If there is a kingdom of watches somewhere in the Swiss Alps, would its King be Rolex? I think not because the Europeans are not particularly partial to Rolex. However, if there is a kingdom of watches in Asia (near Hong Kong, Japan or Malaysia), its King will certainly be Rolex. This is because Asians are extremely fond of Rolex watches.

In fact, the Chinese have nicknames for certain models of Rolex watches and this privilege is not extended to other brands. A "Rolex Star" is a half-gold Rolex Datejust. A "Rolex King" refers to a solid gold Rolex, usually the Day-Date or President.

To the Asian towkay ("towkay" means "boss"), to have arrived means a Mercedes-Benz (or occasionally a Bee-Em) and the inevitable Rolex, preferably solid gold or at least half-gold. Every successful or wannabe successful businessman is wearing one - from the contractor to the CEO. 


For a glimpse of the various models of Rolex watches without looking at a catalogue, just look around in a Chinese restaurant where these towkays yamseng (to wine Chinese style) and dine. Alternatively, take a drive up to our country's only casino (Genting) and hang around the baccarat or roulette tables. Time there seems to be told only by Rolex watches.

Rolex is of course Swiss in origin but I personally think they make watches specially for the Chinese. To start with, the model numbers of the more expensive Rolex watches favoured by the Chinese towkays are not offensive at all. The Chinese are very superstitious about certain numbers, particularly the number 4 which signifies death but they like 8 which connotes prosperity and 3 which is linked to long life.


The model number of the half-gold Datejust is 16233 which loosely translated into Chinese would mean "all the way easy long life". This model is much sought after by up-and-coming towkays. The model number of the solid gold Day-Date is 18238 which again loosely translated into Chinese would mean "prosper easily, long life and prosperity". This model is favoured by the arrived towkays. Alfa Romeo can learn a lesson here from Rolex. Imagine calling a car a "164" which means "all the way die" to the Chinese.



Rolex watches are designed to be extremely ostentatious so that you can spot one on a wrist a mile away. This is how the Asian businessman wants it, the perfect reflection of his wealth and the respect he should be accorded. It is known to work wonders in Chinese restaurants worldwide. Flash a Rolex on your wrist and you are assured of a better table and clockwork service.

The founder of Rolex was Hans Wilsdorf and if he had been a conformist, this article is being written about Wilsdorf watches instead. It has been the tradition among Swiss watchmakers to name their products after themselves. For example, Audemars Piquet is the name combination of Jules Audemars and Edouard Piquet. Patek Philippe combines Antoni Patek and Jean Adrien Philippe. Piaget is named after Yves Piaget while Vacheron Constantin is Francois Constantin & Jacques Vacheron.


However, Hans Wilsdorf wanted a name that was short and easy to pronounce. He did'nt like the sound of a "Wilsdorf" watch and for reasons best known to himself, he came up with the name "Rolex". Unknown to Hans at that time ( I am sure he had no idea as to the immense appeal of his watches to Asians), this word is actually very difficult for the Asian to pronounce. So therefore in this part of the world, everybody calls a Rolex a "Lolex". This proves that a rose by any other name is just as sweet.

With other brands of fine watches (Patek, Vacheron, Jaeger etc) it is possible to choose a model to suit the wearer's character and style. But not so with Rolex. The minute you put a Rolex on your wrist, you are at once transformed into a rich man by the unique flashiness of a Rolex timepiece. Some kind of instant richness. Very comforting feeling for the Asian towkay.

Out of Asia, do you know that James Bond (Roger Moore) wore a Rolex Submariner in "Live and Let Die"? Or that Sir Edmund Hillary wore a Rolex Explorer when he conquered Everest? So did Sir Malcolm Campbell when he broke the landspeed record in Bluebird. One famous golfer wears it too but I wonder how he can have a good swing with the heavy watch strapped to his wrist.



In the West, one of the more popular models of Rolex watches is the Cosmograph which is more popularly known as the Daytona. The ones signed by Paul Newman are very rare and are collectors' items. And it has been rumoured that the Daytona is the trade mark of the Mafia as well as the Japanese Yakuza. I personally get very worried when I am approached by men wearing Daytonas and sunglasses.

Imitation is the best form of flattery and Rolex has been flattered to no end. When you decide to buy your first Rolex, be very careful of imitations. Some fake Rolexes are so real it would take an expert eye to tell them apart. Beware of stolen ones too. And if you are thinking of investing in some "vintage" Rolex watches, you should read this first:-

From 1999 to 2003 I moderated a very successful forum on Rolex watches called TURF, the acronym for The Ultimate Rolex Forum. TURF attracted many Rolex experts from all over the world and some of their posts can be read here:-



The above article is written by Kayes and was first published in the "Asian Auto", Malaysia's foremost motor magazine. It was part of a series of articles on watch collecting in the Far East.

