where the RAAF RULES! <used to>

Due to several requests from ex-RAAF personnel (and/or their families), I have included this section on Hillside, where a good number of RAAF personnel and their families were housed during their respective terms here. In the the 60s and 70s, this area of Penang was an Australian settlement which contributed significantly to the economy of Penang. The RAAF also helped to promote motorsports where the RAAF Butterworth Motor Club organised various Hill Climbs at the Vale of Tempe and many motor rallies run over Penang, Perak and Kedah. They also helped and participated in the Penang Circuit Races (later Penang GP) held at the street circuit in Light Street and Weld Quay. Those sure were fun days!




Any memories of Hillside? Share them here. Use the form below:-


Marti Lannert<mnlannert@hotmail.com>

Hi, Love this site--what an original thing to say--we lived at 1 Lorong Bungah Pudak from 1976-1978 and my husband,George, ran Hash. We weren't RAAF, George worked for Motorola, but we lived amongst many RAAF families and my daughter Courtney and I were in a playgroup with RAAF children, she was 2-3 while we were there. Hello to everyone.

Frank Grigson<ffijgrigson@hotmail.com>

Hi there Folks. My wife and I (Frank Grigson) live in Jalan Ahmad Bin Kasa. Have been here since 2006, our second time here having been before in 1991. This is written on 29 May 08, the Thursday after the 50th Anniversary Celebrations of the formation of a Combat Support Unit at BUT. Had a great time, parade, ball and a pleasant Sunday arvo at the Hostie. Yes, the Hostie. Not the original but the current one in Codrington, near Pulau Tikus markets. Over 450 watched the parade, over 500 at the ball with plenty of former members up from down under. We had a great time. Go to www.australianetwork.com/newshour and scroll down until you see 50th Anniversary Butterworth. The video is built around the parade, the ball and AIRCDRE Keith Parsons, the first OC RAAF BUT. Yes, he came, he drank, he danced he went back-he's 93. Given the overwhelmimg response to the 50th, I am thinking of starting a RAAFBUT Association.Intent, to keep the memories alive and meet every two years.

Jo Ferguson<jo@jferguson.karoo.co.uk>

At long last I am coming back to Penang. It is 43 years since my husband and I left Penang for Singapore. On Sunday I will be flying to Singapore for a short stay and then I will be touring via Malacca, KL and Cameron Highlands, for a week in Penang. I can hardly believe I am returning at last. I just wish my late husband John could have been with me. I shall be staying in a hotel just near to our bungalow behind the Esso petrol station. I guess I will find many changes but that is only to be expected after nearly half a century. I am just looking forward to seeing all the old familiar places again.

Glenn Kay<oldbears@adam.com.au>

My wife Leanne and I were posted to Butterworth from Mar 80 to Sep 82 and, just to be different, after a few weeks living at the Hostie we moved into the Midland Flats in Pulau Tikus (about five minutes drive from the Sunrise Towers and Waterfall Hotel). There were 16 flats/apartments there but we still got deliveries from Maru the egg lady and Poon. Our son Michael was born at the Butterworth RAAF hospital (delivered by doctor SQNLDR Hamersley and midwife FLTLT Broomfield) in Oct 80, and our daughter Cathryn was conceived there. Like my cooleagues in earlier entries to this site, I was RAAF Police and spent many hours patrolling Penang married quarters, particularly around hillside. On a number of occasions we responded to non-RAAF callouts for intruders and the locals were very appreciative of our help. We did get to know Hillside like the back of our eye lids (only if you were shotgun of course - this happens when you have driven the same route hundreds of times).

Mike Cuthbert<m.cuthbert@clear.net.nz>

Stayed at 32 Jalan Bungah Chempa Puteh from June 66 to December 68. A great place.

Rashi Hariri<rashihanim@hotmail.com>

The picture -hside20 - sure does remind me a lot, when I was single, young and vibrant :-) just starting my career as lecturer, back in 1996. The bungalow was rented by my employer, as a hostel for student, and my room, was located at the back, with own bathroom (supposedly for maid?) offering privacy from the those intelligent & naughty guys. The neighbour was nice, though cannot remember those auntie's name. (btw - taiping not that far, hope Mr. Kayes doesn't mind, as I am jumping from TaipingTalk)

