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Hi, everyone I am looking for some of the RAF families who lived in Butterworth Officers married quarters (OMQ). They were the last families who eventually had to move to the rock.I used to babysits their kids and was the school bus monitor for the kids from Butterwoth to the rock. I am looking for the BAILEY family. I am still in OMQ Butterworth, since 1996. Anyone who knows them or information please email me. Thank u.

Ann-Marie Costello<anneauk@hotmail.com>

Tanjong Bungah is where I lived in 1966-68, as this building used to be flats, with access to the beach at the back by going down the steps and at the front a huge garden. It was a beautiful place to live as a child with all the huts on the beach and I remember a huge malayan man used to sit in front of a big pan cooking nase goring (rice dish), we are going to Penang and going to be staying at the hotel in august 2006.

Jason McNamara<jason@thebeershow.com>

I used to live at 502-I Tanjong Bungah Road back in 1980-82. I have been back once since then with the family to see how much it had changed. Although it had changed, it was still the Penang I remembered. We caught up with our Amar and her family now run a backpackers and restaurant at Batu Ferringhi, Last Drop and Ali Guest House.
We are heading back again in the next month. Can't wait.

Some quick memories:
The Donut lady "Donuts! Curry Puffs!"
The Bread Man
The Hotdog from the little van that parked on the Garja
The nearly blind man selling Cane furniture
Ice balls
Collecting the rubber things under the drinks caps and exchanging them for things like Pepsi frisbees.
Peanut pancakes
The Hostie
Movies at the Sargents Mess
Playing war games on the Hillside using the old japanese bunkers as HQ


Bullet Jones<jblggz@icqmail.com>

For me, Minden Barrack, Penang, was the dream posting, and i would like re acquaint myself with others who served 1GJ at the time 1961-1965.

Kevin Cragg<cragg108@tpg.com.au>

Great site Kayes, I lived at 502D Tanjong Bungah from 1968-1970 , opposite the Chinese Swimming Club. My Dad was in the RAAF and our posting to Butterworth was a time we all remember vividly. Penang was like nothing we could have imagined. Took a few months to get used to the place but I never thought about going home till the day arrived and we left after two and a half years later. I was a young teenager and passed my time at the Penang Swimming club,Chinese Swimming Club and roaming the beaches, fishing and swimming. Recently revisited Penang with the RAAF School reunion in Sept. What a marvellous time we had! My wife and two sons all want to go back, and soon. Of course the place has changed , traffic and the other things that come with the 21st century, But much of the character of times past is still there. If you are a RAAF kid visit RAAFSCHOOLPENANG.COM you'll love it.Jumpe Lagi!

Tang Loon Kong<tangoloonokongo@yahoo.co.uk>

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I come from a place like Penang whre there many different races and religions. The habits and the values of this little island provide a very strong foundation for living abroad because the resilience it provides. As for me Tanjong Bungah and Tangjong Tokong (not forgetting Batu Ferringgi, Balik Pulau) are both beautiful emotionally and physically.It has already been over 25 years that I have left Penang, but the fond memories are jsut as fresh as yesterday. Oh! Yes. A place renown for good food (without much publicity)must be because they have good people - one of the places must be Penang in Malaysia. Tang Loon Kong Shanghai, China

Charles Norman<charles.norman3@ntlworld.com>

I was posted to 33(SAM) Squadron RAF Unit at RAAF Butterworth in July 1966. My wife and two sons accompanied me and we were located at 547d, Tanjong Bungah Road (opposite the Chinese temple). I think that is at bungah26.jpg. In November 1966 the twins (Helen & Laurence) were born at the British Military Hospital, Penang. My eldest son Christopher and his younger brother Phillip attended the British Army Children?s Primary School at Minden Barracks. We had a marvellous time in Penang and my daily trip to Butterworth, via the ferry, was an experience ? to say the least!!!!! The house at Tanjong Bungah backed onto the beach and we were able to have a great time there and even had a trip to Palau Tikus with a friend from the longhouse nearby. Our time there was marvellous. Trips around the Island and up Penang Hill via funicular railway, Ayer Itam Temple and the Botanical Gardens and around Tanjong Bungah and Georgetown ? things to remember forever. When we hat to leave Penang on my posting back to UK, we spent the last few days at the NAAFI Sandycroft Leave Centre, just down the road from were we lived. A happy time. We would have stayed longer but the Service authorities decided that my family and I return to the UK, RAF Ballykelly, Northern Ireland in December 1969. Thanks Penang. The Pearl of the Orient. Charles Norman charles.norman3@ntlworld.com

Matt Wilson<celt47au@yahoo.com.au>

Hi. I was stationed at Butterworth Penang from '81 to '84. I am now living in Queensland. Was in the RAAFPOL. Am looking for mates Kevin Watts, Tony Middleton and John Everton. If anyone knows them give am email at celt47au@yahoo.com.au That would be great to catch up with old friends.


I lived in Penang 1968-1970 and again 1973-1974. Went to the RAAF School at Hillside as a 12 year old and have now developed a website on that school. I am looking for information for a new section on the Radio RAAF Butterworth, so if there is anyone who would like to contribute, please contact me. We need magazines for scanning, anecdotes from those who worked at the station, photographs, any historical or factual information, statistics etc. It will only be through the help of people out there that this facet of life in Penang can be recorded in one place for posterity. The web address is www.raafschoolpenang.com, then go to the new page on Radio RAAF Butterworth. Look forward to hearing from anyone and thank you. Also thanks to Kayes for this terrific site.

Yat Hoe Ng<yhng45@hotmail.com>

I grew up in Tanjong Bungah and Tanjing Tokong and left in 1971 for England. In this period I have only been back twice. I do not recognise any of the buildings at all. The old house that looks familiar is the semi detached for rent. It is very similar to those houses where my parents live in the Vale of Tempe. May be I should go home abit more to familiarise myself with the place again. Regards Yat

Patricia Arellano<phat67us@yahoo.com>

My sister work with a chinese family in Penang. She went there last July 2005 and I haven't heard anything from her since then. I know this is a long shot for me but if anybody know her and know how she is doing please e-mail me at my above e-mail address. I live in Alaska U.S.A. if anybody can help me I would greatly appreciated I just like to know how she is doing. She is a Filipina and a very nice lady.

Tang Loon Kong<tangoloonokongo@yahoo.co.uk>

Hi Well this is time to see things backwards again. I had an uncle who used to run the Esso gas station at Hillside (very near Goodies Ice Cream Parlour). Now, my cousin runs it. I also had an uncle who lived at 3 Jalan Bungah Mawar, around the same area. Another uncle lives at Vale of Temp which is quite near hillside. This area is fairly wooded. As you can see, I would be very familiar with Hillside because I would visit my cousins frequently. It is purely a residential place, and very homely. Tang Loon Kong Shanghai, China

Pete Josephs<ajbr12109@blueyonder.co.uk>

I too lived at 99 TANJONG BUNGAH PARK, sometime around 1963, when I was eight years old. My dad was stationed in Penang at that time with the RAF. He is Jamaican and my mother is English. I am going to Penang in October 2005 for a holiday with my wife, and it will be the first time back since leaving in the sixties. Do you have any photo's of number 99 or the street? Thanks.


I was the person in charge when 7 ELEVEN opens the door for hillsde folk in 1990 until 1992 then i return back to kl......coz im belong to kl but hillside is always in my heart.those who know me can call me at 017 3299897 or send me e mail.thanks...................ps my old hillside friends are...RUDY(selling char kway teow, )ANUAR,and and and...arrrghhhhhh...sadly i can remember ur name guys.


i am still staying in tanjung bungah penang .i am staying in the small indian village in Jalan Oldham. my family have been staying there since my great grandfather .my mom use to play with all the R.A.F kids there. ITS ONE OF BEST PLACE IN PENANG !!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS !!!!


I was in the RAF in Singapore from 1950-1953 and travelled frequently to RAF Butterworth in Penang. Our R&R was spent at Tanjong Bungah and what a beautiful place it was (I loved the food). I have been back to Batu Ferringhi several times over the last few years. I'm so sad at what's happened to Penang recently and my condolences to all the survivors and their familes. Terima Kaseh Ron Collins

Angela Gonzales<a.c.gonzales@tcu.edu>

Hello---this may be a long shot. Today is January 7th, 05. I am a university student in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S. I have a classmate who lives in Penang and he has been home during holiday break since early December. A university professor and I have been wondering about him in light of the tsunami. I know that Penang did not suffer extensive damgage but we would like to make sure that he and his family are okay. I have tried to contact him by phone and email without success. Does anyone have any suggestions on the most effective method of reaching him? I have an address and am considering sending him a letter through the United States Postal Service. Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Waka Yamada<chani08222004@yahoo.com>

I'd been staying in Tanjong Bungah for 2 months about 4 years ago.Mostly I'd been staying at Paradise Tanjong Bungah hotel.I love Malaysia, especially Penang. And I'm planning to visit Penang for honeymoon in this year. In conclusion, I want to express condolences to people which encountered the damage of tsunami in Malaysia and other countries.I pray that injured people recover early. Moreover, I pray to the persons who lost the important person by tsunami can regain their footing early. God bless.

Trudi Meraw<searsfloor@sasktel.net>

Hello! I used to live in Penang in 1969 to 1971. We lived on Tanjong Bungah Rd. on the Beach, my gawd it has all disappeared. Our Beach had the hut for the taipusem ceremony, pardon my spelling. I would love to see a picture of that spot now.