Read more about Rolex, click here.



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Hi there, Honestly speaking I am new to Rolex watches, but I have heard many great things about their quality and accuracy, on top of their expensive cost; However, I am very serious about buying one within the next couple of weeks, and currently I am looking at Rolex Oyster Perpetuual GMT Master II with black and red bezel. It is currently sold at Ben Bridge and the price is at a cool $5075 before tax. Do you have any commments about this particular watch and its price? Any referrals on other Rolex authorized dealership in Orange County that I should look at and/or visit? Please help. Thank you so much in advance for your time and assistance.

Gabor Szepesi<>

My story with ROLEX began when I saw at age 15 the first Bond movie Dr. No. I was captured by Bond's Submariner. I had my first Roley "Air King" at age 24 which I traded from a Tudor Cosmograph in 1974. Ever since I had all kinds even a Rolex Quartz. Date Just with romanic numbers and white dial, Rolex Submariner, no calendar, even a Daytona, the earlier version, for a few days I gave back to the owner because it was in very bad shape, wish I would have known back then how expensive they are now I have been trading them for other models and even I had to sell them to pay some happens to all of us, now, I am a happy owner of another Rolex Explorer II, white dial this time I had one previously with black dial. I love my watch although I am thinking on trading with Rolex the white dial for Black one. So this is my Rolex curriculum so far I am 58 years old and hope to have new models. I am a great fan of wristwatches, like to make reserach in new models from the great swiss brands, but still the only watch I like to wear on my wwrist is ROLEX

Steve Strouhal <>

Hello. Actually, my question concerns the Tudor. Specifically, why do some Tudors (the vintage ones) have small rose insignias and others have a large rose? I realize the newer Tudors have a shield emblem, but it seems the older ones could vary in this. Is it a factor of Tudor type or age or both. Thanks.

Mark Harris<>

I have a 50 year old Rolex Oyster stainless that was my Dad's. It loses time, is scratched and the face and hands are a bit yellowed. Does it make sense to pay the money and have it restored? Or would I do better to buy a fairly new rolex? And, if you recommend repair, where should I get it done? It would cost too much to do it in the US. What about Bangkok or will just put in fake parts, but does that make any difference? Thanks.


Do you know how one would become an authorized Rolex dealer?

Mike Harris<>

I would like prices for distribution to private fund raising charity money raising. need information and warranty information. Thanks. Mike


Love them especially the fakes. Im looking for a new source to buy me a couple more but i want the best quality of course for the best price!.......and a reliable source from overseas as everone knows its money up- front. these are for me as im not interested in resale. my biggest concern is the gold plating wearing off, and of course the movement. i like the two bands and would like to find a replica with solid gold in the center of the band,and crown stem.also i would like a platinum band with the heavest plating as for the movements, i have a couple with supposedly swiss eta 2836-2 movt which have been great.....but to this day i dont know if their real or not. theres so much decception in todays market, some say they use real eta,s,others say their movements are made buy rolex trained movement i,ve stated i just want the best watch i can afford,in reguards to quality......obvoulsy,if i could afford the real rolex i would do so! if any of you enlightened souls out there that can give a brother a "leg-up",with more insight and knoweledge(and possiable some spelling lessons)it would be greatly appreciated.........if possible send me your experences with the manifacturer and their contact info.....thanks don martin

David Cheong<>

Watch Hunting - Anyone? (Malaysian style-lah, of course)

Hi to all. Recently I was in the market for an mid-market watch for my wife. I promised her one - which was quite long overdue (promised her, last year till this year, still haven't bought any as yet). I have offered her my Date-oyster, but she declined - commenting it as a "ah pak" watch. She wanted a "big" dial watch (not any small girly dainty pc), our understated, yet fashionable mid range watch.

Armed with a long annual leave (December/last year), we went watch hunting(Malaysian styled)in the Klang Valley. First stop, we were at the Bintang Walk (heart of KL) went into the Star Hill. Whew! what a sight. All the watch affectionarios would surely loved this place. You could spent countless hours browsing around here. This is a up-market boutique with all the big names in watch making.

I was wearing simple - cowboy jean with t-shirt and wearing my Seiko 5, thus makeing us not a potential customer in a would - buy scenario. One of the sales person did actually approaches us (no-smiles) thats it, and went on his way.We make a quick exit and went over to Sg Wang Plaza. Here, we stop over at Rolex AD, exchanged a few 'hellos' (whom I knew - with my years of window browsing/shopping on watches).Check out some sport model/s...nil, only GMT11 (Pepsi) is in stock. Price increased yet again (annual affair-lah)

Still in the same complex, I stopped at a Grey outlet for Panarai/s. Ahem, you would not have believe this, this guy stocks various model (aplenty)of Panarais and he is quick enough to bring out a few models for me to check out. (now, this is what I called service orientated). The models are all new in box (NIB) with papers, quite fairly priced, I would say. Interested, but a big no no for my wife taste -too big for her dainty wrist.