Alan Jimmieson<alanalice@bigpond.com>

I was an Electrical Fitter and retired in March 1987 as a Flight Sergeant after 20 years service. I was first posted to 478[M] SQN in February 1969, and returned to 76 SQN at Williamtown in November 1971. I met my wife Alice [nee WOO, Swee Tee] when she was a waitress at the Townhouse Hotel, which was acknowledged as RAAF family headquarters back then. We were married in September 1969. Our married quarter was 8T Jalan Osman Bin Abdul Rahman [down the end of Jalan Sentosa]. We were married at St Nicholas Chapel in Bagan Jermal Rd on 13th September 1969. Both our sons were born at the British Military Hospital at Glugor [now University Sans Malaysia.] During my time I played cricket for the AMSC on Saturdays, softball at the Indian Association on Sundays, ran with the Hash House Harriers on Mondays, and played volleyball on Thursdays! Alice and i returned to Butterworth in November 1981 for a two year posting to 75 SQN. Our sons Scott and Mark attended the RA!AF School in Penang. We lived at No.2-Road 3 Tanjong Tokong. They are both married and we now have 4 beautiful grandchildren. I coached junior soccer and played golf at the Air Base Club during this posting. We have been back to Penang 7 times in the last 9 years to spend time with Alices family. I have been a Customs Officer in the Australian Customs Service since February 1990. I plan to retire from the workforce in 2 years, after which time we will divide our time between Penang and Brisbane. I look forward to contacting any members who may have remembered us and who wish to say gidday.

Tony Shaw<ingve@optusnet.com.au>

Lived at 24 Road 2 Vale of Tempe, late 1978 through to the end of 1980. Always wanted to go back and see if the old place is still there - anybody been lately? I still miss those days.


Hi Kayes good to see every thing is still running smoothly, I will get over there one day. Could the gentleman who contacted me about Trevor Deathridges wife and daughter please do so again. I am now living just outside Brisbane and would like to know how they are getting on but my son took over my old computer and deleted your email address and phone number before he realised I wanted it. Many thanks Pam

Terry Gilbert<sohoserv@bigpond.net.au>

Thanks for the memories, Kayes. I will not lose the site address!!!! It brought back so many fond memories. We lived at 10 Jalan Tan Jit Seng, Hillside '76 to '78. our amah Santia, her husband, his taipoosan offering, walking on the fire bed, the hostie, and who can forget the great duty-free Anchor. I played softball for the Giants, any x players out there?

Keep the site going Kayes. i will be watching regularly. I hope to visit Penang one day soon. An ex-RAAFie, now living in Texas, USA gave me the address, when I was chatting today via Skype. Such a great site!!!!!

Sue Morling<smorling@ozemail.com.au>

Hi. Can't believe how surprised I was to find this site. I used to live in Jalan Osman between 1964-66. My dad was stationed at Butterworth. I am going back to Penang in the new year and was looking for info to see how much it had changed. Really excited to see where I use to live. Don't know if my old school is still around. Thanks


I have contacted you because I am interested in seeing if anyone who was in the boat club at Butterworth in the early 70s, has any photos of the boat which was partially built(the hull) by my father(Darryl "Bluey" Dempster), and later (when he was posted back to Richmond around 73)finished by someone else for the boat club. I believe it was painted white with RAAF roundels, but am unsure of this. Does anyone have photos of this boat that they can email me? Any assistance would be appreciated. Regards Paul Dempster.


My daughter has just joined 114 MRCU in Darwin. Thanks for the interesting photos.

Kit Carson<aussiekitcarson@yahoo.com.au>

I was there 1970-73..i lived in 16 Jalan Sentosa, hillside. drove a cooper cosworth in the hillclimb...lost 2 best friends in motorbike accidents...tried to push that asside but now im getting older i reflect more on these times...i have no contact with any friends of that time either...can you help? kit.

Tang Loon Kong<tangoloonokongo@yahoo.co.uk>

Hi Most of you kind contributors would be British and Australian expatriates that lived and enjoyed their lives in Hillside. I am writing this in the hope that if it crosses your memory, the Hillside Esso service station was opposite what was once Goodies ice-cream parlour. It was the only petrol station for miles around. That Esso station belonged to my late uncle, Ong Bee Cheong who was married to my father's sister. Time has passed, and both his wife and him, for being humans could not defy the ultimate convention. The station is now run by my cousin. If you all can, close your eyes and strain your mind and see them in your visions. Tang Loon Kong Shanghai, China

Dave Croft <dmcroft320@aol.com>

Good day to you all. I was with 33 Sqn (RAF) Bloodhound missiles at Butterworth in 1969. My association (Butterworth and Penang) in the UK is after a copy of the RAF Western Hill badge...can any member help with an e-mail copy? I am also in contact with an ex-RAAF member over the same thing, so far we have drawn a blank although the quest is still on going.Your web site photographs are brilliant, it was a superb posting. Thanks Dave

Natalie Cheah<natalie.cheah@gmail.com>

Oh, sweet memories. I grew up in this area and often walked to the Tanjung Bungah market with some of my primary school friends to do some of our projects, rode my bike around this area, went for meals with my family in the row of shops (7-11) and the Croatian food around the corner, although there is no picture of that shop/house. I don't remember seeing the Banana thing there but we used to go there often. I often walked around that area to the main road to get on the public bus. Walked home with my friends, and ordered Char Koay Teow from Ah Soon which is next to Jacob's Shoemaker. He sells chicken rice too. And opposite his shop there's one of the best roti canai in the world! Once a week, we would hike up Pearl Hill (all those blue townhouses). Also, whenever I am in a hurry, I would just drop by Penang Store to get my papers photostat although it is a bit costly. I'd choose to go to Concord, which is just walking distance with the short cut, to get things photostated.