Roger Mereweather<roger.mereweather@btopenworld.com>

Well where do I start!! I was based at R.P.O.Malaya in Singapore (Nee Soon) from June 1956 to December 1957 and us poor national servicemen could just about afford Sandycroft Leave Centre for the two breaks we earned while in Asia. I did'nt know it as an RAF leave centre and the only women we encountered were the Naffi Girls who took care of our every need (almost) I remember one of them as Molly but being a virgin soldier I had to behave myself.. In those days it took 24 hours to travel by train up to Penang and now I can do it in 12 from the UK and what a place it still is, well worth going to. and talk about spoilt there is nowhere on earth like it "Golden Sands" is the place at Batu Ferringhi and Sandycroft is now a school (2004)and in good nick.It has taken me 47 years to go back there and I am coming back in February 2005 (cant get enough). Of course places like the Happy World and The City Lights are long gone but the snakes are still in the Snake Temple and are as dozy as ever(I can prove it). The traffic is immense and it takes an age to get through Georgetown but nobody worries like they do in London and life goes on at the same slow pace we all enjoy.Penang really is the Jewel of the Orient and long may it stay that way. The sea stays in at Batu Ferringhi and Monkey Beach is still full of MONKEY'S and there is good food everywhere (No not monkey's) and Taxi's are a lot cheaper than trishaws except at the top of the Komtar where its FREE!!! And while I think of it I would advise all ladies to go to the loo before you leave your hotel otherwise you will end upside down at the "bottom" of Penang Hill and other tourist places, some things never change. Thats about it and if there is anyone out there that remembers me (I doubt) it would be great to hear from you. Roger Mereweather.

Pedro Newman<pjandj@tpg.com.au>

Served in 75 Sqn 70 - 72.3 Sqn mid 70's. Phillip and Andrew attended RAAF school Penang.

Kevin and Pam Standen<pamshome@optusnet.com.au>

We lived at No. 11 Road 4 Vale of Tempe between 1974 and 1977. Also at No 1 jalan sentosa then 30 Bungah Chempa Puteh from 1963 until 1965. We still visit often.( Will be there May 2005 ) Our daughters Corrinne and Paige went to the RAAF School '75 to '77.We all live in Perth now.Still miss the great curry lunches at the Penang Swimming Club on sundays. A few years ago we ran into Poon who used to sell linen etc from a Khombi. He now has a shop at Batu Ferranghi. When I walked in he said " I remember you, Vale of Tempe, Rd 4, blue Volvo." He was spot on. Fantastic memory. If anyone reading was a member of the Snow's Club I am still in touch with Eddy Ooi ( life member ). He hasn't changed a bit. Love to hear from anyone who new us in those heady days.

Ken Morris<kenm@wn.com.au>

I had a wonderful time in Penang from June 1974 until return to Oz in December 1976. I was there with my then wife Pat, and children Steven, Tina & Gary. We lived at 3, Road 3, Vale of Tempe. I served in 75 Squadron at Butterworth, was a member of the Penang Swimming Club and the RAAF Butterworth scuba club. Had some really great times and have some wonderful memories of the period. Would love to hear from some of the people I have lost track of since those times. I reserved my Penang Swimming Club membership when I came back to OZ. Anyone interested in buying it? I now live in Geraldton, Western Australia.

Dave Clark<david.clark24@ntlworld.com>

I was on HMS Forth,based in Singapore ,1969/71,and took my week station leave at the Naafi leave centre ,Sandycroft. I travelled up by train (22 hours),from Singapore.I had a great week going round all the sights,the hill, markets & temples, not forgeting the incredible smell that you get also.I still have photos,one especially of a glorious sunset from the beach.

John Meads<john_meads@onetel.net>

Born in Changi 1954.Lived at RAAF Butterworth, Penang, Tanjong Bungah.We were lucky enough to be posted back from 1960 - 63 (as far as memory serves me).My three sisters Beverly, Pat and Roberta all share the same fond memories. My Father was attached to the Flying Boats (Sunderlands) at that time. Still have vivid memories of winning a swimming contest at RAAF Butterworth ...beat all you aussies :)). Miss crossing over from Penang to the mainland on the Ferry!! Wonderful memories.


I just don't believe it!!!! Penang has changed so much in the last 5.5years!!!! I left penang when I was 15yrs and since then never had the chance to come back. But anyhow, I still remember the place well. I've left Penang to live in Australia, so any of u who remembers me still, don't hesistate to drop a few lines. PS: Will be coming back for holidays in mid 2005!!!!!!!!

Audrey Kurtz Gilger<gilger5@msn.com>

I lived on Penang from 1985-89. I went to Dalat School (when it was a tiny place) and loved it!! I am trying to convince my hubby to go back with me.I miss the man on Hillside who had the greatest hamburgers, with eggs, onions and cheese on them. And the stalls of food...OOHH!!

Bob Gray<bob_gray@btinternet.com>

I was born in Penang in 1956, but left just months later for Singapore following my father's death. If there is anyone who remembers Bill and Molly Gray from the Penang Harbour Board days, I'd love to hear from you. They lived in the PHB bungalows, but were regulars at the Swimming Club in the early 50's.

Mike Lau<mlclauhk@hotmail.com>

In the first picture on the top there, the biggest one. i can see my house where i've grown up!!! it's the 4th one along, with the big palm tree infront of it. so amazed to see it here!

Wendy Miller<wendy@tutty2.fsnet.co.uk>

I spent three happy years here between 1959 and Christmas 1962. My father was a sergeant in the R.A.F. I lived in three different roads - Lorong Gajah, Jalan Gajah and Jalan Sungai Kelian??? My big brother Stephen went to the Bourne school but I attended the BAC school at Minden Barracks which was wonderful. Recently I discovered that my best school friend Ingrid Sofrin lives about 20 miles down the road from me and went to her 50th birthday party! Next summer I'm going back - I want to see all the old places and smell all the old smells (especially durians and the harbour!) and maybe even track down my lovely amah Hong Su Po.

Tom Burley<tom.burley@bigpond.com>

I was in the RAAF as a policeman on Penang from 1975 till 1977. I lived at 12 Jalan Chee phee cheok, Hillside. I used to frequent the Springtide Hotel, run by a Billy TAN. It had the best Curry Kapitan I have ever tried and I would love to have this recipe, any ideas?????? I am now back in my home state of Tasmania, Australia.

Benny Laird<lairds@iprimus.com.au>

My wife and I lived in the Hashim flats behind the Chinese swimming club in early 1980 before moving to Tan Sai Gin. Would love to hear from others who were there about that time and also like to see some pics of the flats.

Julia Kwest (nee Moran)<jfk89@hotmail.com>

My family lived at 34, Road 3 from 1963-66. I remember going to the Australian Hostel, and that waitress called Mary, who used to come out of the kitchen with plates of chips, saying "who? who?" when she couldn't remember who'd ordered them! My mum and dad used to be in the Penang Players, and I remember going to see the Desert Song (for which I helped to paint the scenery), and Sinbad the Sailor there. Haggling in the markets and shops was fun, and the food.....mmmmmmmmm! MESSAGE FOR FAY LEWRY: I sent you an email back in September, not sure if you have changed your email address, as I didn't hear back. Your dad was my teacher at Minden Barracks school.


I am 33 this year and I was born here. It's so amazing to read trhrough all the good memories of yours in Pg and I trully understand your feelings towards Pg and how much you wish Pg will be preserved. However, not every Penangites want her to stay the way she looked not even 10 years ago. They see Pg as a dead city without development and they cannot see the charm of old Pg. I love Pg very much and will love her always no matter how much she has or has not changed. I just wish that people here will always be that friendly not only to foreigners and the food here will never change it's taste! And, stop cutting down those great trees!!!

Richard Harcourt<raf.research@ntlworld.com>

Just been reading some of the recent comments. Was at RAAF Butterworth 1965-67 at Base Radio, transmitters, Air Traffic Control, Bayan Lepas, Bidan, SongSong and Gong Kedah. Daughter Debi was born at Minden Hospital 1965. Been back twice, first time by train on journey from Chiang Maiin Northern Thailand to Singapore. Stayed at Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Penang, Ipoh, K.L. and Singapore. Went back again last year (2003)to Penang and Singapore and going back again in two weeks time (2004). Have put a lot of photos taken 1965/7 and comparisons 2002/3 on ServicePals website at: http://www.servicepals.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=40419&thumb=1 Have only been able to put a small selection on as have run out of space due to having had so many exotic postings during my 25 years of RAF Service. Will be putting my own site on web with more photos in the near future. Have aerial shots of Penang taken in 1965/67 including for Anita Turners benifit Jalan Cheah Seng Khim where we lived next door to her interested address, No.26. Bungalow still there though greatly altered. Astonished to find many derelict and vandalised bungalows in the road during our recent visits. Chee Seng Gardens houses and bungalows are still as they were but with a huge Security Printing Company now taking up the area of open ground at the bottom of the hill on Road No.2. The rest of the area including the old quarry and hillside has disappeared under huge towerblocks of flats that I understand are largely unoccupied due to dangerous building faults, the remainder is housing of various types that actually stretches right round the back of Tanjong Bungah and meets with the bottom of Hillside and Jalan Cheah Seng Khim. The Kampong and jungle behind Cheah Seng Khim has disappeared. Strange to see so many monkeys around now. Cannot remember seeing any other than at the Botanical Gardens in 65/67, now they are all along the roadside from Tanjong Bungah to Batu Ferringhi and at Chee Seng Gardens there are several hundred that are now fed at a local shrine. The NAAFI Sandycroft Leave Centre has long gone, the Aussie Hostel was still there last year, though fenced off with hideous corregated steel fencing and obviously derelict and awaiting redevelopment. The old coast road is now largely dual carriageway as far as Tanjong Bungah. The lovely old Georgetown has suffered from a great deal of inappropriate development and spoilt. BUT OVERALL THE WHOLE ISLAND STILL HOLDS THAT FASCINATION OF THE FAR EAST and we are really looking forward to returning again to Batu Ferringhi.

Amanda Beer<amanda.beer1@tesco.net>

My husbands uncle Richard Beer was in the 2nd Green Jackets and based at Minden Barracks Penang. He died in a motorbike accident and was buried out there. When his mother died we found letters from him to her he spoke of a friend called Chuck that he hung out and went fishing with, we would love to hear from anyone who has any information about him.

Joseph Frank Koay<f030854@hotmail.com>

Is the house on the rock at the beach located at right-hand 4th row down for sale?Do you have a range of single storey houses by the beach for sale(old houses is o.k).Old penangites thinking of retiring.appreciate some feedback.Now living oversea.