My next stop?. Many would not have agreed with me - the Central Market. Here is a shop that sells many pre-owned rolexes. A piece of advise here, you have to know your wares in order to shop here. But anyway I have known this operator well, and have his goodies from his 'safe' to be displayed in front of me. Well, the pc that caught my wife attention is the Cartier Pasha - dual time with silver dial. Not too big and yet not small for her wrist, she quietly tele-message me with her eye contact (the kind of communication where only wife/husband understands). And after some hacking, bellowing and hard bargaining, we settled for a fair price. and she is one happy woman. You might say, why buying pre-owned?. well, she just told me, she eyeing and is up-grading to another model next year, if our pocket/s permits Thank you for your time reading this episode of mine. Hope you not getting bored by now. Just my 2 cents worth. DC


They are the best quality, still maintained the quality no matter however the senario of watches has changed, from very strong and reliable watches ,to quartz wathes, Rolex has maintained the quality,metal,look,reliable for longer life,as the parts are used in the watch are desighned to last very long,by using extra jewels,strong wheels,tempered steel for pinions,strong balance staff with conical shape so that in case of fall it should not break easily,strong clicks,for date day,real tought setting levers,and on top of every thing waterprofing , which is really,water proof and the waterproofing last for many years so that the watch owner(user) should be able to to enjoy the watch for many years without spending any money, And of course it is Rolex, the status symbol. I know all this because I am working for Rolex watch company in north america, If any body has any question about Rolex, Dont hasitate to ask.


Do older Yachtmasters have a smaller minute hand than that of the newer models?


I have a quick question.. I am about to purchase a 2003 datejust with a diamond dial and a 1.25 diamond bezel. When you add the custom diamonds to your rolex does it bring the vaule up or downd on the rolex.. Thanks and please email me back..

Sheridan Stein Jr<>

I was hoping you could point me in the right direction. I have a Rolex watch that belonged to my grandmother. It is peculiar because it has LINZ printed on the face just above the 6 o?clock position along with Rolex and the crown at the 12 o?clock position. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. I know that Linz Jewelers was a popular jewelry store in this area. My mother seems to think the watch was purchased in the 60's from Linz. I have never heard of Rolex doing a watch for a particular jewelry store. Do you have any ideas on the origin or value of this watch? I can send pictures if you would like to see it. Sheridan Stein Jr


I currently own a rolex datejust 16234 ss/18kw bezel with ref. begining with T circa 1996. I would like a "sportier" Rolex I am looking at the ss submariner and explorer II but I constantly wear my rolex now and am worried about damaging the finnish on the bezel of the sports model i may purchase. I love Rolex and will never, ever wear another watch even if given to me for free. Thank you!


My father has Rolex that he purchased in the 1960's. It needs some real TLC. I will need to replace the bracelet (gone) and the crystal (cracked). I'm trying to get a feel for what the watch may have looked like in it's original condition, what it may cost to restore and what it may be worth restored. Here are the specifics: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified Stainless Steel 1139637 Registered Design 1003 Thank you in advance for your assistance. Ray

Michael VanDusseldorp<>

I love Rolex brand watches, both the look, weight, and the quality are unperralelled by any other brand out there. People who know me always ask me why I spend so much on just one watch. I reply, "Simple, it looks great, wears great, and years from now I know my Rolex will be a peice I can pass on to my children, and theyre childrens children. Rolex is a name I know and a brand I will trust forever." Michael J. VanDusseldorp

David Cheong<>

Over the years and after having 'owned' many models of the Rolexes family, I still love my SD and GMT11. The feeling for these two models still stand - very close to my heart. The GMT11 is the everyday watch, while the SD is the switched over watch depending on mood swing. But then, I have my Seiko sport 5 and the recent (purchased)Swatch Irony, which is of a sentimental pcs - gifts from my dear wife.

The rest, I have sold them to regroup my bank balance. The model that I did not touch is the Daytona (not my budget, anyway).This model is superficial inflated along with the market trend I have also experiences 'other' brand make, such as Jaeger Le coultre-reverso,(solid 18k rose gold) Breitling - old navitimer (two toned)and 'other' lesser known make. Of all these 'makes', the Rolexes still came out (tops)the very watch for its practically, durability and functionally. Its a go-anywhere watch No, I did not 'baby' my rolexes. You don't have to. Just send it in for a full services after a 5 - 6 years interval. After all, in my country (Malaysia), there are practically an AD in every major town

For the first timer (who wanted to own a Rolex), it is advisable to purchase their first pc (new) from an Authorised Dealer (AD). If the bugs bites in, go pre-owned. go for the sport version (you won't regret) Buying pre-owned would slash away the initial losses and after a few years down the road, who knows, you may want to sell and up-graded to other model/s - with minimal losses. Just my 2-cents worth. Happy rolexing! DC


You really can find a good fake Rolex watch in Hongkong. Most fake Rolex watch in Singapore were either runs by those LCD batteries. It's quite shameful for someone to put on those watches coz where on earth Rolex watch are run by batteries? The Hongkong types fake watches of the Rolex series are automatic. These automatic swiss movement really make the fake watch looks genuine.The price equivalent to Singapore dollar is about $100.Well, you can bargain at a lower price if you wanna get a good buzz off from the seller!!!!!