Ian "Poli" Polglase<poli@hypermax.net.au>

My wife and self spent two tours with RAAF, and lived at Tanjong Bungah 1968/70,and Tanjong Tokong 1977/80. I played rugby with Penang State side both tours, and spent a lot of time at the Penang Swimming Club and the Chinese Recreation Club. I also ran on the Hash House Harriers, and as a result, helped start Darwin HHH on return to Australia. I miss some good mates that I made, like Soo Chi, Ewe Chi, Ragbir Singh, Raman Yahyah, and my sterio man Chooi. Also the staff at the Swimming Club, Wendy, 001, Chang and Bob Wilkinson (the club boss), whose favourite saying was "My friends will pay."

Lyn Elliott<mike_lyn@smartchat.net.au>

Hi. I lived with my husband Michael Elliott in Hillside 1 Jalan Geh Chong Keat from 70 to 72. We had 2 boys while we were there Dirk was born at Minden Barracks the doctor was mayor Wallace in August 70, and Guy was born at Butterworth in December 71. We then went back again in 77 we lived in Jalan Bunga Rampi off the Gajah we lived just behind the Naffi shop. we left in 79. Dirk got married 3 years ago and took Karen his bride to Penang for thier Honeymoon to show her were he was born and were he when to school He found that it had changed a lot. The Hostel was a wreck most of the grounds have been sold off leaving only the original buildings in a derelict state. He also went to the Annex which is still there but is a Technical College these days, right next to the hospital. We had a great time in Penang.

Dirk Elliott<karendirk@hotmail.com>

My dad was stationed in Butterworth in 1970 when I was born & lived in Hillside until we came back to Oz in 1972. We went back again in 1977-1979, I remember those days with great affection. I went back for my honeymoon 3 years ago. Both houses we lived in are still there. The first one was for sale at the time; I was tempted to buy it as an investment property as the new tunnel is going in up the road & the land may increase in value because of it becoming more built up in the area. The second house is now owned by a Chinese family as was evident by the shine to the war god at the front door. The Hostel was a wreck most of the grounds have been sold off leaving only the original buildings in a derelict state. Hillside International school was not the one I remembered I think they moved it to a new location but I also went to the Annex which is still there but is a Technical College these days, right next to the hospital. The local roads have been greatly improved.

Geoff Kingman-Sugars<gjksau@yahoo.com.au>

FLTLT Geoff Sugars (SD/Air Traffic Control) Still have fond memories of a great overseas posting to Air Base Butterworth from Aug 1971 to May 1974. I recently found quite a few B&W photos ('71-'74) of m'bike events - mainly of the 'Truck' class. I used to ride a slightly modified 1954 Norton ES2 in the scrambles. We lived right at the top of Jalan Hadji Rafai in Hillside. Great time breeding tropical fish as a hobby as well.

Brian Inglis<bdi@tpg.com.au>

Good site. Thanks for the memories. Stationed in the RAAF from early 1970 to late 1972 for a three year posting. now living in Melbourne, - anyone remember the 'Devils Basketball Team'? I was also 'Gordon Fellows' partner, RAAF Police. Have tried to contact him via the email address shown in this listing but it comes back to me as address not found, I guess he has a new email address and not posted it here. Would like to hear from any of you former coppers who I worked with and also any of the basketballers I played with and against. I remember the invitation to play in the Penang State Championships (Basketball) and played in the grand final (but we were not allowed to win). The Straights Times sent a Journo to report on the final and he was disgusted at the treatment we received - and said so in the paper as well. The RAAF was never invited again.

Lee <scottsfc@fastmail.fm>

I've been living in Hillside for the past 31 years and I simply adore this quiet, peaceful and idyllic residential area. In my opinion, it's the best place to live in Penang Island. Where exactly do I live? Well,there's a photo above with the JALAN PELATA signage and if you look closely, you will see my house on the far left of the picture, partially hidden by the trees. My house is world famous now! Hah! My parents bought our house back in 1973 and back in those days,people who lived here were mostly Australians from the RAAF. I once had a neighbour who was an officer in the RAAF and he had a daughter by the name of Natasha, and she and my sister and I used to play together when I was a toddler. Wonder where she is now.A gastronomic word of advice to those who will visit Hillside, you MUST try out the burger and hot dog from the man who operates his stall from a white van thats always parked by the roadside along Jalan Sungai Kelian, opposite the Esso petrol station. Best burger in Hillside,some say the entire island too! (He takes special orders too.Try one with extra onions and cabbage!)

