it so much. I grew up there, i went to school, since kindergarden in that place. When i saw these pictures and people responses on my birth place, it feels so warm and home and mum and dad and every inches of my body starts screaming, HOME,HOME...!! I couldnt live again my life in pulau tikus but that wonderful memories i had would surely accompany me till the end.


I lived in 27 & 27D Kuching Lane 1940 to 1964 then moved to 24 Burmak Close 1964 to 1968. Visited Penang lasy year after a long absent. Lot of changes and the main section (street - Burmah Road) old buildings still there with the pondok behind the Police Station. Regret that the Market is messy not c;ean and crowded not like when it was first moved which was clean and neat.

T F Lim<tflim@bigfoot.com>

Thanks for the nice pictures here for Pulau Tikus.I was fortunate to learn of this place when I had my short working stint in Penang 2 years back. Stayed & worked in pulau Tikus during that period. Wonderful neighbourhood that is never short of any excitements. I think I had `patronised' all the places in your pictures above..the Midland shopping complex, visiting my co-workers who stayed in midland Condo, bought my favourite shiraz at the vintage, Ballisa Row was my regular night out place too, still remember my favourite telur sotong curry of Carven cafe,nice ice-cream & cake at Maxim, really tasty mee goreng from this Indian stall at the corner...I even consulted the clinic featured when I was down with fever at that time....friendly people all around be it in the market place, kopitiams, banks, on the street...I am now working back in Australia & this site really provides me something that worth looking back. Good work, keep it up!

Dr John Hammond<jhammond@adventist.org.au>

I lived in 22 Brown Road from 1949-1960. Pulau Tikus was just a humble little place then. It has changed so much.My late father was Dr Brian Hammond who was a renowned surgeon at the Adventist Hospital in Burmah Rd. I still visit Penang and love the place even though it has changed so much.

Mark (Alexis) Phaik Yin<alexismark@hotmail.com>

When I saw the numerous number of sites that matches the keywords CONVENT, PULAU, AND TIKUS my heart jump a little and were so curious to find out what other people think of it. I moved to Pulau Tikus in 1991, but have been familiar with this place since I was young because my dad has a bookstore right in the heart of Pulau Tikus. I'm so eager to create an alumni of CPTarians where we can meet and exchange memories that we have had during our school days. It would be an honor to meet my seniors and juniours that have graduated from CPT! By the way, I'm from the school of 1995 (thats when I finished Form 5).

Mavis Welsh<evwelsh@bigpond.com>

I have fond memories of Pulau Tikus Leandro's lane. My family lived there in the 1930s. I started primary school near a church. Later on attended the convent. Our Leandro lane neighbors were the Almeida's, Hendricks,Holloway's,McIntyre's, Pasquale's & Peterson's. Across the road were a Sybil French & family & the French's. Later on we moved to Kuala Lumpur & I have never been back. Of all the people I knew there I only met Stanley Almeida & George Rodrigo in KL years ago. We left KL in 1967. Now resident in Perth since 1975. Mavis Welsh

Lam Chee Meng<ccole@wintechint.com.au>

My husband introduced me to this sight today and I enjoyed reading through the comments/stories. My best memories of Pulau Tikus would be during the 1963-65 years when I was studying at P T Convent. I'm now living in Perth, W Australia. Would love to hear from anyone from PT Convent of that era who's in Perth to 'travel down memory lane with'. Class of 1965 holds regular Reunions in Penang. The last one was in Dec 2000. Next one is planned for Dec 2003. I remember the 'Eurasian' community in the area, the Baptists, Rozells, Jeremiahs to name a few. There's the Hokkien mee and ice kacang stalls at the coffee shop by the junction of Burmah Road and Bangkok Lane where we used to have our lunch when we had to stay back after school for activities. (never went home for lunch as I lived in Green Lane then). I even recall the drama near our school one afternoon with shootings etc because the police were tracking down some bank robbers. Will keep in touch with this sight for news of PT. Happy New Year to all readers. Chee Meng 16 Feb 2002

Alice Apps nee Alice Ooi<bowls@austarnet.com.au>

i was born penang and grew up in leandros lane, went to school at pulau tikus convent in 1942. this page has brought back many happy memories for me and i would like to hear from anyone from my time in leandros lane 1942 - 1959. i have been in australia since 1960, returning to visit in 1972-1975, 1984 & 1995. i really miss the great food that was available in pulau tikus, good friends and a great rock and roll partner alf. really miss you pulau tikus