Fay Lewry (nee Ramsden)<faylewry@aol.com>

Was a child in Penang from 1961 - 1972. My Dad was deputy Head at Minden Barracks. We lived in Vermont Road and then Jalan Jaya. After Junior school went on to board in Singapore - first at Kinloss (deadloss) House and then onto Deal House, St John's. Used to have holidays in the Cameron Highlands and on the way stopped at Ipoh. Does anyone remember the Rajah Brooks on the way up to the Cameron Highlands? Have wonderful memories of swimming in sea and avioding all the jelly fish!!! Then of course there were deserted beaches. I have so many lovely memories if anyone wants to contact me or even remembers me or my Dad Mr Trevor Ramsden. Mum and Dad used to put on Pantos each year - yes in all that heat !!! Hope to hear from some of you soon.


My dad was in the Lancashire Loyals Regiment, C Company, and was in Penang in 1957. He fell in love with a lady named Madame Somchit Cowcompoll, and remembers the address as 27 jalan chee seng kim??? I would love to know more about the great love of my dad's life, and would be interested to hear from anyone who may have information on the area or the name.

Aileen Cheang<aileen100@yahoo.com>

Its intresting to read through all the comments and memories on Penang in this site! Well...i'm proud to say I'm a Penangite, 100% pure blood! ;) Born here and been staying here all my life! And love every moment of it. Penang is one of those special islands which has practically everything at a moderate scale: beaches, lush forests for trekking, shopping complexes for the shopaholic, night spots plus job opportunities! Its a GREAT island to live in! What else can i say but....I LOVE PENANG!! :)

Neil Diack<noddydiack@aol.com>

Hello again. In amongst the new pictures I found the house by the rocks (bungah18.jpg). I remember this house well as it was at the end of my street! New Road, Seahome, TB. Always thought as a kid that it should have been used as a James Bond 'Baddie's' gaff! It was a scary looking place, the fierce looking dogs barked their heads off if you went near and for some reason I thought the place was almost mystical. I'm older and braver now, so the pictures my new wallpaper!!!

Jake McClure<jake.mcclure@britishcouncil.pl>

Penang - well, I was there from 2001 - 2003, teaching at the British Council. Amazing experience. I fell in love with Cate, Sue and the place and fell out of love with taxi drivers, the British Council and architects that seem hell bent on turning Penang into a mini Singapore. Tanjung Tokong, Jack the guitar teacher, Hillside, the Mickey Mouse band at Leith Street, Chin Ling and Nicole - so many memories. I hope one day I can visit again without the pressure of work. Stop developing and rediscover what a beautiful place the island is!

Malcolm Cowan<comalco@interact.com.au>

I was in Penang from 1975 to 1977, Dad was based as a RAAF policeman with the RAAF on the island, and also on the mainland at times. We lived at 80R Mt. Erskine Road, across the road from a huge cemetery. We had a little pet monkey named Fred and a German Shepherd named Larz. The hostie was about ten mins walk away from home, so many sports and activities to get involved in. I attended the RAAF school there, some of the best years of my life. I remember we used to go the the Monkey Garden (I think that is what it was called) and there would be a group of little Indian boys selling packets of peanuts for ten cents (Malay) to feed the monkeys. A school excursion to the anti-venene centre is my scariest memory. So many different types of snakes. And the sight of a 15 foot king cobra trying to strike you through the glass is not something a young kid forgets. But good memories they are. I will always rembember my time there, life was carefree and lots of fun.

Parnell Jones<minished@optusnet.com.au>

Ahh! the memories-----fishing off the rocks with a coke bottle as a reel-catching bloodworms and pippys on the beach-swimming daily-movies and hot chips with tomato sauce at the Aust Hostel-a beautiful Amah, Chen,cooking curries, washing and cleaning anything in site-makan carts with 25c meals and their late night cries-tambarans and durians-kites and spinning tops-bus rides to town-trishaws and Cold Storage-cokes and haicuts at the Garrison Club-catching fighting fish and chasing mud skippers with indian and chinese friends-swimming and diving at minden barracks pool-shoplifting from the naaffi-giving cheek to -pomme and aussie soldiers (not to much older than us )-movies and bafs schooling at minden barracks-train trips to KL and the experiences of co-ed Bourne Grammar and fantastic english girls (there is a book there!) My father was posted to Malaya with RAR 59/60.Spent my initial teen years there. We first lived at Minden Barracks then had the good fortune to be given a unit on the beach in 1St block 3rd floor on Tanjong Bungah Rd-visited with my wife in 1999 and enjoyed immensely though couldnt find a few of aforementioned landmarks.Still regard time spent in Penang and KL as best of childhood .Intend to visit again soon and stay longer.A happy and idyllic island!!

Frank Sidney Young<fsyfsy@hotmail.com>

Good Day to you all, I visit the site a lot and enjoy sharing the memories in fact have made contacts with old friends from 62-65 & 70-73 when I was there. What I really want to know is who has posted the beautifull new photos on the site and if it is possible to give each a brief description. I recognise a few of the places but the very new hotel etc I haven't a clue and would like to know where abouts they are.

Alexis Michael<alexismichael@optusnet.com.au>

Firstly, thank you for this opportunity. It was pure luck and a mild case of serendipity that led me to this website - It's fantastic to be able to re-acquaint myself with what I still call my hometown. I love Penang so much and have realised I know so little of it, but the little I do know has left an indelible mark on my life. I was merely a teenager when my family and I left Penang about three years before migrating to Melbourne. I 'grew up' in Chee Seng Gardens, Tanjung Bungah Park, and Hillside. My parents ran 'The Cartwheel Pub' from about 1972 to 1975 which was not far from Springtide beach, my favourite haunt. We used to get the best 'satays' from the Springtide Beach Hotel Cafe/Restaurant, buying them by the hundred (which was never ever enough for a family of six) along with the accompanying 'ketupat' and cucumber. Around about 1978-81, we used to spend a lot of time with RAAF kids at their homes and the RAAF hostel, playing countless games of 'British Bulldog', kiss-chasey, spin-the-bottle, and watching movies, requesting songs on the RAAF radio (I believe broadcast from Butterworth). We'd cheer our guts out for the various basketball teams, mainly the 'Geckos', as my (late) father, Alex Michael (1940-2003) was a player or fill-in, I was never ever sure, and sometimes coached the littlies. We also used to scavange for empty bottles and redeem them for what little money we could get that bought us lollies/snacks while the adults socialised in the 'beer garden'. We could often see fighter-jets practising off-shore, and played with mud-skippers at low-tide. We were locals, and not members of the RAAF, nor are we your 'true-blue' Aussies; we had great friends. The Klima, Thompson, Webber, Hampton, Hunter, Patman, Worth and Grieve families, to name a few, played a very big part in our formative years and it was a lot of fun growing up with them. Life was always pleasant for us kids, even though there were a few patchy hard times. My mother Betty, used her handiwork to support us by making and selling 'copper-toolings'. A few of you may remember her giving lessons also. There's so much more to reminisce about. Thanks for the memories. Alexis

Dennis Allnutt<dennis.allnutt@ntlworld.com>

I served at RAAF Butterwoth from 1959-1962 as a armourer,as a family we lived at 19 Tanjong Bungah Park about four houses past the little row of shops as you walk up from the main road.What great times we had there with our friends Bob&Julie,Doug&Bet,Pauline&Ricky&Bernard&Pru(where are you now)our main recreation area was the Penang Swimming Club plus our own house entertaining,also dances and bingo at the Aussie Hostel.We returned to Penang in 2000 what a shock all those lovely beaches gone high rise everywhere.WE found our old house and were invited in by the Malay family who now live there.Thanks for letting me put these thoughts to print look forward to a cotact DENNIS&PAULINE ALLNUTT TELE 01522 821033.


I lived at 552k wee hein tze rd tanjong bugah in the early 70's, Is it still there?Paul. NSW Australia.

Anthony Khong<five.pilgrims@fsmail.net>

Vivid memories came to my mind after having perused throuth the experiences shared by others such as our old commonwealth family members from UK and Australia. I was born a Penangite. Lived for a number of years in 53-I Choong Lye Hock Road, Tanjong Tokong. For those who still have fond memory of Tanjong Tokong, it's up the steep hill opposite the Chusan Hotel and has a Caltex petrol station at it's junction. There were always a large number of military personnel waiting to catch their appropriate coaches in the morning to go across the ferry to bases in Butterworth. I can still remember those coaches were in navy blue, green or white.In fact, there used to be RAF and RAAF personnel lived next door to us. They were constantly fiddling with their big old, noisy motorbikes which painted in bright colours. I treasured those valued memories. Now where am I? Oh! yes, in Blighty and have been here for the last 28 years. I love it so much that I even served in HMS Vivid for a short period just after the Falkland Conflict. I constantly share past experiences with ex-sailors in the pubs. And to my expectation in a navy city like Plymouth, a large number of men had or is still serving in the Royal Navy or Royal Marine and majority of them had been to Penang. What can I say, but Durian is still the king of fruits and Penang is still the Pearl of the Orient! I would like to hear from anybody who had passed through the Mount Erskine Road or had seen the Scout Logo carved on the hill. All the best and take good treasure of your memories of Penang. - Anthony Khong, Ivybridge, Devon, UK.

Gordon Claughton<gordonclaugton@tiscali.co.uk>

I went to Penang from Singapore about 1962 to work on a RAF marine craft in the harbour, we stripped the radar out and after returning to RAF Seletar to repair we went back to replace it. We were able to take our wives courtesy of a Flight Sgt who put them up. The corporal was Jon Lachberry and I was SAC Claughton. Any one remember?

David Mcguire<david.mcguire@btconnect.com>

I don't remember a thing about Penang !! I was born at the Army hospital Taiping March 1962 and returned to Blighty in 1965. I'll be going back for the first time this coming Christmas (2003) .My dad was in the RAF and worked at Butterworth ,the last house we lived in was at 515E Jalan Hashim. I would love to hear from anyone that knew any of us, John & Margaret Mcguire, brothers Robert,Paddy and sister Theresa, particularly any former neighbours that might be out there or drinking buddies of my folks from the Chinese Swimming Club. Dave Mcguire.


hi all, it was great to have come across this web page of the one and only penang.it`s more so when i have been away from her for the past 13 years due to career commitments.its been 3 years now since i came home and miss penang a great deal. I`ve been to many parts of the world and needless to say that no matter how good a foreign land is,it can never come close to the beauty of PENANG.its uniqueness cannot be equelled and the warmth of the people is just great.no other state in malaysia has the diversity and closeness of the community,rich in culture and the togetherness is just beyond words. Sad to say that as days go by and progress takes over,we r losing the culture and the real PENANG.hope we will make the effort to preserve what we r known for and keep PENANG the way it should be.