Max Yeoh<malvic@shaw.ca>

Hi. I'm an ex-Penangite living in Canada & trying very hard to locate an old friend who emigrated to Australia from Penang. His name is HILTON CHRISTOPHER REEVE LABROOY who used to live in the Hillside area. Please, if any member of his family or anybody else sees this, email me. Hilton used to be a Teacher & he just turned 60. Got a card from him BUT no return address...isn't that frustrating? By the way, great site. Kinda used to be my stomping grounds when I used to visit friends around the Hillside/Mt Erskine area.Thanx All the best! Max

Julie Hill nee Watson<hillfam01@dodo.com.au>

This is fantastic!!! It has bought back so many memories. My dad was posted over to Butterworth between 63 & 65 and we lived at 11 Jalan Azyze Hillside..I was about 9, my brothers were 5 and 11. We all went to the RAAF School (the white uniforms were unreal). I remember going down to the rubber plantations, visiting the japanese bunkers in the bush behind the school and there were no houses opposite us but construction began before we left. We travelled over on the ship "Roma" it took about 2 weeks and we made some really good friends and stayed friends while over in Penang. I am really looking forward to the reunion in Adelaide in April. Great website!!!

John Lowe<j.j.lowe@talk21.com>

I served in the RAF at RAF Butterworth from 1953 to 1956. 33 Squadron. Penang had several No Go areas for military personal due to the emergency. I spent some 2 years in the Penang and mainland Jungle seeking out trouble makers. We had a Leave centre at Tangong Bunga, I visited the area 10 Years ago but the old Tangong Bunga house was in disrepair. It seems your RAAF took over after that time. At my time the Australian Airforce had a small presence at Butterworth. I played Saxophone in the camp dance band" Squadronairs" along with some Australian players. Nice to see your site and get the info I was not aware off. Best regards, SAC John J Lowe 4121476

Geoff Raymond<geoffnjan@westnet.com.au>

Hi there, I found this site by happy accident along with the RAAF School Penang site, what memories it brought back. I was posted to Butterworth between 1972 and 1975 but worked mainly at the "Hostie" two of my Daughters attended the school and I've even found class photo's of them. I sent the pics to them and they are amazed. I have some photo's of Penang including the House we lived in at Jalan Osman bin Abdul Rahmen (I think 10L) at Hillside. Would you like me to send a few? If so can you let me know an email address. Congrats on a GREAT site. Geoff

Jack Cassidy<fatjack1@hotmail.com>

served proudly with the aussie controllers in ubon tower..there names elude me now but mr. blue was one of them my best wishes to all that served jc

Sue Ryan<einsw@ihug.com.au>

I have accidentally come across this site and even though no one in my family was stationed in Malaysia I have just finished a 7 year stint living in Batu Ferringhi and working in Georgetown at an orphanage. One day a group of young Aussie guys appeared saying they were with the Australian forces and based at Butterworth,they were all Queenslanders. They were thrilled to come across another Aussie and asked what we needed at the home. At that time our washing machines were on their last legs (with 53 children they were constantly on the go). I said we could do with a new machine. 2 days later a truck arrived and off-loaded 2 brand new top of the line machines. It made me so proud. The guys would turn up out of the blue and play football with the kids ot bring a heap of roti for a snack. When they were leaving after their stint was up they told me that the next new contingency would be New South Welshmen and to tell them what the Queenslanders had provided and that they should try to beat that. They did and we ended up with 3 dryers. Great stuff, sadly I'm now back in Oz and missing Penang so much. I will be relocating back next year as I feel my time there has changed me so much and I feel its now my home.

Derrick Bragger<oldies_abroad@btinternet.com>

I was posted to Penang in 1964. Left at Christmas to get married and returned to Penang soon after. Was allocated a hiring at Bukit Glugor closed to Minden Barracks and later moved to 8J Jalan Bahaudin. We enjoyed living in hillside it seemed a lot quiter than the infamous "Peyton Place of the Far East" Jalan Gajah. I still remember sitting on the front of the RAF chaps quarter watching England world cup victory in 1966 great times. Have visited Penang many many times now lately early this year and we are going again in November and staying at the Sandy Bay Reasort in Tanjong Bungh happy days.