I don't owned any of these fake watches. What I am comfortable with now is a Tag Huer, Seiko and those Casio watches. Well it's quite dangerous to put on Rolex watches although it is fake or genuine. You may get rob or kena whack for nothing. You gonna end up paying more for your hospital bill than the fake Rolex itself. My wife friend was being robbed at broad daylight in Johore Bahru of her Rolex watch the "Lady Date just model". You see its not worth it after all as she put on the real Rolex. Although Rolex watch is one of the very famous watch in the world,it is also a sound investment for some to the pawnshop.Thats all I have to quote.

Mya Thein<>

The watch will speak itself.Those who wear imitation feel unsafe in their faces. They dare not face the real Rolex wearers.

C. Godfrey<>

I've had my rolex bracelet switched by a jewelry store while being fixed. My beautiful bracelet was switched with some sort of older looking and loose band/bracelet. I have heard from numerous sources that there has been a huge increase in Rolex parts being stolen and sold. Have others heard of this happening?

James Cheong<>

where is your official Rolex service & repair centre in KL??


Does anybody know which inscription should be on a vintage Daytona bridge? Some of the seem to have only a 2 line inscription "Rolex Geneve 17 Rubies". Others have a 5 line inscription "Montres Rolex S.A. Geneva Swiss Adj. to 3 Three positions seventeen 17 Jewels". Is one of these a fake or do they belong to different models or years? Thanks in advance J.


I'm intrested in learning about Rolex watches and I was wondering where they sell them the cheapest ,where are they made, and who values them. If anyone could inlighten me with any useful info I would be truly greatful. Thanks!

Richard Williams<>

I love Rolex. I got a model 1601 in Rose gold and I'm looking for a GOOD dial for it, obviously with rose gold markers. If you have any idea where i can find one, Remember without the quick set! It's been really hard. Let me know if you can locate one or can steer me in the right direction. Thanks alot, Richard Williams.


I have a Rolex Day/Date Oyster Perpetual President with gold link bracelet. How many links are standard on a watch like this that is circa 1973? Thank You!!

David Cheong<>

During my younger days, watches with cyclop lens were always assumed /or thought to be as Rolexes. Then, only a handful few watches comes along with the cyclops. These cyclop lens represent an unique way at reading the date.

Those days, I am one of the wannabes - who wanted a real Rolex but could not afford one.So, I bought myself the nearest look alike watch - the Titoni, ComosKing which comes completely with look & cyclops.In my primitive mind set, any watch that comes along with these lens - would look grand like a Rolex.

In my country (Malaysia), Rolex owners proudly but discreetly display their time pieces at any given opportunities. From a distance, many (people) would recognize their rolexes - thanks to the reflective glare emmiting from the small but distinctively & unmistakenly cyclop lens.They can smell your Rolexes miles away. Take away the cyclops, the very same people won't come near to you, and would reject the watch altogether. Air King dosen't appeal to them. So do a SD.

Innocently, they would ask "Is that a Rolex"?, why NO lens ah?!!".Their comments, traditionally, Rolexes must comes together with cyclops...without it...its NOT a Rolex.

Wearing a real Rolex, has that kind of feeling great, an achivement (but not proud), whereas, wearing an imitation would not have the same feeling as wearing the real thing!. Wearing a fake Rolex is after all...cheating on oneself. Just my 2 cents worth.

David Cheong<>

A fake Rolex with Swiss movement?. What are they? These so-called fakes are flooding the market these days, look so real, so much so that an ordinary guy on the street could not tell them apart from the real m'coy.

These "kam" engine or "Swiss" movement in those fakes Rolexes are actually ETA based movement install in a near identical Rolex case comes - with all the serial and model number 'engraved' on, not only that, its also come present with authentic looking paper and box!!. These fakes could now easily conned the newbies and even the die-hard. And these scenario are scary!!. These fakes are the "AAA" grade type that command a big price.

Another grade comes in form of Japanese / Chinese movement, still looking great and the lower grade comes in quartz movement. And who are the people who buy these fakes?. Well, these people could be the collectors - buy certain model to replace or make up for the gap in their collections that could not replenish financially, or the particular out-of- production model that could not easily obtainable.