Tanya Pearson<stplumbing@hotmail.com>

Like everyone else I managed to stumble across this site by accident. My parents (Barry & Deidre) were living in Penang from November, 1974 to November, 1976 with the RAAF. I was born there in December, 1975 at the Penang Medical Centre. My parents lived in Jalan Azize and Lorong Gajah during those 2 years. Dad played in the Dodgers baseball team. We went back for the first time in September, 2001. I had no memory of the place and it was a fantastic visit. Mum and Dad also enjoyed the adventure down memory lane after 25 years. A lot had changed but both houses were still there as was most haunts. We would love to hear from anyone who may remember us.

Gao Foua<gkue@tfc.edu>

I miss the Roti... BR 31 doesn't taste the same anywhere else in the world!

Lian Choo<ltodd@dadirect.com.au>

A native of Penang, I left the lovely isle in 1978 for Australia. Since then, I have returned home regularly and followed its transformation from a sleepy island town to a bustling city bursting at its seams. However, what doesn't change is the people, the food (albeit a bit more pricey now)and the overall mentality of Penangites. We are a laid back, easy going mob who accepts whatever comes and adapt to it. It is good to be one and once you are you, you stay one! Penang stays with you once it has got you! The RAAF school is closed and the site is reverted back to the RMAF. Penang Swimming Club is still there, bigger and better and the best Nasi Lemak still can be found in the kampung along the Mad Mile.

Frank Young<fsyfsy@hotmail.com>

Stumbled upon the site by accident and browsed the message board and the photos. I with my wife first went to Penang in January 1963 and we lived in 550G Tanjong Bunga Road. (On my recent visits the house was the PENANG SAUNA HOUSE. I was in the RAAF and we stayed there until October 1965. My Eldest Daughter was born in Minden Barracks Military Hospital. Did a second tour of duty in Penang in 72-75 and this time live at 15 Jalan Bunga Bakawali, just round the back of the NAAFI. By that time had 2 children who both attended the RAAF school. They used to wear beautiful little white uniforms and were picked and brought home each day in a little mini bus. I have been back to Penang twice since then, once after my marriage broke up (As an attempted reconcilliation) in april 1991 and then again 2 years ago with my new wife. I was amazed that some of the places were still there but most of my favourite spots had dissappeared. I used to buy all my photographic equipment and electronic equipment at a little shop in Penang Road called Sik Hong. It was still there so I called in and starting talking to who I think was probably the bosses son. When I starting bargaining, at first he didn't seem to be the least bit interested, but then I said "Don't you offer your customers a drink anymore" He looked at me and I said "You always used to offer us a drink when we bargained with you in the old days" He said "Have you been here before" so I reminded him how whenever I bought a lot of gear he would take me home with it in his new blue Volvo which was always parked out the back. Instant recognition then came back to him and he said "You remember my Blue Volvo" and then it was like going back 30 odd years with "What would you like to drink?" They were good days then but Penang is still a wonderful place for a holiday. Given the chance I would go there every year but my wife is Chinese so we holiday in China mostly and apart from that she wants to see other parts of the world. After she has seen them perhaps she will like me always think of Penang as the best. Happy to hear from any of you Frank

Neil Diack<noddydiack@aol.com>

Old man served with RAF at Butterworth 1970-73. Stayed at 14 New Road, Seahome, Tanjong Bungah. Now staying in the frozen north of Scotland. When I win the lottery, Penang is top of my wish list to visit - it had a lasting impression on a 11-13 year old. Ng Peng Seng - remember him well - gave much of my pocket money to him for water melons etc. Spent most of my time water skiing at the Penang Swimming Club's yacht club. Younger brother Alastair spent one year at the RAAF school. Remember when we eventually got an egg nisher in the bedrooms, bliss - soft pom me! GR8 site - hope to hear from anyone who remembers us. Can anyone tell me the name of the hotel they built in my back garden as we left in 1973? !!


Well what a sight ,with all those buildings everywhere.I can't believe that it's the same place that we lived in- Tanjong Bungah. we allso lived in Tanjong Gajah a few years before. It sure was an exciting time to live there. Roger and Ainsley

Roger JONES<rebjones@tiscali.co.uk>

Minden Barracks 1963 was home to me and my chums. When we had time off we used to meet with our local girl-friends and congregate around the juke box in the local gardens... just thinking of swigging Pepsi and singing Sheila Sheila now.

Joseph Brown<joseph.brown@mail.com>

I used to live at 95 Tanjong Bungah Park. Left Penang for England in 1964 when my father retired as a Rubber planter. Used to commute between Kedah where the rubber plantation was and the house in Penang. Penang has changed alot, gone are the lovely long clear beaches "Silver Sands" etc,now hotels have sprung up all over the place. Well that's progress for you. I must admit that I do miss the food and hope to pay another visit soon. Thanks for the memories.

Maurice Hillier<mojoh1944@hotmail.com>

I served in minden barrack,penang,in the green jackets,from august 1962 until february 1965.during this time,i had three tours of duty in borneo.i fell in love with penang and even brought my wife there as a second honeymoon,in 1991.we are hoping to visit penang again sometime in february 2004.{my 60TH birthday}i recall the boston bar,sydney,whitehouse and broadway bars in penang road,also the food from the hawker stalls and the craven "A" cafe.we became hooked on the night market and we are looking foreward to spending a few more dollars there. during our visit in 1991,we managed to see"thaipusam" in K.L. if you reply to this e-mail{anybody},could you tell me,what day in 2004 is "thaipusam day" in penang ?.we could arrange our stay so we could see it again. i remember visiting other soldiers in there homes in tanjong bungah in the two blocks of flats on the beach,alongside of the spring tide{no longer there}and i recall the little naffi shop in jalan gadger{elephant walk} I remember a few nights in the australian hostel,where i met some of the lads from butterworth.some ofmy best times,were spent on the island.with a bit of luck,there might be a few more!!!

Pat Clarke<patrick.cloth_hall@btinternet.com>

I have made a second entry because I have changed my service provider: I have some wonderful memories of Penang, some years ago I lived at Tanjong Bungah. The people of Penang are very friendly, I would recommend that where ever you live you must visit Penang once in your life time, because it is certainly a dream come true for me. I come from the smallest Town in Wales UK and I am the present Mayor, any Students arriving in the UK to study I will be pleased to hear from them and invite them to learn about my Town. Best Wishes Pat Clarke, Mayor of LLanwrtyd Wells, Wales, UK

Sid Austen..ex 81 SQDN Seletar 51/54<sidney@aust95.freeserve.co.uk>

Its so good to read all the comments about Sandycroft at Tanjong Bungah. Do you remember the animal cages as you climbed the clif path up to the house, and the two big billets built on the front lawn. Late at night we used to have barbeques in the moonlight down on the beach, lots of skinny dipping, and as you swam you would leave a trail of phosferescence in the water, sadly all has changed, on my last trip I had a late night swim there but sadly the water seemed so poluted. The house looked run down, and there appeared to be some squaters in residence. Good old days, plenty of happy memories. Good luck to all the old RAF boys, Tanjong Bungah will always have a place in our hearts. Sid Austen...Plymouth England.

John Cornwall<johnco@eurobell.co.uk>

Wonderful place. I lived at Jalan Sentosa Hillside before moving to new RAF Hirings at Green Lane. I was on a 'rest tour' serving with RAAF at 114 MCRU at Butterworth. Those daily ferry crossings were very soothing. We later moved up to RAF Western Hill where I enjoyed many days travelling up and down the fenicular railway. What enormous thunderstorms there were also some beautiful hot sunny days. Rememeber those monsoon drains which would rise to a rushing torrent from a trickle in the space of a few minutes. I used to catch a lorry from Green Lane up to the rail station before travelling to the top where we would be picked up in a convoy of landrovers which took us to the radar complex on the top. There were the old Japanese lookout posts, well built, that looked over towards Alor Star and the North. God how it rained in Penang. We left Penang in 1967 to work at Bukit Gopmbak down in Singapore.

Christine Weekes<undine@primus.com.au>

The Army did indeed have a holiday camp called Sandycroft,we girls from the WRAC based in Singapore travelled there during our tour of duty at least twice,by train all the way,very happy days best ever,we also went to the Cameron Highlands for a change of air. Christine,ex Toni Patridge,WRAC 4 Indep Co Farelf,Singapore 1959-1960

Marie Simmons (fka Nagel)<simmons2311@yahoo.com>

I lived in a great bungalow across the street from the beach in Tanjong Bungah six months married during 84/85. I had the best time of my life as a young expatriate woman living in Penang and visiting Phuket and Langkawi. I had the best amah, Francesca. The discoteque at the Rasa was the rage. I enjoy looking at the Streets on your site and recognizing the ratan furniture maker who made my ratan furniture that I love and still own. The picture of the Hawker stands - makes me drool for my favorite chicken dish w/brothy rice and red pepper condiment on top - yum. I would have been happy living in Penang the rest of my life. I hope to go back some day. Thanks for the flashback.

Rachel Perkins<mrsp@pd.jaring.my>

Great to see our old neighbourhood! we lived there from 1999 to 2002, our favourite place to eat was the sea horse, which I have now been told has changed it's name to the golden horse.

Jenny Fuller<tiernan@austarnet.com.au>

Hi, I lived at No 3 Rd 3, Tanjong Tokong from May 75 - 77. Used to swim for the Chinese Swimming Club, lived at the RAAF Hostie and loved walking to Fettes Park down the road and catching the bus into town for the movies and shopping. Would like to hear from Penangites and RAAF personel

Ron (ex-RAF Seletar)<snillocnor2000@yahoo.com.au>

Just Surfing. Many happy memories of Tanjong Bungah Village (and the glorious food), when we had our R&R from Singapore back in 1950-53. Maybe I'll be able to return one day and hope it's not all stuffed up by 'Progress and Development'! Kind Regards, Ron.