Malcolm G Riggs<maleve@ntlworld.com>

My name is malcolm riggs I lived at vale temple 1969 1972. I was in the R.A.F as a driver. At first i was at butterworth then moved over to penang.I was there when we closed down the hill I drove most of the gear down to singapore. the families went home early and we all move into glugor.I enjoyed my stay in penang. anybody who remembers me I would be glad to hear from you


Coming to visit soon. Enjoying the photos. Was there in 1968 - 1970 1976 and 1979. Expecting lots of changes. Do you have a photo of the hill across the road from the Penang Swimming Club on Tanjong Bungah Rd. There was a street just behind the Caltex garage called New Rd off Jalan Bungah Pudak. I lived in New Road. It ran off Jalan Bungah Pudak and I know lots of houses have been built on the hill behind my old street now. thankyou Denise

Col Cole<qcole@bigpond.net.au>

Have just been through the site again. It brings back fond memories. Have updated my email address. All the best.

Beverley Beer<beverleybeer@optusnet.com.au>

What a fabulous, glorious blast from the past! A friend sent this website to me - she lived in Penang with her air force family a few years before we did. My father was posted to Butterworth in 1965 when I was 13. We lived on Penang in Jalan Bunga Chempa Puteh (spellcheck please!) and I attended the RAAF School for 2.5 years. We moved to Butterworth (Tan Sai Gin) for the last year and travelled to school by bus, then ferry (we used to love hangin' over the edge watching the jellyfish), then another bus. I couldn't believe the white school uniform, or the belt on the dress either. I still have the 1966 RAAF School year book. After moving to Butterworth, my older sister (Marion, aka Mandy) and her friends used to hang out with a bunch of guys at the Boat Club just up the beach from the swimming pool. We went on a few of the car rallies - a couple of the guys drove TRs - the only reason my dad allowed me to go along was that the guys in question worked for him at the Base and he assumed (uh huh) I'd be in safe hands! I have many vivid memories of that time - listening to the Saturday night request show on the RAAF radio station, bonfires on the beach, rambutans, The Trogs "Wild Thing"......it's great to read stories of other former Hillside residents.

Pam Rackley<pam@plrtrainingservices.com>

Kayes could you please put a picture of Mr Poon and his shop on the web site. I have just read the note that he has a shop at Batu Ferringi. He used to call on us in his combi van. I bought my camphorwood chest from him and the man who did the carving was the greatest. The carving on the lid has never cracked, he said it wouldn't because of the way he carved it. Cheers, Pam

Vicki Allen<vbeattie@bigpond.com>

Stayed at 8 Road 2 Vale of Tempe just around the corner from the school. I remember lots of things from Malaysia. The xmas carols from the singlees, I still sing the tune to my kids and they love it. Does any one know what happened to Trudi White my best friend we lost contact along time ago, she left in 75 I think and moved to Broad Meadows in Victoria. We were there from Nov 74-Jan 77 and I attended yrs 6-form 2. My sisters were LeeAnn Kerri and my brother Peter. I am going to the school reunion in Sept and hope to see lots of old friends.

Barry Hodges<wingspar1@cox.net>

I stayed at 31 Jalan Loh Poh Heng for 3 months in 1986. Though I was not affiliated with the RAAF I did work on Western Hill on the Hughes Air Defense Radar Installation from 1983 until 1985. At that time I stayed at the Holiday Inn and then at the Orchard Sun until I left in 85. Lots of good memories of Malaysia, particularly Penang. During my most recent visit this month I learned that the Hughes radar on Western Hill was being replaced by an Italian model. Does anyone have any info on this? I would love to work and live in Penang again. Look forward to hearing from anyone there and thanks in advance if you can provide info on the radar installation. Barry Hodges Encinitas, California

Dave Eddy<dleddy@bigpond.com.au>

Arrived October 65, on a 3 year posting to 478m sqdn, RAAF. Saw 77sqdn, and 3sqdn, and a couple of tours to 79 sqdn Ubon Thailand. Lived at 22 Tanjong Bunga Road, corner of Chea Sang Kim. Across the small strip of ulu was the beautiful beach where many a quite reflective hour was spent. Penang Swimming Club for the social times, Majong nights with friends, Poloticus markets on a Saturday morn for the entertainment, and the loverly ride to it via the Vale Of Tempe road for the adventure of getting to it.Good clean living, never to be repeated. Beautiful baby girl born at Minden Barracks in 66, now 40 next year. Now President of the Ubon 79 sqdn group, Perth WA. Never regreted a minute of it, and memories all in a journal.