Others would just buy a certain fakes (model) to see if the watch really excites him/her for a genuine buy later, and also at the same time to kill the urge of a future buy of the same model. And some buy it to deceive others. Just my 2 cents worth. DC


Hello Rolex guru, I wish to find out is that this... "They call it the Pearl of the Orient and where Rolex watches are tax free."" the "tax free" especially draw my attention, I am now working in Singapore, I believe one day i would uy a Rolex, but I am just an average Joe with salary income, so buying something more than S$5K is not something easy and may made my heartbeat nearly stop. May I check what is the price for Yachtmaster in Penang? The pre-owned YM cost S$9.8K in Singapore. My wife is from Butterworth, so maybe one day I be settle at Penang. I like Penang & Butterworth, the food and all others. Thanks for help. Regards, Tam

Ah Fatt the Great<>

To let you know, I have over 80 watches a mixture of fakes and real stuff, but mostly fake ones which I get from all over the world. Is kind of funny, between real stuff and fakes, only when you hold it in your hands you will know it. The real stuff is smooth heavy solid by its own size but not too unbelievablly heavy like a stone and most of all it has the ahrrr....precious factor that the fake don't have. Sad to say but only by visiting enough of the official retaillers and become the "stork" (see but not buy) then you can really tell what Ihave mentioned. Ok lah, since I am a true KL city boy, I will tell you where to get the best stuff around the region. I will start in MALAYSIA-- Must be in Petaling Street ( China Town ). and wow you can really get good stuff. (Please don't ask for the cheap USD 10 - 25 ) price anything from USD 30 - 2,000. YES!! USD 2,000 you can get a solid 18k gold Rolex KING which you can melt for the gold. but generally the price is good for the USD 100 stuff. (All Stuff are from China ):do ask they for some real "LOLL" they normally collect some for second hand collectors. a must go for the region. SINGAPORE anything don't buy if you can travel to Malaysia next door..because they get it's from the guys in Malaysia and them from the guys from China - ShangHai market. Hong Kong is a good place as they have direct stocks from China but prices are quite high for the good stuff which they hide and sell the ones in the " miu kai and lam yan kai " are of low quality. Same goes in Thailand the ones on the street market is very bad quality, if you want better stuff in bangkok is in a shop in Ma Boon Kiong (MBK). Other places like Vietnam have some very good ones but they price it near UDS500...v.v expensive especially near Hanoi. Indonesians are not buy with caution....they say is stolen real ones but not true at all it's all gimicks. ok I have hurt enough people by telling you their trade. Go and see for youself, Hey Kayes, nice pic of the Woo Hing in Penang!!


hello, i have the watch but the hologram is almost coming out. if i get it wet, it might come off completely. is it ok to just take it out and keep it in a safe place? what effect does it have on without the hologram? thanks.

R Johnson<>

I have an early Submariner #6538, purchased new in about 1957 and owned ever since. Have had serviced regularly ever since purchased new. I need a part no longer available from Rolex. What should I do? (The parts are no longer available from Rolex, Should I have one made?

Eric Hunter<>

Enjoyed your article on Asians and Rolex watches. Anything more recent? Eric.

Glenn Adriaanse<>

Where can I buy a genuine Rolex Submariner in Singapore i.e. stockists names and e-mail adresses.


I want to know where i can find some rolex watches like the ones on this home page. I like the ones with all the diamonds on them.I want the cheapest prices. The ones on this page how much are they.


There is something special about wearing a fake Rolex. More so than any other watch. Rolex is the ultimate luxury accesory. Having a fake Gucci watch etc is not the same as wearing a Rolex. Rolex watches command respect and when spotted they intrigue the viewer. I have an excellent fake Rolex that Iwear at school (im only 16). I have people normally girls coming up to me telling me how they stared at my watch for the whole lesson in awe. I ask why, they say the shininess, the fake diamonds, just the general beauty. I always have and always will love fake Rolexes more than any other type of watch and maybe just maybe more than the real thing.


1. First of all how does one tell the difference between the real one and an imitation especially in the secondhand market. I am interested in the model 18239. 2. Are there specfic tell tale signs such as the touch and feel, colour, weight and finishing etc. Thanks.


If you are a serious Rolex wearer, you will never buy the cheapest, nor will you shop. you will merely accept the fact that by wearing a Rolex you are buying one of the finer timepieces, and by doing so you let Rolex take you down with their prices. Also the difference between wearing a real Rolex and a fake is simple! A fake will never show a true Rolex face, no matter how real it may look. stuck in a difficult situation? with a real Rolex you can always pawn it easily as there is always someone that will buy your Rolex, giving you the opportunity to cold hard cash in times of needs.


