A STREET MARKET off Campbell Street


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Can someone tell me if the jewellery store on 41 Campbell Street still exist? I live in Canada. I came to Penang on vacation 25 years ago. On this day, 25 years ago, my life has changed forever. Do you believe in love, destiny, fate? I met this guy in Penang. He took me out for dinner. I didn't remember too much about what we ate for dinner, but I certainly remembered our conversations. He took me site seeing around the city: visit local open markets, dancing in the night club, drove up to the mountain at night, dinner at Rasa Sayan hotel, stroll along the beach at night... and the snake temple. He was a gentleman, soft spoken and "Cary Grant" manner. I felt so safe being with him. 2 months later, I had to go back to Canada. I was planning to tell him that night that I would be leaving in a couple days. He took me to dinner and asked me to stay and marry him. I was shocked ...didn't know what to say and how to respond. Even though we had a great time, he was a wonderful man, but I was way too young (I wanted to finish my college degree in Canada). I guest I was too shock and he was too disappointed, we did not think about exchanging addresses. I came back to Canada. Today, I am still single. For 25 years, everyday wondering how he was doing.

Aw Eng Eam

This is an expatriate Penangnite from NZ. It is good to see fotos of "home" bring back memories (23 yrs sincle I last visited Pg). Do keep up the good work & I hope U regularly update with new fotos. I shall come back again. One suggestion - could U please include the street names the fotos were taken. Terima kaseh & chow.


As a little kid, my aunt used to take me and my cousins to the gurney drive pasar malam. it was a great place to just jalan-jalan and buy muchies from the shops after dinner at the hawker paradise there. the hawker paradise still exist and is highly recommended but unfortunately, the pasar malam cease to exist today.

Sunny Koh

Nice pictures. You really put in a lot of efforts to introduce Penang to the world. How about include some pics from pasar malam?

Yam Wai Meng

These photos taken from Chowrasta Market aregood. But try to take some photos from different local wet market around Penang such as Ayer Itam,Taman Free School or Batu Lanchang and even from FARLIM. Keep up the good work,Kayes.

Saravnan S

Since i am in India. I can't answer the above question. Anyway my comments below: The pictures give a very good idea of the street market. Thanks for the pains you took for this. anbudan, san.

S.B. Koay

Thanks for the update. keep up the good work and let's continue to be proud of Penang. Let's hope they stop murdering our hills and cause more floods.


kayes , i have a interesting place to introduce you, that's Lorong Kulit there got many thing to buy and see just like a mini kayu hitam.


ok, before i go out of topic (i might with my grumbling of the flood woes!), let's see... street market? honesly, i hardly go to the street market at all. what do i buy? dunno. can't even differentiate 'chai sim' from 'eng chai'. hehehe. marketing is definetely not my cup of tea. anyway i had been to a few markets before (only for breakfast or accompanying family!) like bayan baru market and batu lancang market but the 2 markets i been to more are the chowrasta market and the market at carnarvon street. the former is a well known market and patronised by lots of people. the latter is a smaller market than chowrasta but still a good crowd there. interestingly enough for visitors (foreign) to know, chowrasta market is known as 'the indian market' in our penang hokkien dialet, and carnarvon street market as 'selling vegetables road'. (literally translated!). chowrasta market has lots of good food there for breakast (told ya i go for the breakfast, not buying essentials!). oh yeah and for lover of books, don't forget to go to the first floor of the wet market as there are many second-hand book stores up there. lots of books there and some are pretty new but yet at cheap price. (sorry kayes, a long yakkity yak from me... again!!)