Lim Peng Jin<pjlim_2000@yahoo.com>

My family move to stay at Hillside when I was 7 yrs old. At that time there was last than 20 houses. One of our neighbour was a youny couple from England by the name of Alan C Coxs whose wife's name was Maria. He is with the RAF. We lost mail contacts after some time. Should any of his friends and/or family recalls this, appreciate news of them. Thanks

Peter & Sue Nelms<PeterNelms@hotmail.com>

Oh, what memories !!! We had two tours with the RAAF at Butterworth during the 70s. 1973-75 we lived at 1 Jalan Sentosa (just up from Seaview Store & across the road from Richard Rent-a-Car). The second time (1977-80) we first lived at 2 Jalan Bunga Pisang (off the Gajah) then moved to 22 Road 2, Vale of Tempe. I was posted with the RAAF at Butterworth 1973-75 and again 1977-80 (both times with 75 Sqn). When we first arrived in 1973 we lived in the Hostie for a couple of months before moving in to 1 Jalan Sentosa (just up from Seaview Store and across the road from Richard Rent a Car). On our second tour we lived at 2 Jalan Bunga Pisang (off Jalan Gajah) for a while when moved to 22 Road 2, Vale of Tempe. Both our daughters were born there & we took our youngest back in July this year to see where she used to live. Stayed at the Casurina & met Mr Poon in his store at Batu Ferringhi. Also had lunch at the Eden. Great memories!!

John and Louise Paproth<johnpaproth@optusnet.com.au>

Excellent photos of hillside any of seahome as we were there in 1982 to 1985 at the top flats near roundabout. I still remember the smell of the food cooking at the hillside mackann (spelling) and having rotis for breakfast at work.

Alan & Lorri Krogh<krogh@dodo.com.au>

We lived at 526 Jalan Sungie Kelian from Aug1964 to approx Dec1965 when we shifted to 838 Tan Sai Gin Butterworth.I was a Radiotech with 2 Sqn. I still have my autoclub badge from the economy trial up to the Cameron Highlands. We came back again in Jan 1974 and lived at 11A Road 4 Vale of Tempe and stayed until Dec 1976.Iwas in the PMEL for this trip. Would love to here from anyone that was there at that time

Ern Sharp<ernroy@optusnet.com.au>

Very Good....however if my memory serves me correct, I used to live at number 4A Tanjung Bungah Road, the rear entrance was on Jalan Oldham just down from a service station and park area. Whilst stationed at Butterworth 1976 to 1978 I had many good time and met many very friendly local residents. We were frequent visitors and members to the Penang Swimming Club and spent many recreational hours at the Springtide Hotel with Host, Bill Tan. Keep up the good work with this site. One day I may return. Thanks again.

Chris Potts<pottsy@primusonline.com.au>

Hi, What a great site, it certainly does bring back great memories for this retired RAAFie. I actually lived in Tan Sai Gin Butterworth from 1984 till 86. I spent some time on Penang working from the RAAF Police Office at the Hostie and I used to patrol all around Hillside and Vale O Tempe areas. It's a great place and thanks for sharing it through your web site. We had a beautiful amah, whose name is Som, I don't know any of her other details, but she lived somewhare out the back of Bagan Agam, her daughter was married to an Ambulance officer, that's all I really know. If by very slim chance anyone in Penang, particularly Butterworth, knows Som or knows of her, I would very much love to be able to get in contact with her or her family. It's just a dream and wishful thinking, I know. Kind regards

Meryl Stewart<moondancer49@yahoo.com>

Greetings to all. I just found this site today, and it is certainly re-awakening some old memories. I was a RAAF wife, living at 5 Jalan Bunga Chempa Puteh from February 1969 to February 1971. I was hoping someone might have some ideas as to how I could contact my old amah. Her name was/is Tang Ah Mooi and she was also an exquisite dressmaker. I guess what I am hoping is that someone who rads this employed her, and may still have contact details. I know she lived in Georgetown itself. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Elizabeth Woods<jihooi@gmail.com>

I still live in Hillside, well technically my Mum does, but I'm studying overseas now, and it's great to be able to show my friends here the area where I live without carting around tonnes of photos. Thanks mate, this is a great site

Stephen Hammond<bigmadhouse@yahoo.co.uk>

Does anyone remember Edward(Ted)Hammond 1(LAA)Sqn 1965-1966? We lived at 4 Chee Seng Gardens and also at 15 Jalan Dua (I think) until coming home after his fatal RTA. I have a RAAF Butterworth Motor Club enameled badge which I was told that he made or designed. Would like to hear from anyone who knew him or his wife Betty or kids Angie and Stephen (me)

David Cunningham<david.cunningham@free.fr>

Yes - I lived there with the RAF crowd - we were there first remember. I well remember Butterworth - the standing RAF joke was that every time a black cloud appeared in the sky and it looked like rain the Aussie Mirages would all land, just in case the rain put the light out.... Remember the bus races on the way home along the shore line north of Georgetown, which bus would be first to the left hand bend? Those were the days. Dave Cunningham, ex RAF Electronics Centre, RAF (RAAF) Butterworth.