Imelda Keun<melkeun@yahoo.com>

Amazing, to see a web site about my hometown..ex-cptarian,used to go to Immaculate Conception, live at Kampung Serani. Sad to say that the Kampung no longer exist and most of the Eurasian folks have split up and move to other towns. My family still lives in Pulau Tikus Leandro's Lane (Pamgsapuri Delima),but I have been in Singapore for 7 years and go back home occasionally, hope to see my childhood friends from church as I have not seen them for 10 years...So if any of you knows me....e-mail me.

Francis Williams<prethfamily@bigpond.com>

I was born in Penang in 1945 I have emigrated to Perth (Western Australia) 1957 Anyone visiting Perth please contact me

Constance Chan<rom2802s@singnet.com.sg>

gosh! dunno why but i happen to chance upon this page and i'm surprised Pulau Tikus is on the internet! i'm from Pulau Tikus myself, and a CPTarian. true blue Penangite.. read through the comments and they really bring back nostalgic memories.. especially my fave 'Ah Tong' hokkien mee, the edgecumbe Mee Goreng and even the old post office next to the Balai Rakyat where i used to go for my Tae Kwon Do lessons..hehe. Not to forget the eurasian folks that live outside the road where i live; Leandros Close... used to take that lalang filled road thru to my school bypassing all the old houses and the Church of Immaculate Conception.. I hope i'll be able to visit that place again soon.. can't wait... by the way where have all the eurasian folks who used to live there gone? now that belissa court is being built?

Tony Parker<tpdox@aol.com>

Aged 61 we lived in Penang in 1968 serving with the RAF. We recently returned and found it is still the Pearl of the Orient. We intend returning for longer periods if it is allowed as we are nearing retirement.


Hah!Glad Pulau Tikus is still the center of attraction! I've recalled 10 years back, it used to be very quiet and lonely especially at night.In the morning,I used to wait in front of CPT gate for school bus to CLS. Each time I saw students walking into the school with enthusiasm and exitement,my mood of studying increases lah. Although I'm currently living on the Land of Hornbill for further studies, Pulau Tikus has never faded in my mind.

J. Dudley Herron<herrond@ycnx.net>

The house we rented in Tanjong Bungah while working at RECSAM in 1972-73 was on the beach facing Pulau Tikus. We had planned to return to Penang this coming February, but it appears we will not get to come for another year. Our two children (Ages 8 and 13 when we were in Penang) and their families were unable to come this February. Hopefully their schedules will permit them to make the trip in early 2002.

Bee Eng<beeooi@hotmail.com>

Pulau Tikus is a place where I have my breakfast every morning after morning walk in botanical garden with my parents when I go home for vacation. A lots of grorcery can be done over there. Especially "Durian". Miss you so much "Pulau Tikus".


All I have is beautiful memories of Penang. P.Tikus is where I grew up and is so lucky a have a splendid neighborhood. To the person Ooi, I went to the little Kindergarden like a temple across Shell Station if that the one you went. The other part of the world I have been, some places similar to P.Tikus I would say Key West in Florida and Hawaii. Wish all Tikus the best over there


Beautiful memories. Really wish I was there. Miss you all ppl... love.


Oh gosh... Pulau Tikus!!! I miss that place so much. The char keow teow, mee goreng, hokkien mee...yikes!!! OK, better stop now before i start to drool. I have plenty of fond memories there. Studied in CPT, which is next to the church shown above. Well, i have nothing else to share except that i sincerely hope that Penang won't change anymore. One K.L is enough, we don't want another one. Keep Penang as it is!!!! =)

David Chan<sci01216@nus.edu.sg>

Oh my god, this is where I live!! Wow, I am so happy to get those scenes in my computer. I miss you very much, Penang. Although I am in Singapore now, but you will always the greatest place for me. 1-stop, CHA KUEY TEOW, KUEY TEOW T'NG, LAKSA, LO MEE, CHAR HOR FAN, YEE FU MEE, HOK KIEN MEE, O CHIEN, PO PIEH and etc... I MISS YOU ALL... I am hungry now... ah... when can I taste whose delicious foods again? Penang... VIVA PENANG!>...


lived in Penang for almost 3 years and spent many a night stumbling back to my house on Scott Rd from Club Mixx, Modesto's and 38 Degrees. Food Court, Babylon Bistro, Chasers, Sushi King and the makanan stores accross from Beliisa Row...miss all of that. Some of the places aren't there any more and I heard they tore my house down. Sad that things change. Nevertheless, I still miss Penang loads and want to come back for a visit someday.