I want to know where i can find some rolex watches like the ones on this home page. I like the ones with all the diamonds on them.I want the cheapest prices. The ones on this page how much are they.


Dear, Sir Hello! I am Ryo Igarashi, editor of the watch magazine "Rolex PerfectMaster" in Japan. I will make the article that is introduction of the usefull WWW about watches. So, I would like to ask permission of printing your WWW (top page and Rolex King of Watches page) in our magazine. And ,What I want to know is as follows. I would be happy if you would help me

1.What is a strong point in your WWW?
2. How many hits in a day?

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Sincerely, Ryo Igarashi


How do I know if the Rolex I received years ago and sitting on the bottom of a drawer is real or fake? I do not wish to keep it considering who gave it to me, how can I find the value and authenticity?? I want to sell but not sure how. forgive my ignorance


During my Rolex collecting days and also when I was moderating TURF, one of the most asked questions was how to tell a fake Rolex from a real one. Well, I would like to start by saying it is getting harder all the time but there are a few fundamental steps which one can follow to avoid being duped. To start with, please remember that modern Rolex watches have no "clear casebacks" or "skeleton backs". These skeleton backs allow you to view the watch's mechanism or movement. I remember someone posted a message to TURF saying that a couple of vintage Rolex watches (circa 1930) have clear casebacks. I have never seen such watches but it is sufficient for you to remember that as a general rule, Rolex does not make skeleton back cases in their production watches and so, if you see one, it is most likely a fake. Once when I was in Hong Kong, I saw a "Yachtmaster" with a clear caseback and it was obviously a fake and a bad one at that. Avoid all "Rolexes" with clear casebacks.

If you see a Rolex with a date function, check out the magnification of the date. The real Rolex has the date magnified more than the fake .This is especially true in the Submariner with date and the Explorer II. However, please note that the Seadweller is an exception, where the magnification is minimal. If you can manage to get a real Rolex and a fake one, a side-by-side comparison will show you the obvious difference. Take a good look at my Explorer II on top of this page. The magnification of the date should be something as large as that.

If you see a Rolex with an "engraved caseback", it is most likely a fake because Rolex does not engrave their casebacks except for the Seadweller where the words "Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve" are engraved in a circular manner. However, please note that all Rolexes have a hologram sticker affixed to the caseback and the new hologram sticker is " three dimensional" which allows it to be viewed from all angles. The fake sticker is "flat" and can easily be distinguished from the real hologram sticker.

A fake Daytona often has a shorter minute hand and the three registers will not work .The real Rolex Daytona can be used as a stop watch. It is not easy to make a counterfeit Rolex Daytona and I have yet to see one that will confuse me.

The latest Rolexes have a "crown" or "coronet" etched on the watch crystal at the six o'clock position.

If you have a set of Rolex serial numbers, it is possible to determine whether a Rolex is a fake by checking the serial number engraved on the watch. The serial number of a fake or real Rolex is engraved (etched) between the lugs. However, to do this, you will have to know what these numbers signify and your local Rolex dealer can probably help you. It is enough for you to know that those numbers are often "badly engraved" on the watch and most fakes from the same supplier carry the same number.

Okay, that's it for the time being. I will add more details here from time to time and will also try to post some pics.

Dee Craig<>

Iam visiting Singapore on 8th August. can you advise me where is the best place to buy either new or used Rolex at best prices. thank you

Muritala Aminu<>

I am an international student from Nigeria and I will like to study an horological program in your institution . As at now, I have 10 years experience in horology kindly alight me more about the course and how to apply to your instittution and your requirements. I look forward to hear from you soon. Thanks Muritala Aminu


I love Rolex watches, it's just a shame that I can't afford a real one yet. I normally wear a replica Rolex sea-dweller 4000. It is a very good copy and i love it.It has a gas escape valve and all the markings on the watch and strap, it is powered by a ETA mechanical movement and cost me 100 in Turkey. I live in the UK.


I am interested in purchasing a Rolex watch for my wife. Other than purchasing from a retail store, can someone reccomend a reliable internet seller? I read the article from the person who purchased from Europe and had Customs possess the watch? Any other horror stories?

Elaine Seah<>

Hi, I'm a student from Temasek Polytechnic Businness School, Singapore. I'm working on my final year project on Rolex. I would greatly appreciate if you could provide me with more information on the advertising and marketing aspects of Rolex. Your assistance would be extremely helpful. Thank you.


I want to know where i can find some rolex watches like the ones on this home page. I like the ones with all the diamonds on them.I want the cheapest prices. The ones on this page how much are they.


I'm Guido Mondani and I'm the publisher of the books: COLLECTING ROLEX WRISTWATCHES & COLLECTING PATEK PHILIPPE WATCHES (author Osvaldo Patrizzi). I hope you know us and you appreciate ours books. I am preparing with my author Osvaldo Patrizzi, an published and particular edition about Rolex wristwatches. I am interested to all that is Rolex, especially official catalogues and publicity in the Asian Market. I hope to have your news as soon as possible.