Lisa Cunningham<girlracer@mac.com>

I was born in Penang on november 16th 1968. I lived on Loh Po Heng, Hillside, but not sure what number- mum is checking for me!My parents are Jenny and David Cunninmgham. I have some letters my mum wrote to her family, and tape recordings of messages we sent to my grandparents whilst there, tho obviously all I could do was gurgle :-) My dad has loads of photos and I've always enjoyed looking at them, but none of the hospital where I was born. I would love to know if anyone remembers us....

<Lisa, I am starting a new section at PenangTalk.com which will consist of "old pics" of Penang. If you have photos that show various scenes of Penang in the 50s, 60s and 70s, I will be happy to have them. Can you please email them directly to me? My email address is kayes@pc.jaring.my. Best wishes, kayes. BTW if anyone else reading this has old photos of Penang and is willing to contribute, can you please send them to me?>

Frank S Young<fsyfsy@hotmail.com>

Heather I have sent an E-mail to your personal address, hope you receive OK Regards Frank Ex 75 Sqn

Heather Toseland<brthmt@ncable.net.au>

I lived in Jalan Azyze between 1970-1973, across the road form the RAAF school, which I attended, along with my brother and sister. My Father was Cliff Woollard a WOD. I have fond memories of the time we lived on Penang, memories that I share with my three children. My brother returned to Butterworth as a serving member of the RAAF.

Pam Rackley<pam@plrtrainingservices.com>

Trying to contact Trevor Deathridge, but email address does not seem to be correct. If you read this email please contact me. My son was born Feb 1980 in 4 RAAF hospital. Believe your daughter Janet was born same week would like to know how she is. Thanks, Pam

Ray Green<rays_mail@optusnet.com.au>

Hi, I was in the RAAF and based at RAF Western Hill from 1969 to 1971. Worked on Radio Butterworth for about 18 months, and lived in the Hostel on Penang, as a "singly". One thing I do not have is a photo of the "hostey". Can anyone help me out please?

Jenny McCain<jenny3@dodo.com.au>


Anthony Birch<angus94@ncable.net.au>

Lived at 37 Jalan Loh Poh Heng, Hillside....from Sept '66 to Dec '68. Started school in 5/6R and finished in 6T. My brother Ron and i loved it there, we had a ball. Dad used to go to Ubon, Thailand every 3 months. Yes it was all certainly an eye-opener. Now living in Geelong.

Pieter La'Brooy<pepz@iprimus.com.au>

Hi..am i glad a friend showed me this site, i was a gunnie posted to b'worth in '66 to '68,and we lived in the hostel for a short while before moving to no 2 loh poh heng in hillside tanjong bungah.we then moved to jalan abdul rahman round the corner .we bought a ford zephyr from the then air traffic control officer and had wheels! our eldest daugter was born at minden barracks in august '66.i did a 2month stint at ubon thailand each year with 79sqn,and came back to good ol' 77sqn (malfunction junction).i also played guitar in a local band called equinox and used to play at the hostel dances as well.we still treasure the slides we took and the photos .the memory of sitting on the verandah at the boatie enjoying one of alberts steak sangas and looking out over the ocean,will always stay with me ,not to mention the social life and the camaraderie with your mates .don and lorna warner were our opposite neighbours and used to have some good parties with the singlies,about 2am we used to get bombarded with the 1812 overture and had to go over and have a beer with them to keep the neighbourhood quiet!we are planning to go to penang in the latter half of the year and i have been told that i will never recognize the place .i hope progress hasnt ruined the quiet charm penang once had .

Michael Williams<Mickwilliams@warwickshire.gov.uk>

I lived at 12 New Road during 1966 and 1967 I was 6 years of age when we arrived in Penang for short time we had to live in a house at Midland Road ,my older brother Tony was 13 years old, Our father was in the R.A.F. He was Warrant Officer Jack Williams and was Aircrew.I went to Minden Barracks school and my brother had to go to boarding school at Singapore. Our bungalow backed onto the R.A.A.F school,I used to enjoy exploring the local areas,the rock with the scout symbol on it ,the hills ,I remember going to watch the hill climbs nearby and we used to spend a lot of time at the nearby Penang Swimming Club,brilliant.My older brother went back a few years ago,he said its a lot more developed now ,but I still want to go back and visit sometime in the future.