Tony Taylor<Anthonychng@AOL.Com>

Whilst stationed at Changi in 1953/1954 I was fortunate to travel up through Malaya by train for some leave at Tanjong Bungah. Loved the place and, from a distance, the W.V.S girl who looked after us. I remember a dance hall in Georgetown called City Lights and Happy?World, a bit like the Kurzaal at Southend. Also a snake temple where the snakes appeared to be drugged by the smell of joss sticks. The beach at Tanjong Bungah was lovely. I believe the army had a leave centre close by, called Sandycroft. In the nearly 50 years since then I have often half-planned to return to Penang. Now retired, and none too fit, it is probably too late but my memories of 1950`s Penang, and indeed, Malaya have stayed fresh. Would not have missed it for the worlds!

Eric Davies

Hi All Lived in Penang Minden Barracks from 1962-1965 My Dads house is now the POST OFFICE bungalow just in front of the USM. Went back on holiday in June2002 and made very welcome. I have fond memories growing up there...even if it meant going to boarding school Bourne School KL and Slim School Cameron Highlands. I have put my email as my Bourne School Club site which has links to other schools both in the far east and "Brats" all over the world. Feel free to look around. My sister married Joe Duhig from the RGJ and lived in TB later moving to Ipoh.regards to all Eric

Chris Edwards<cj.edwards@ntlworld.com>

I will be returning to Penang this March (2003). I hope to take a few pictures of my old house and a few other sites of memory. I had a good holiday 2 years ago at the Golden Sands, but it was all too brief. This time it's the full 2 weeks. I'm hoping to hire a car and visit the mainland. I did it last in 1967, just after I had passed my test. I have some interesting (to me) slides of a temple which I believe was at Alor Star - how memory fails us when we need it. If anyone wants some pictures taken of specific places, then I will be only too pleased to try, and will send them by e-mail when I get back. Just let me know. I'm still looking for members of Butterworth Basketball Team from 1968 when we went down to Singapore for the FEAF Champs. Drop me a line.

Linda Beadle<lbeadle@iprimus.com.au>

Although I've visited Singapore very fleetingly for a 3-day stopover, I never actually visited Penang. However, my father continually tells me tales of his three year stint there, specifically at Tanjong Bungah, while serving in the Royal Air Force between 1949 and 1952. I've actually been searching many of the RAF sites trying to locate any RAF servicemen who may remember serving with Eric James Beadle during this time. I have some fabulous photos of him with Vic Tester, 'Ginger' Stockdale and 'Chopper' Tyrell, enjoying some of the more social moments of their stay there. How wonderful it would be if any of these guys were to actually read this message and email me back. It would thrill my dad no end to make contact with his old comrades. I'll keep hoping.


I was a RAAF-Brat,and lived in Tanjong Tokong from 83-86.Wow the place has changed alot,I have many great memories of the hostie and penang.It was a great time to be had by all.If any one remembers me(you carn't forget that nickname)drop a line.

Suzanne Smith (nee Stratford)<keltrad@bigpond.com>

I lived in Penang from June 1958 to December 1960, with my Mother & Father & sister Lynette. We stayed at the Australian Hostel before moving to 70 Tanjong Bungah Rd, Tanjong Bungah. We had a pet monkey, dog & cat. I went to school at the RAF school on Butterworth before the RAAF School was established in the Governor's Residence, in Residence Rd I think. We spent a lot of time at the Penang Swimming Club & at the Hostel movie nights. I have lots of photos of Penang, of our house, the swimming club, the Hostel & many other sights of Penang. We had a wonderful time & didn't really want to leave there. We returned to Australia in Dec 1960 by the Dutch ship "The JVO". It brings back lots of memories reading all these comments. I'm glad I found this site.

Brian Stewart Ross<bross@island.net>

I spent two, two week periods in 1953 and 1954, and thoroughly enjoyed the rustic quality of Tanjong Bungah, back in that era, and only wish that I could return. However, I am in no position to travel anymore, but I do have fond memories of the Leave Centre.

Robert Styling<rstyling@phoenixsoc.org.au>

I lived in Penang in Jalan Azyze next to the Mezzina's from 1964 to 1966 and it was the greatest time of my life. My wife and I have travelled to Penang every year since 1992 and will be there again later this year. We love exploring Georgetown and the bazzar's and we are even game enough to hire a car and drive around. I remember the R G Store, Mr Lim with his fruit and veg "Vespa" and Whiteaways in town. The old school looks a bit different now as it is run by the Malaysian Air Force for training and Jalan Azyze is now surrounded by other housing but it essentially unchanged since we were kids. I believe the Japanese forts are still up in Mt Erskine, gee did we win some wars up there as kids in the early 60's.I'd love to hear from anyone who was there at the time and shares similar memories.

Stewart McClymont<jsmcclymont@aol.com>

I remember it very well , i lived in penang from dec 1967 till feb 1969. my dad - david was in the raf was based at butterworth though .we lived at the vale of tempe .this wa a once in a lifetime experience. i remember the hotels at tanjong tokong - swimming pools very much so . walking along the water to get to the hostel as the forces people called it . i also enjoyed the scenic route very much so .i was 7/8 yrs old then , i am now 42 .keep in touch - stewart .

Jane Yeoh<jane_yeoh@hotmail.com>

hi there! how are u? i happened to stumble upon this webpage when i was checking out websites on penang to show some of my friends from the states who have absolutely no idea where i'm staying ... im jane yeoh, a 23 yr old girl from penang.. yes .. born and bred in penang.. thanx so much to u guys...... ive never felt so proud of the fact that im from this tiny island which is not commonly known to the world... trust me ive never felt this proud b4.. of coz.. most of the things u guys talk abt are now gone... sad to say.. but i feel a deep sense of nostalgia just from reading msgs after msgs which have been posted by u.. thanx.. that's very sweet. ive got to admit pg has changed so much.. i guess i never appreciate it coz by the time i was born, that's in 1979.. most, if not all the stuff mentioned in ur msgs such as the the stalls.. vendors.. clubs.. are gone... but i still hang around hillside quite a bit and i LOVE the burger from the tiny white van, the chinese uncle there does the best sauteed onions ever.. and he gives xtra too, if asked...... of coz being a fan.. i never fail to ask and get upset if someone else bought the burger for me and forgot to ask for xtra onions heheheh! anyway... the reason i'm writing this email to all of u..( im not sure if all of u are still in australia) is that i'll be heading to sydney for my master of commerce programme with U Syd.. this july.. and i would defnitely love to meet up with u guys... despite the age gap.. it'd be great! also for those not in sydney.. i'll be stealing some time from uni to see australia so wherever u are, i hope we can maybe sit down and have a chat some time if its not too much of a trouble? and also for those who are not in australia.. i would love to just keep in touch...via email and perhaps snail mail? (nothing as exciting as writing on the good old paper and envelope and waiting for mr postman to come by )and if possible meet up in penang one day? i love ur msg abt pg and the familiarity and culture shock u noticed when u were in pg Mr. David Antill...nothing touches my heart more than when a person is willing to learn and try to be familiar with the culture and tradition and even the native language of his or her partner.. it's very sweet! also to u Mr Vitto Livitto...! i thought that's pretty neat taking ur wifey to work and back heheh... anyway u see the biggest picture on this page....yes the last one.... i live just around the corner from it.. it's a fairly new stretch of shophouses just across the street from the mall called Island Plaza... i live just abt 2 mins walk from it...i live just by the main Jalan Tanjong Tokong.. im so used to the noise from the traffic, i couldnt sleep when i stayed in sydney (in this suburb called caringbah) for two months last year after my final exam for law degree! ive been staying here since i was 7 when i first started school... has been almost 16 yrs now.. whoa! that's all for now thanx for ur time for reading this msg... if interested pls write back ASAP...to my email add if possible thanx again... cheers, jane

Brian Raynor<ascribe51@yahoo.com>

End of term at Bourne School (KL) normally meant going home to PD, but Christmas '62 was spent at the RAF Leave Centre, Tanjong Bungah. Always worth a chuckle was "Fatt Goon Sawmill" on the road to Georgetown.

Tammy Wee<twee472@yahoo.com>

Tanjung Bungah has been my home for so long until I left for my studies in 1995... I could still remember when our family moved in Vale of Tempe, our neighbours are all Australians... and I could also remember the blasting of the quarry... this website really is wonderful and I miss Penang very much.

Peter Walker<peter.walker10@ntlworld.com>

Way back in the dim and distant 1950`s I was stationed at RAF Butterworth as a humble aircraftsman.I only discovered this site by accident and the name Tanjong Bungah rang a bell in my memory. I stayed there on leave several times, and look back with great affection at the good times I had. Of course,one could see Penang island from the RAF medical centre (or sick bay),where I was a dental orderly. I left for home in 1956 and by that time the Aussies were taking over. I made many good Aussie pals and over the years often wonder what became of them. If anyone out there remembers the blokes working in the sick bay between 1953 and 1956 I`d love to hear from them. Peter Walker.