Hi Kayes, I am in the throes of trying to buy a new Rolex and in doing some web research I found your site. I couldn't figure out how to join the discussion but saw you are the owner of the site. I'm hoping you could help. I live in Wilmington, DE and am looking for a new Rolex stainless steel datejust with a blue dial and jubilee band. I see prices on line for about $3000 but I have NO IDEA where to buy. All these places online are not "authorized dealers." I don't even know what that means. Obviously this is my first big ticket watch purchase. Could you possibly point me in the right direction? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Kevin Baird Wilimington, DE


Hello hope this msg gets to you. I read your article on the Timezone web site and found it most interesting. Ilive here in the Philippines and have been here for five years. Am curious to here more and read more about watches here in the Asian region. I see a lot of Rolex here in the Phils..most of them are fake, even Seiko fake watches. yet I have always wondered where they come from. Even the watch seller will tell you they are fake. I was told they all come from China or Hong Kong yet they really look like the real thing. I am always amazed by that. yet I am curious to know where they really come from. How can they mass produce such good fakes? Yet they sell here in the Phils very fast. They seem to have fakes for every model for Rolex. Yet how can they mass produce them and still make money. When I talk to the watch repair people here they all say it will only last a year and then it stops working, others say the inside is made of nickel and as soon as water gets in it is dead for good. so I am wondering how they can duplicate a Rolex to the exact detail. oh yes, where are there watch repair schools here in the Asian region? I am curious to sign up for a course. all for now, I live in cagayan de oro, mindanao, I am shelbypayne and hope you can email me back. thank you so much.


I would like to know (for a school paper) the entry procedures used by Rolex to enter the Far East market. The local buyer behavior patterns. The status of the country: mature, new growth or emerging market. I'd like the evaluation of the company's strategy and success in entering this specific market. I'd like to know the global product/service standardization and research used by Rolex. The effectivness of pricing, distribution, advertising and promotion. What sort of entry problems did Rolex face and how did they deal with them? What was the company's approach to selecting and using local distributors? And, if you could identify and analyze the structure and management of the global marketing organization. If you could tell me these things or refer me to where I could get this information, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you for your time and your information will go into my reference page of my paper.


Dear kayes, Hi, nice to read yr article in the net. You must have wide knowledge in Rolex. Actually, I am just a beginner and are interested in some vintages as 6694 and 1500. Do u have any idea of where I can obtain it around KL and what is the current price indication. Thanks

Guy Rabens<>

Kayes, Several years ago, I was an avid TURFers forum member. On one of the forum posts, you posted different Rolex Advertisements ran in Southeast Asia that you had saved. I contacted you with interest in two specific adds from your post. They were two ads featuring the famous British Architect Sir Norman Foster and the GMT Master II; one with the London Stansted Airport and one featuring the Hong Kong Airport. At the time you were unable to located these adds. Since then, I have been searching high and low for copies of these two adds to no avail.

I recently came across your well known article "ROLEX KING OF WATCHES" and found a link to this email address. I can only hope that this email will reach you. Being that I am employed in a related field to Architecture, I admire Sir Norman Foster and his ingenious designs. I desperately want to obtain copies of one or both of these ads to frame for my office. I am willing to pay a fair sum to obtain copies of these two ads. I am also willing to trade other Rolex ads for these two. I have quite an extensive collection (approx. 100 different ads for all models). Please let me know if you still have copies of these ads and how we might go about completing a transaction. Your assistance and cooperation with this matter is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Guy Rabens
Orlando, Florida, USA


Hello, I want to tell you what a great forum TURF is, and thank you for creating it. I am a wanna be Rolex owner at present time, and hope someday to own the Rolex of my dreams. Your forum has helped me make my choice. I am unable however to get to the new When I click on the link, it takes me to some search page. Can you help? Thanks again, Kelly Daniels


My name is David. I have inherited a 18K Yellow gold Rolex Day Date watch. I have tracked down the year via serial number on the case of the watch and have determent the year to be a 1984. My question is about the bracelet. The bracelet is the bark finish style with hidden clasp. It has all the markings engraved/stamped on the clasp Rolex, Geneve, Swiss made, 150M, 750, Ect. I think the model number is 8664. At least that is what is engraved/stamped on the clasp. The thing that confuses me is when comparing it to other Day Dates the clasp seems to be reversed. On all other Day Dates I have compared mine too the two parts that make up the clasp the bigger of the two has the hole where the nipple/connector fits into and the engraved/stamped information. On mine the bigger part has the nipple facing out (NO HOLE) and the engraved/stamped information. The smaller part has the hole where the nipple/connector fits into. Does anyone no if this is correct for a 1984 bracelet. Did Rolex change the clasp configuration after 1984 to have the bigger part of the clasp have the hole and the smaller part have the nipple/ connector? Any feed back would be great. Thank you, David