Who would forget the party we had last year at 38 Degrees when Mika Hakkinen won...I miss Penang. Take care you all!!! Wishes, One of the "Crazy Finns"

Joanne Kee<joannekee@pacific.net.sg>

Ha ... Don't forget to add on there is a famous Hospital infront the Midlands One Stop Complex, (Looking Good). You know, this (Pulau Tikus) for me is just like a POINT. I will always get lost in Penang Island. But, if some body ask me to wait at Pulau Tikus, I'm sure that I can get there without get to any wrong Way. I really appreciate 'cause it make me felt like "Bring me back to Penang". Thank you very much.I just love this Web Page....


Hah! Pulau Tikus... yeah... I was born here, I studied in a kindergarden here(it was just opposite the Shell gas station). Indian friend mee.... at Jones Road.... I still remember it passed my front door every evening. What else.. the sleeping buddha temple was just a street behind my previous home. I spent all my childhood memories in Pulau Tikus. Cycling was my favorite activity to explore this cool place. Gurney drive was just a block away from my home. Pasar malam with lots of competing cassetts stalls... tons of hawkers lining up along the beach... the most amazing sight was the tikus chasing each other right in front of me along the gurney drive sea front... yeah, Pulau Tikus, way to go!! All those good and not so good memories will never fade away :) If you ask me whether I miss Pulau Tikus... yeah I do. I miss every bit and byte of it but the tikus... :P

Jacky Chan<ckpeng@pc.jaring.my>

Can anyone enlighten me on the name " Pulau Tikus"? Why is it called Pulau when it is not an island? How about some pictures of old Pulau Tikus like the market area,small lanes,old buildings etc. Thanks Kayes for the wonderful work done.

I really appreciate the very beautiful picture of Pulau Tikus . The Church of The Immaculate Conception ,I was in the Choir , after Sunday Mass our Family would go to our Relatives home(the Andrews ) on Leandros Lane , i remember the Pulau Tikus Markets , loved the curry Laksa . Greatest thanks Kayes for the pictures , i had it enlarged for the photo album .Have a nice evening everybody!

Catherine Yeoh<pitlin@hotmail.com>

I went back home to penang last May (99) for summer break,it has changed real lot since i left for studies in the US. But still i think Penang is the most beautiful place i ever been..missed home.... thanks for the great job!!

Wendy Loh<wlsf21@yahoo.com>

I don't have any stories to tell or to share. But there is one thing, this island is really beautiful. I was born here in Penang, but at the age of 13 my parents took me to US. Now I'm 21 and I just Came back and i really miss Penang. Although it is not really clean as before but to me it will always be the best of all.:):):) _@_ / M \ _/ \_ It's juat a logo.

I think that there's too much traffic in Pulau Tikus nowadays. Remember the days when they had the Sri Intan? On the land which now stands the AXIS building (which I think is not such a success). They used to sell nice satay. The authorities should take note of the rate and quality of development in Pulau Tikus. There are certainly a number of old interesting buildings which should be properly restored rather than left to waste. Since this site is sort of like documenting the many interesting buildings in Penang. Why not those within the vicinity of Pulau Tikus? I second Helen Yap's comment. I think there's much more to Pulau Tikus than the all new "happening places"!

Gwyn Chadwick<ced_gwyn@email.msn.com>

I did check out your site and it brought back so many memories! We lived on Kelawai Road (close to the Burmese and Siamese Temples) and I went to school in Uplands, so, those pictures were especially meaningful. You've done a great job. Thanks.

Dave Bonthron<dbonthron@attcanada.net>

Thanks for the great Penang site. I haven't shown it to all the family yet but I will & I know they will enjoy it. Thanks Again


gosh...pulau tikus is really happening nowadays. The new Coffee Bean along with Coffee Hut, Club Mixx and Modestos, always crowded during weekend nite. Anyway i've been to Coffee Bean a couple of times already. The evironment is good, the Ice Blended drink is damn so tasty. I think I'm addicted to it. I live around pulau tikus area..this is the best place. Anyway I was from CLS secondary, any chance the webmaster of this site is a student or former student there?