Len Pakot<lenjohns@hotmail.com>

G'day, I was 6 when we arrived on Penang back in 1976...spent a couple of years there on Road 3 Vale Of Tempe. So many memories, way tooo many to mention. I remember the quarry blasts everyday at aprox 5pm (i think) where they blew rocks & stones to smithereens (1 day i remember a rock flying straight over the top of us & end up going thru the roof and into a laundry a couple of doors down - the cat went missing!). The quarry trucks were amazing - no brakes, windscreens, doors, & lights...get outta there way!. If only I remembered my Amah's name I'd try to contact her as we are hoping to head over next year for the 1st time (after 24 years I won't remember much). I was also peeved that Mum & Dad got to go out each night & us kids not even in double figures in age had to hang at home. But reflecting back & how lucky to experience such 'freedom' that only kids our age could! Mum never knew where we were for hours on end (neither did we on many occasions) but it didn't worry her! . We went up into to forests chatting to the noggies @ the Kampongs & getting them to climb the trees to get us fruit. Remember some of the fruit - Rambutans, Mango Steens...so expensive to buy here on Oz. Well time to go but I'll be coming back to this site over & over cos its great to read your stories about a place which I will always treasure...Penang. Catchya Len

Sharyn Brown (nee West)<sharynb@macleanpartners.com.au>

I was 4 when our family (Niall & Val West for anyone who remembers them)was posted to Penang in 1975. We left in 1977, but thankfully photos, home movies and slides were all the rage and my parents had hundreds. Looking back at these photos and reading everyone's stories, the memories are still clear in my head. This is amazing and I know my Dad will love it. To this day they say they were the best 2 years of their lives. And I remember them as always being happy. We lived at 5 Jalan Azyze and I remember the Morris's and the Lane's who live across the street at the time. It took me awhile when we returned to Australia to understand that people don't drive around on pushbikes and scooters selling and delivering everything to your door! Not everyone had all their clothes tailor made. And not every park is full of monkeys! Thanx

Ted Lloyd<edlloyd@dwp.net>

My wife,Lyn, and I lived in Penang from 1960 to 1963 at 79 Jalan Sungie Kelian Seaview,I was serving with the RAAF as an Airframe Fitter with 478,79 and 77 Sqds.We had no children at the time but we did have a dog,a cat and three monkeys which were a bigger handful than any kids,we have noy been back since but someday,maybe because we really loved the place

D.Guy A. Fothergill<fotherguy@hotmail.com>

G'day Penangites, Hello from the other side of the rock. Being an ex resident of the married quarters over at Butterworth for 5 years, the bus/ferry trips alone where eye openers. As I've lost contact with all ex schoolies am hoping sites like this one and the "R.A.A.F School Penang" site will result in a long overdue beer or three. Have a billion and one memories/questions for the many a long lost pal met during the years '72-'74 and '77-'80....especially, Carl Tinsley, Cathy Jacobs, Peter 'Pug' Wilkinson, Andrew Grierson...and a coupla big white bus loads of other raafy kids. By the way...who painted the emblem on scouts rock that was so visible from the vicinity of the school. Have a happy day everyone... regards ex school captain 1979 Guy Fothergill P.S. Where's Micheal Trencher?

Steve Hudson<nicksteve.hudson@btinternet.com>

What a good site! Lived on Penang 68 - 71, with my parents, Father was in RAF on Western Hill, I was at British Army School at Minden Barracks(now University. We lived in Pesiaran Tembaga in Island Park, near Glugor many happy memories of playing football against Aussie school near Hillside, I seem to remember that honours were fairly even( luckily we didn't play cricket!), and being a member of the Australian Wolf Cubs, that met at the Australian Club. We left as RAF Penang, and the school closed in 71. Haven't been back yet, but I will. Thanks for the memories, sadly both my parents have passed away. Regards

Peter Barratt<peterb0@hotmail.com>

Have finally found a site that relates stories from ex -RAAFies who lived in Penang!. Trudy and I lived in Jalan Hashim (the Sea Pearl Flats from memory) from 81 to 82 and then Jalan Osman until 83. Would love to see any photos of these streets, wonder if the flats are still standing. Fond memories of Hillside, Sherrifs Store, used to get milkshakes in a plastic bag from the American something or other store on Hillside. Planning a trip back in the next 2 years see if we can get our kids to come - teenagers now. John Horsting - you and I were on Rookies course 1412 at Edinburgh 77/78 weren't we? Remember Allan Gee? I marvel at all the buildings in the area now certainly has changed. Finally, anyone from Hashim Flats, would love to you hear from you and where you are now.

Josh Kue<joshuakue@yahoo.com>

wow, i use to go to school at dalat school in tanjong bungah right in between paradise and what once was crown hotel, dont know what it's called now but oh well...it's good to see the sights of penang again. i used to go to hillside all the time and get food from the buger man in his little white truck it was great. man i wish i had some roti canai and some kopi peng right now. oh well.

Gary Lock<ock@ycinet.com>

I own a Mk2 Jaguar which originally came from Malaysia around 1981. The registration number was BK2181. The car was serviced by Tanjong Bungah Service Station, 518-A,Mk.18, Jalan Tanjong Bungah. I am keen to contact any previous owners, or can anyone advise me where to search. Many thanks Gary Lock Gold Coast, Australia


I'm surprise none of you Aussies mention Dalat School. Someone mentioned The New World... remember there used to be a Ice-Kacang (shaved ice with sweet red beans, crushed peanuts, agar-agar, cream sweet corn and scoops of ice-cream on top, oh oh....with red syrup too) stall right opposite the building? That was the best ice kancang in the world! I'm also surprise no one say anything about the Satay stall directly across from the old Fatty Loh chicken rice place several blocks down from the old Fettes park market. A Malay woman and her sister or sister-in-law used to run the business. But I heard they have moved. Where can I find good satay the next time I go back to Penang???? Sigh....

David Josephs<d.josephs@ntlworld.com>

Arrived in Penang early 1962, stayed at the RAAF Hostel before moving to 'The road of the coconut trees', not far from Sandycroft leave centre and Batu Ferringhi. After a few weeks we moved to 99 Tanjong Bungah Park, my life was shared between Penang during the school holidays and Bourne School KL during term time. I met and befriended many Australians and have happy memories of those days. My father, who was with the RAF, received a posting to RAF Seletar Singapore in 1963. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Jo Ferguson<fergusonj@fergusonj.karoo.co.uk>

My husband John and I lived in Tanjong Bungah in 1964/65 when John was serving with the Royal Air Force at Butterworth. We would like to contact friends made at that time. Jan Fields married to Ian Fields came from Penang. We now live at Hessle in East Yorkshire, England. Unfortunately we have never been able to return to Penang but we have many wonderful memories of your beautiful island. After Penang we were then posted to Singapore where we lived for a further two years. I have enjoy looking at the photographs on the Penang website and hope to see many more familiar places on it in the future.

Peter Matthey<peter.matthey@defence.gov.au>

Used to live just past the bus station at Tanjong Bungah Village up a side street next to a Chinese Temple 65-67 so a few years back now. Love Penang and have been there as a child and been posted to Butterworth twice. Good to see Saw an article from Len Mezzina. Where is your brother Kev, an old mate of mine from RAAF School Penang and the RAAF

Ian Bennett<ianbennett28@hotmail.com>

Hi Kayes, I don't recognise the pictures of the new Penang.It was 1967 when I left and was only10 years old.Did you manage to find the area where I lived in Tanjong Tokongg? I wa a road leading from the sea It had 19 Yellow or grey houses on the right as you went up a hill and Three roads leading to the Left These were called Roads 1-4. I don't remember if you can remember the family that were from New Zealand who were travelling round the world in a Grey and Yellow bus, but they visited Penang while we were there. We had an Arma called Lim Kim Heo she lived with her family in Fettes Park


I often visit Penang and just find so much to do there. Penang is one of the best kept secrets from the great food you can eat on Guerney drive to Batu Feringi beach I am totally in love with the place.

Tony Parker<TPDOX@aol.com>

Hi.I was stationed at RAF Changi, Singapore from 1958 to 1960. We (my now wife Beryl) used to go to The RAF leave centre at Tanjong Bungah and had a super time, every time. We were very lucky ten years later to get posted to RAAF Butterworth and put on a permanent detachment to Penang and was based at the RAAF Hostel. Where did we live ? Yes, you might guess, Tanjong Tokong. I have just found this website and do not have a lot of time at the moment so I am printing off all that is on it whilst I write this. Why have I not got time? We are packing at the moment because we are leaving for Penang on holiday this week. We are taking old photographs and looking forward to it. I will come back and report in about five weeks time. The printer is still going so I am looking forward to an interesting read. Au revoir. Tony Parker

John & Joy Horsting<john.horsting@iprimus.com.au>

My wife and I lived on Penang/Butterworth from 1986 - 1988 whilst posted to Butterworth with the RAAF. Occasionaly we catch up with the odd ex-pats we knew back then. They are becoming far and few between now I have left the RAAF. We made a lot of friends whilst living in that wonderful country and will return again for holidays soon. The photos are truly wonderful and bring back many happy memories. You are doing an outstanding job and a great service in promoting Penang. Alot of people don't realise what they are missing. I was tasked, amongst others to reduce the number of personnel and RAAF involvement in Butterworth during that period. A real shame for those that didn't get the opportunity to go and sad for those that had to leave. Thanks for the memories John & Joy

Grant Barrie< janet@64barrie.freeserve.co.uk>

Hi all just to add to the memories of Penang. We were in Penang from 1965 to 1967 I was at 22 Tanjong Tokong Road 1 We must have met Ian Bennett you were there at the same time.I had two brothers and two sisters. We all attented the school at Minden barracks until we reached senior level and then had to fly to Singapore and Board at Kinloss House Any other Boarders out there.. I took my family back in 2000 and it has changed quite a bit since those days but the memories were still very vivid. Its sad that the Aussie Hostel is derelict and due for demolition. I also tracked down my old Amma after 35 years.

Chris Edwards<cj.edwards@ntlworld.com.uk>

First for Julian Derham - I lived in 14, Road 4 Vale of Tempe. From March 1967 until March 1969. I guess we must have been next door neighbours. You wouldn't recognize the place now. All the gardens are full of luxuriant growth, my place was like a dust bowl (except when it rained) for the first two years. Most if not all of the houses in the area have been "improved" not always for the better. In fact No 14 was almost derelict, I'm told that the owner ran out of money. I always remember the houses as cool and airy. I was the first occupant of my house. I think you might have been first in yours. My daughter was also born in the BMMH, Dec 10 1967. I'm sure we must have met, even walked down for the bus together, but the name doesn't ring any bells. I was back there this march, and I loved it. Hard to see the Old penang from memory, but still the same warm greeting and frindly people. If you used the same grocer as me I even found his (new)store there. His wife was my Amah. Brings a lump to the throat. Will send somemore when I've had a chance to look through some of the old slides (developed at Ruby color photo). Hope to hear from you or anyone else who worked at BASE SQUADRON RADIO RAAF Butterworth.