How do I know if the Rolex I received years ago and sitting on the bottom of a drawer is real or fake? I do not wish to keep it considering who gave it to me, how can I find the value and authenticity?? I want to sell but not sure how. Forgive my ignorance bbw


Dear Sir, I am from Singapore and have read that article about "Rolex". I am a prospective Rolex owner and would really appreciate if you can supply me with information about Rolex watches in S.E.A. Thank You. Roderich Chenxu

Jaqueline O'Carroll<>

Dear Sirs, Over the Christmas I am due to visit Singapore for a holiday, whilst on holiday I am considering purchasing a Rolex watch. The watch I am interested in is the Rolex perpetual Gold face and strap i am wondering were is the best place to buy this, either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore itself. As far as cost is concerened I intend to spend 3000.00 to 3500.00, I have been informed the watch in question is far cheaper in the places referred to than they are in England, how far from the truth this is, I am not entirely sure, please can I have your guidence and in addition the best reliable outlet to purchase the watch, I am concerened about being caught out in buying a fake watch being so far from home, with very little I can do when I return home, of course I intend to purchase via credit card. Look forward to hearing from you shortly, I fly out to Singapore early December.

Roy Powers<>

Hello, I recently received a rolex from my father who wanted the watched used rather than stored. It came from my grandfather who bought it in the pacific in the 60's. I was told the watch was overhauled by rolex and my father put a new face on it, again from rolex.(?) The watch has more sentimental value than quality value however I am not sure of it's athuenticity. It is a oster perpetual datejust and it does not have a sweeping motion. I can also hear the ticking if I listen closely. Do you think it is real? If you have any info please email me. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Roy Powers

Dolf Brouwers<>

Dear Rolex fans, I am an admirer of Rolex watches , got my first one in 1966 a 6541 Milgauss which I sold for $50.000 usd in 2001. I then bought a 14060 Submariner SS and love it even more.. its the toughest watch man can produce believe me !! I wore that Milgauss for 35 years Drove with it, flew with it, wore it in the sauna it never let me down...AND THEN I GOT $50.000 for it !!!!! Which steel watch 35 year old will collect that amount ? best regards, Dolf


I have several friends in Malaysia and have just recently become very interested in purchasing my first Rolex. I've heard (and read through the great comments here) that there are excellent discounts to be had there. How much should I expect to pay for the black Submariner (black face & stainless steel). Even a % discount would be nice to have as a starting point. Thanks.


Why Rolex is so much manupulated by the sellers in term of price & models compared to others branded watches.Besides Branding game do Rolex quality that superb compare to others watches which is having a same quality movement like 28,800 beat, sapphire crsytal, solid bracelet, triple lock such as Omega,Tag Huer or Fortis ? If ones' wanted to buy his very first Rolex (sport model) for future so call investment please advice what model to choose & where to buy ? TQ

Ahmad Ab Hamid<>

I just bought a used Rolex Air-King from a jewellery shop in Bangkok. How can I tell it is genuine Rolex. I serached the web but could not find one similar to mine. There are a few close ones but the difference is the word "SUPER PRECISION" whereas all those found on the web contain word "PRECISION" only (without SUPER)


I was wondering if i was able to order a Rolex from the far east and if the cost differs from here in the US? Ihave heard that the price is significantly lower than what we pay here. thank you.


Hi Kayes I have always wonder, why is the price for Rolex's Explorer I as high if not higher than even the Explorer II. Notice this is always one model that's hard to get from every retailer... Is it also true that Rolex will soon stop producing it... read from some
article that its rumor, how true is it...? Thanks and have a good day. Hezron


Is there a catolog or anything for Chinese fake Rolexs? if so please email one.


I have been looking for a Danish dealer of Replica watches, but unable to find one. Therefore a friend of me and myself was considering the idea of opening a Danish web shop selling replica watches. Would you be able to help us on this? In either of 2 ways, either offering us affiliate prices, or giving us contact information on a factory or an international dealer. We are currently inspecting the Danish legislation on this, and if there are no major obstacles we seriously consider opening such a business. We do have the technical and business related expertise to open such a business. We only need a supplier, from either the Europe or from Asia. We would rather find an Asian dealer. Our primary price segment is between 50 and 200 USD in sales price, which means a lower cost price. Kind regards Andreas.


The passion of a civilized man for wearing a genuine Rolex is related to the passion of an aboriginal to wear a soup can in his ear.


Are Rolex owners shallow? Possibly. But frankly, I don't believe that's the main issue. Naive or tasteless might better describe most I've encountered. And a little sad. RH.

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