Pulau Tikus... ahh the town that time stood still...my favourite hokkien mee stalls esp the one opposite the balai (burmeh lane) the vendor whowas there for oh, 50 years.,and so was the one at Cantonment rd. Then there was my former gardener,Rajan who sells flowers in the market. He stayed with us and had that stall when he was a young teen from India and today he is a proud grandfather. So many fond memories... whenevr I return from Vancouver...its back to the hokkien mee stalls and visiting Rajan and getting my laundry done... hotel laundries are damn expensive as they are...will continue.


Pulau Tikus is really cool because i happen to live on Leandros Lane. It's just bustling with activity day and night! You get the best "mee mamak" (fried noodles Indian style) at Mee Jones Road, just across 711 near the market! You can also get sushi at Yataimura, fine dining at Restaurante Italiano, and get exquisite Haagen Daz all in one night! New addition to the night life, pricy coffee and great place to be seen at, Tea Leaf and Coffee Bean! Send the kids across the road to Baskin Robbins for chakalakalaka ice cream...someone mispronounced and said "I'll have the celaka ice cream in a cone please...!"


I was so excited when for the first time I saw my hometown on the web. Although there is already a big change compared to last time when I was still staying in the place. well, this really recall back lots of my memory. My childhood, my schooling time, my friends,....

Soo Kar Peng<kpsoo@pc.jaring.my>

I was born in Pulau Tikus,went to the St Xavier's Branch School, at Burmah Road, opposite The Convent, then to the Kelawei Road (Novitiate)Branch School....all my life had been in P.T. so it holds lots of important memories ; my childhood friends were from P.T. and now when we do meet we still have sweet memories of P.T. We played soccer and flew kites on the Scott Road open field, explored the Botanical(Waterfall) Gardens of every nook and corner and spent lots of lazy reflective time on the then wooden benches and sands of Gurney Drive. Pulau Tikus is part of me. I cherish that!

Helen Yap<helenyap@tm.net.my>

Pulau Tikus is actually an upper class area.I think that you should have included shots of some of the old colonial mansions/bungalows along Briggs Road, Brown Rd, and some parts of Scott Rd and Bell Lane. It would also be nice to have a shot of the Pulau Tikus market.Pulau Tikus where the Church of the Immaculate conception is used to have an Eurasian settlement there. Some of my memmories are the Noah's Ark ( a longbrown wooden building) where I used to spend my childhood.

Guan Gim<guangim@hotmail.com>

Anyone who likes to eat supper ? Pulau Tikus NIGHT hawker centre is the best area, lots of hawker food....char koay teow, lok lok, laksa, fried indian mee, wan than mee, ice kacang....etc you can eat what ever you want, quite reasonable prices.


i reckon this is a great site. excellent. great job you've done here. a friend emailed me the url. at a great time too. wanted to show my girlfriend in australia my hometown. cool.


yea....H!Ur homepage is cool man!yea u should update thi site,take pcture about belissa row,pool pub,royce,and etc kekeke,anyway good luck.

Adrian Ooi<ooi99@hotmail.com>

Pulau tikus...memories..memories..I missed smell of the wet market..i missed the great hawkers food in the area..It also bring back my memories in my previous working place and what i missed the most is the Fatty Loh Chicken Rice at Cantomenent Road.I'll be back soon to smell.. to feel.. the place where i miss most.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone to whoever read this website..CHEERS!!



Ronnie Keun<lyndale115@hotmail.com>

i was curiously browsing the internet for someone when i came across this site that brought some nostalgic memories. good pictures,especially the church,appears to be well looked after and to read some very of the interesting comments.ta!

Elaine Sharman<Elaine.Sharman@hotmail.com>

I used to live on the corner of Burmah and Brown Road and used to walk across to CPT every morning - anybody out there who used to go to school with me? Carolina Esperitosantos where are you?


Somewhere aroung Burmah Lane and Jones Rd., there used to be a village called Kampung Awak meaning the Burmese Village. Why are the Burmese called 'Awak' in Malay and "Awta-wa" in Penang Hokkien?