John Hyde<tanglin@ic24.njet>

Hello everybody who maybe receiving on this frequency. Nobody as yet have mentioned the NAAFI "Sandycroft Leave Centre"? I have recollection of two memorable events that occured whilst in Penang. They both happened in 1969. The first one happened in May when I travelled up country from Singapore for two weeks leave, I met the future wife. The second was in October on our honeymoon. 31 years later we are still together. Regards to you all. John Hyde

Pam Rackley<prackley@powerup.com.au>

Hi everyone I'm back with a new address. I'm now looking for any RAAF wives who had their babies at the RAAF Hospital on the base in the week leading up to and the week after February 27th 1980. Our kids are coming up 21 next year and I'd love to know how they all are now. My son Chris is very well and doing an apprenticeship, goes into his final year on December 10. I'm looking for Shirley, sons name Alister, Rosie from Adelaide (Chinese girl married to RAAF guy), Josie, who gave us a turn when she got sick after her baby was born and a very shy Thai girl married to a guy named Trevor Deathridge (I think) They had a daugher named Janet. Does anyone out there know any of these people and if so can you tell them I'd love to hear from them. Cheers, Pam

George Blood<george.blood@aclet.co.uk>

I was stationed at R.A.F Butterworth from 1954 to 1956 and we used to go to a leave centre at Tanjong Bungah, what a fantastic place penang really is . We used to visit the Singapore Cold for a nice cool drink,and the city lights dance hallalso the funfair, was it called The New World ? My wife and youngest son visited Penang two years ago and we all had a fabulous time, I revisited several places, including The Blue Parrot Club,which is now a Honda assembly factory, the owner was fantastic and showed me around.I found the old leave centre at Tanjong Bungah which is now over grown. I also found a place that we used to eat at The Boston bar. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Hotel which was fantastic and made friends with a gentleman called Chou who worked in the grounds of the hotel, Chou helped me a great deal in finding places that I remembered. We also went up Penang Hill, fantastic I would love to revisit when finance allows With Fond Memories George Blood

Ian Bennett<ianbennett28@hotmail.com>

I lived at 32 road 1 Tanjong Tokong 1965-67 with my parents and two brothers. My father worked at Butterworth. We were members of the Penang Swimming Club. I attended Minden Barracks School,this was a good bus ride away. The green grocer Ng Peng Seng also vistied us daily. The three story building mentioned was the RAAF Hostel. It was a general meeting place where on Wednesday and Saturday there were film shows.There was a medical centre there. It was where families stayed until a suitable "Hiring" was found on arrival to Penang.

Elsie Toy<elsietoy@hotmail.com>

I am so glad to see all the pictures of Penang as I was staying there for 4 months. I was too relaxed for me and I was most frustrated when I could not find the things I was till I was in Super Tanjong. I wanted to have a coffee but back in 1998 there was no coffee bean and tea leave no Starbucks and no Spinelli and the only place I could go for a coffe was Dome... I was pretty frustrated and so I decided to leave Penang. It was good memories to see the pictures on the net again...

Oong Saik Hee<jeanosh@hotmail.com>

Thanks for having these pictures on the web. Got me all excited when i saw them, since i'm away from home. Yup, these are the places where i grew up and can't wait to get back....still doing my last semester of studies in Perth, but had always wished there'd be a weekend where i could just fly back home. My house is in Fettes Park, right between Gurney and Hillside....also happened to be my hangout places. There could be more photos of beaches and....well, people i guess. And what do u guys have to say about the redevelopment of the Fettes Park market....well i think it sucks! I wonder if La Bay is still in business(next to 7-11 Hillside), used to work there when i got out of high school. They sell all sorts of things, check it out! Ok, maybe they're only meant for tourists, so bring your foreign friends! I think we've got the most responses here about Tanjong Bungah/Tokong, so keep them coming! OSH


This page means something special to me because my family lives in Tanjung Bungah and also all these photos in your website are very familiar to me, some of them used to be my hang-out spots and places I have passed by so many times before. Those times back in Penang - I took so much for granted because i didn't know that one day I would have leave Penang and migrate to UK. My family is still in Penang and I always tell my family and friends how lucky they are to enjoy all those delicious hawker food, warm weather and friendly people. I told my friends that no matter which part of the world they may go to, nothing will ever compare to good old Penang!!!

Cynthia Matuschka<snippetydoo@yahoo.com.au>

This is very exciting for me to read this page. My time in Penang 1968-1970 and then again in 1973-74 is so fondly remembered as the halcyon days of my life. I remember Sheriff Stores and Peng (thanks for reminding me of the name Pam!!) the fruiterer. I went to the RAAF School, forms 1 and 2. We lived at Jalan Bahaudin and Jln Ahmad Bin Khasa. Went back for a visit in 1998 - what a truly amazing trip - seems like a dream now. Have previously posted a notice here which didn't appear, so I hope I'm not doubling up somehow. I would love to hear from others who were there then. Cynthia.

Des Stark<desmon@optusnet.com.au>

I was in Penang,commuting to Butterworth daily on the ferry and bus.(1963-1965).Armament Section.We were in the "Hostel" for a week then moved in with friends at Hillside for another week before we got our own place in Jalan Merbau.The buildings in the photos sure show how it has changed in 35 years.Still remember the Eden Cafe,Metro Nightclub,The Travelling Newsagent from Jalan Warburton Hillside,always shopped at the Creamery.Banked at the Chartered Bank. What about Xmas in the Cameron Highlands K.L. and needing a blanket on at night.Six months in Ubon was different.Still have the Thai cutlery with Siam on the handle.They were a good two years,and good memories.See you later

David Antill<dawa@tinyworld.co.uk>

I married a Penangite 10 years ago and we travelled from the UK back to Penang to go through a Chinese marriage ceremony and then a honeymoon. It was my first visit to S.E.Asia and a complete eye opener. Wow! It was all that I imagined and hoped that it would be. Now I know what living in a hot wet blanket must be like. That is the last time that I walk in a lounge suit in those temperatures! I am sure that the locals were thinking "Gila Babi" as I walked to my betrothal at the same time as wondering if I would make the few hundred yards to the Family house before melting. It felt as if I had known my wife's family for many years as my family and I were made to feel very welcome. My wife's family comes from (and the main family house is still in) the Tanjong Bungha area. In Penang I enjoy the pleasant mix of culture shock and familiarity. Now that I have become accustomed to the food I can understand why the Penangites, especially the expats, talk so much about the food. I can't yet find where to buy Bungha Kantan here in the U.K. Does anyone know? The trouble is that, once we have finished what is in the freezer, we have to wait until someone brings some more back before we can have a good Laksa! I found that in Penang there were a wonderfull amount of links with the past that made always me interested in returning. I do have the concern, after returning on a few occasions (as expressed elsewhere on this site) that progress may gallop ahead and that you may find that you have lost much of what may attract people to your island (Singapore has already lost this charm and is like any City apart from the HEAT). The historical interest in Penang can be easily destroyed but, if preserved will, in the future I am sure, increasingly become an income generating asset. I have found a particular interest in the influence that the UK and later, Australia, has had upon the Island from the date of Sir Francis Light up until, and including, the construction of, what I believe were the (I believe RAF, and later the RAAF) married quarters in the Tanjong Bungha area. One day, when I can find the time off, from work and a young family, I would like to find out what information is available from the M.O.D. here in the U.K. about the whole development and history in general. I found it absolutely fascinating to travel half way around the world and yet find the same baths, plumbing, window frames and yes, even roof tiles as at home! The fascination must come from the blend of the exotic and the familiar.It could be just that some may feel that I am a lost cause. I understand that the Base/Runway was in Butterworth, which would have required a ferry trip each way every working day. There is a building which is approximately 3 stories tall and, at a guess, about 100' long on the road between T. Bungha and G'town (still standing but empty on my last visit in 1998) which I have been informed was something to do with the Air base. Anyone with any memories? Any information, and especially old photographs, stories or maps of the Island either generally or those showing the UK and Australian involvement on Penang (from all eras but especially the 1950's onwards) would be most gratefully received. I also stayed in a very Colonial cottage in the Cameron Highlands named Rose Cottage. I think that this cottage was for Officers on leave as the whole area is in a hill station retreat. I was amazed to see that there was even a fire place at the cottage, which I did not expect to find at that Latitude. The brass Key Fob for the cottage had the M.O.D. "arrow" stamped into it. I could hardly believe where I was as all around there were houses that looked like they had been taken from Surrey in England and dropped around a Golf course where the weather is apparently usually like an English summer.(Great tea sold there as well and the largest collection of Land Rovers that I have ever seen in one place )I would love to see any old photographs from this area as well. I would be particularly pleased to hear from anyone with with any information photographs or similar interests in the region of Penang and Cameron Highlands. I imagine that there are many who served in the Military who will have an interesting tale or two about these areas. Don't let these interesting details be lost. Finally great site. A nice tonic after a hard day's work. It puts me in the holiday mood...(hopefully back summer 2000)

Manjit Rostom<M.Rostom@herts.ac.uk>

I have browsed with nostalgia all the pictures especially Convent Light Street - school!! But where are the pictures of the beautiful beaches? I am very disappointed that the Tanjong Bungah pictures show only houses etc. I would like a beautiful picture of say Telok Bahang or Batu Rerringhi beach with no hotels or people to spoil the view. I would like to use one of these pictures as a screen save on my computer. I want to be able to remember the beauty of Penang every time I use the computer. Will I have long to wait for these?


Hello everyone, I left Penang in 1975.Returned back to Penang and KL for my vacation in 1985,then moved on my journey to England and Europe then back to Perth Western Australia where i lived in in 1975 to 1990.I now live in San Antonio Texas.In the 1960's through the 1970's i lived at 15 Jalan Syed Abdullah Alsagoff Tanjong Bungah.For our Sunday treat was Char Koay Teow a stall around the corner of our house.I am very surprise to know a lot of changes has taken place in Tanjong Bungah.I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the beautiful pictures,it takes me back to very beautiful memories of Tanjong Bungah.I also would like to view the old pictures of Tanjong Bungah.I am starting a journal of my own For my Heart Belongs to Penang Malaysia as i love and miss very Dearly.My Very Best Wishes to Everybody.Sincerely Theresa

Vitto Livotto<Vitto@Australia.edu>

How can I ever forget this great place on earth it had a life influence on me. It started years ago arround 1981, A Chinese friend that I have met in Sydney, he was working in an Italian piza shop. This made the best in Sydney. Anyway we made good friends, we use to eat in Sydney china town often, late at night. did we eat some real chinese food, you name I eat it. One day he ask me to come to Penang. That changed my whole life arround. I ended up meeting a girl in Penang, 2 years latter I married her. I can speak some chinnese. I go back there often now, I learnt how to cook all the hard to get foods that you cannot get in Sydney. I am so thankful to a great place, Penang well done. The first row picture number 2, thats where I had my best hair cut in 1983 before my wedding day.I use to pick up my little wife to be, and always pass this place to and from the Rasa Siang beach Hotel where she worked for many years in my little cream coloured Toyota 700. That was really great times.

Ray Simpson<raysimpson@access.net.au>

Hi,I have just recently returned from Penang on a holiday to visit my relatives. They all live in Tanjong Bungah, and stay in the apartment block in the centre picture on the second row. Tanjong Bungah is a great place, everything you need within 15 minutes drive. I can't wait until i return for a longer holiday in 2 years time! Definatley worth the visit for those thinking of going.

Frank Earle<fwe@alphalink.com.au>

HI! All, As a member of No. 2ACS (RAAF) I spent a very memorable 18 months around Penang & Butterworth, from mid 1955 till the end of '56. We were there to Re-Build Runways at Butterworth. A good number of our married personnel and their families, were accommodated around Penang. It is a Big ask, but it would be great to make contact with any of the old team, (Some of whom I'm told) who stayed on / or returned to Penang. I still have Photos' of the Boston Cafe, City Lights Ballroom, Mitchel Pier etc. (Those were the days before the Bridge)which I'm happy to share!. Thanks! for a GREAT Site. Frank Earle. (Melbourne)

KC Heng<estheng@hotmail.com>

Used to study at Convent Pulau Tikus.Wanted to be a city person and moved to KL in search of career,big lights and everything else that goes with it.Then the travel bug hit me and since the easiest and least expensive way to see the world was to be in the travel line,I became a tourist guide.Been there, done that...story of my life. But no matter where I go, Penang will always have a special place in my heart.I'm staying in USA right now. And when it comes to food,no where on earth can compare to Penang. Nothing beats the aromatic flavour of prawn paste on a bowl of assam laksa at Kek Lok Si. My favourite Hokkien Mee stall still stands at Rangoon Rd. If anyone knows the curry mee stall at the corner of Lorong Seratus Tahun, don't you thing it's the best in the world? And how about a lazy Sunday afternoon of doing nothing but eat, eat, eat?...from Swatow Lane to Gurney Drive. Isn't that part of our favourite past-times? Rojak, Pasembur, Lobak, Char Koay Teow Mee Goreng,etc,etc. Even talking about this is making me hungry and salivating.What's the best place for non-gravy Satay and seafood? Did anyone say "Batu Maung"? Yup,you have my vote. Anyway, nice job to the person who did this web page. I happened to chance upon it.Anyone for Chendol at Penang Rd?Keep happy!

Len Mezzina<cmezz@hotmail.com>

I lived in Jalan Azyze, Hillside 1964-66. A teenager then, I have great memories of this part of Penang; though looking at these pix it certainly is not as I remember it. Unfortunately, I have forgotten names of streets - where can I source a detailed map?. Hiking and camping in the hills around Mt. Erskine, (there were World War II bunkers are they still there?)The Penang Swimming Club? I attended an Australian Air Force school, is a school still there? There used to be an annual motorcycle hill climb race up the Vale of Tempe, very exciting for those times; I still have scars from a pushbike fall on that road. Mmm, The makan carts, the ice man, I recall a fruit cart man, have never forgotten the name on his vehicle "Ng Peng Seng". The book guy, on a push bike with boxes of second hand books stacked six feet high. Rambutans- all you could eat for fifteen cents. I'll have to hunt out the old photo album now. Maybe one day I'll return - till then a cyber tour will do - thanks giving me the opportunity to remind myself of those heady days.

for Len from Pam Rackley<rackley@optusnet.com.au>

To Len, hope you get to read this. I put the response in before when I was with hotmail. You were there a bit before me. I'm an ex RAAF wife and remember Peng the fruiterer and Rasal the book boy, his kids were sponsored by a RAAF couple from near Amberley. Would love to know where they are now. We lived in Jalan Hashim opposite the Gajah. Friends will be over there in a couple of weeks and we are loading them up with info and getting them to take photos. Anyone else out there either local or former residents who can give us updated info on the area of Mad Mile, Jalan Hashim, Hillside and Vale of Tempe would be very much appreciated. Pam Rackley

Pam Rackley<rackley@hotkey.net.au>

Thank you for the look at Tanjong Tokong and Tanjong Bungah. I used to live in Jalan Hashim, Tanjong Tokong from 1978 to 1980. I haven't seen the place since then and it is nice to find out it has grown and developed over the years. Tags on the photos to tell people exactly where the pictures have been taken would be good. I remember Fetties market, Hillside and the night markets on the "mad mile" at Tanjong Tokong. Also the Gajah and the road from Fetties market up the hill to Vale of Tempe, my kids called this road the wobbly road as it had so many twists and turns. Like to hear from anyone who can send me photos of the area as it is today. Many thanks, Pam Rackley

Brian Flynn<brianflynn5@hotmail.com>

We are friends of Penang and visit at least once a year from the U.K.......Have made many friends in Penang.....Penang could possibly be the best place on earth...........this is a great site keep it up... brian and sandra .....u.k.

Patrick Clarke<talwern@globalnet.co.uk>

I have some wonderful memories of Penang, some years ago I lived at Tanjong Bungah. The people of Penang are very friendly, I would recommend that where ever you live you must visit Penang once in your life time, because it is certainly a dream come true for me. I come from the smallest Town in Wales UK and I am the present Mayor, any Students arriving in the UK to study I will be pleased to hear from them and invite them to learn about my Town. Best Wishes Pat Clarke, Mayor of LLanwrtyd Wells, Wales, UK

Tim Murphy<Tim_Murphy@bigfoot.com>

I lived in Penang from May, 1995-May 1997. It was the best two years of my life. When I dream of the perfect place to live, I think of Penang and all the friends I left there. Saya rindu Pinang!


hi there all, this is my hometown and i really miss it so much...although a lot of developments have been taking place, i would still prefer the kampung life of this area...i think the kampung life should be preserved...shouldn't it?

Dennis Hsu<dennis@iname.com>

Hi,I'm from Taiwan.I have visited Penang once.And I like it very much.Please send me any new information about Penang.I would like to visit Penang more.....thank you!

Pam Rackley<rackley@optusnet.com.au>

Hi all, I decided to put another note here as friends of mine have just gotten back from a week on Penang and had a great time. They took photos of our old house and it looks just great. A lot of building has gone on at the end of the street. Anyone out there who can send me photos of more of Jalan Hashim also the old RAAF schools and Fettes market they would be really appreciated. Any ex RAAF people living on Penang would love to hear from you. Pam Rackley

Julian Derham

Between 1967 and 1970 I lived in both Tanjong Tokong and at Hillside, Tanjong Bungah. My address was 12 Road 4, Vale of Tempe. I was young and with the Royal Air Force then, and remember my time in Penang as one of the best times of my life. I remember Penang as lush and green with the most beautiful white sandy beaches, the town as bustling and exciting with a wonderful shopping centre where one could buy almost anything at all. I remember especially the shop "Eastern Photo" where one could buy almost any high tech equipment that it was possible to buy! Also burned into my memory was the wonderful food we enjoyed down along Prince Street and how the restaraunt, cafe & Makan stall owners always made us so welcome Happy Times!! Even my eldest daughter was born there in the maternity hospital in the military hospital that was called Minden Barracks (now the university, I believe) I'm hoping to revisit Penang in the next year or two. Will it be as I remember it or will it have changed out of all recognition I wonder? I look forward to anything you may be able to tell me about the Penang of the year 2000 Julian Derham

Eugene Lee<jagene@hotmail.com>

Hi there, memories? A lot about this place. The Coffee Bean, Island Plaza, Tari Cafe, Sea Horse Cafe, etc. etc. etc. But the one I want to share is Penang Chinese Swimming Club. Last time I used to go there every Sunday. My Dad will brought three of his naughty kids and sometimes some cousin' sisters and brothers. There was once my cousin' brothers followed along and I was too excited and nearly drowned myself when I jumped into a 6 feet mark where I was just about 4 feet. Really scary. But is a good experience. haha. Whatever, Penang will always be my home, where I have to go back, no matter where am I. Thank you Kayes. God guide.


Can't believe i found this page.... Ya! this is a perfect place to live, i mean start from T.Tokong to Bt.Fe. I love this place and i stay there too...hahahaa!!

Chris Low<chrisloweaster@hotmail.com>

Visited my hometown last month after 30 years' away! Felt so disappointed at the damage done to the whole area of Tj. Tokong and Tanjong Bungah. The cool spot just round the bend at the Penang Swimming Club, the buzzing sound of the crickets and cicadas even in the mid afternoon is no longer there. Instead, the busy road which I heard has been in a state of incompletion with the concrete retaining wall still "half-baked" has been an eye-sore. I remember lining the roadside waiting for the Hin Co. bus in the early morning hours at 6.00 am to go to school (St. Xaviers) but all the buses were chartered by the RAAF personnel. Sometimes we could see in frustration that there were only one or two RAAF personnel occupying the whole bus while local students had to wait for hours and then jam-packed when we finally boarded the buses! The old Springtide hotel is gone! Traffic is chaotic; the freshwater stream that led out to the sea is no longer there! Somehow, one can never "! go home" after the destruction of the natural beauty and peace that was once the epitome of Penang, the "Pearl of the Orient". It is now the chaotic Penang....I hope that someone has the foresight to prevent the further erosion of the magic of Penang and my hometown, Tanjong Bungah.