Himedi Bumi<himedi@mystar.com.my>

I use to stay in Jl Bunga Pudak opposite a Telcom substation, much appricate if a photo of the said house could be included in the near future.I was then a driver for a Lt.Col Michael Opel of the RAAF in the 60's I think the houseis # 8 Jl Bunga Pudak. I'm still intouch with the former Lt.Col who is now in his 80's and reside in London UK , we still email each other and exchange news. I have ask him to log into Penang Talk for more news and images of Penang.thanks and regards for a good website.

Catherine McCafferty<catherinemccafferty@yahoo.com>

My goodness, so long ago, so many happy memories. Was 16 Jalan Azyze 1977-1981, just down from the school. Wasn't this the life? How far we've probably all come and settled back in Oz. To those who knew me - hi, get in touch.

Trevor Deathridge<trevor1940aaa@austarnet.com>

I did not live at Hillside but not far from it when posted to Butterworth with RAAF 3Sqn Mirages in 1969-71. Spent 6weeks in the RAF Barracks at Hillside and then lived in Jalan Merbau, Tanjong Tokong, the street opposite the then Sheriff's. Warren & Sandi, where are you? Visited Hillside many times then and during 1974-77, 1979-81 and 1983. Sang many a song during the Singlies Xmas Carol adventures 74-76. Riding on the bonnet of a Hillside Hillman up the `HILL'was rather hairy, but the Dutch courage helped.

Col Berry<phoenixspyre@aol.com>

Hi such wonderful memories a great place to grow up. I was there from 1969 to 1971 and were some of the best times of my life, made some great friends. Would love to hear from anyone who was there.

Stuart Deaves<stuart.r.deaves@transport.qld.gov.au>

Yes, I used to live in Jalan Sentosa (38 I think) and 10u Jalan Osman Bin Abdul Rahmen in 1066 and 1967. I recently visited Penang for the first time since then, took a lot of digital photos but lost them all due to a mishap at Bayan Lepas airpott on the way out. Lovely place and will be visiting again with friends in a few years.

Cynthia Matuschka<raafschool@iprimus.com.au>

I have very fond memories of Penang. Went to the RAAF School and enjoyed the time there so much. We went twice and lived at 7 Jln Bahaudin and then 7 Ahmad bin Kasa and also at Robina Park. I used to love to go town to shop and that always included a cool-down stop at either the Eden Cafe or Maxims. I'd look out for things you couldn't buy in Australia such as the batik and other chinese embroidered linen from the Oriental Emporium. Also loved the camphor wood boxes and jewellery stores. If anyone has not seen the site on the RAAF school, see www.raafschoolpenang.com. There are reunions coming up so don't miss out. Cheers, Cynthia.

Peter Matthey<peter.matthey@defence.gov.au>

Lived in a rather large house just past Tanjong Bungah Bus Station. Up a street to the left past the Seaview Rest and next door to the Buddhist Temple and Sri Batik restaurant, that was in 1965 before we moved to 30 Jalan Azyze opposite the RAAF School. Been back a few times since and it's great

Richard Baker<rct_baker@hotmail.com>

Stayed with my uncle "ray robinson" in august 1978,who was in the raaf.allthough only 10 at the time i had the time of my life.

Nick Cserny<skipper@alarmix.net>

G'day everyone, I too was in Butterworth with 478Sqn from 1977-1979. I had two daughters who attended RAAF School Penang. See earlier entry of Michelle Commins. I also run with Penang Hash House Harriers for the full duration of my stay. I had a great time with them and have met a lot of wonderful Asian guys and ladies who also run with the Ladies'Hash. I have been back a few times to Penang, but the developments have ruined that wonderful island. Pity, but the fo9od is still just as good as before, maybe a little more expensive. I used to love the Hokkien Mee. All the best to the people who surf here for the memories. Hope to hear from someone who was up there at the same time.

Gene Oh<gene_oh@hotmail.com>

I use to paint all the houses RAAF personal rented.I work for a painter contracter and as none of them English educated i have to translate for the boss on what colours the RAAF personals wanted for their lounge,rooms,and kitchen and so on.Use to cycle to work and thats from Green Lane to Hillside, a long journey but am young and strong to ride that far.

Victor Kam<vkam@pd.jaring.my>

Oooooo, surprised to find this site. I live at 21, Lorong Geh Chong Keat and was stunned to find that my parent's two Volvos are found on this site!!

Jo Ferguson<jo@jferghuson.karoo.co.uk>

Message to Linda Thomas, the bungalow behind the garage is 2 Jalan Sungei Kelian where I used to live Nov.1964-Jan 1966.

Michele Renhard<demonchick@msn.com>

Hi just been looking at the photos , I was born in Penang in 1966 and we lived in Chee Seng Gardens,we came home when i was about 3 yrs old,so its great to look at pictures of my birthplace. My dad Terry was stationed at Butterworth and we lived next door to Richard and Daphne Harcourt who have also visited this site! I still have a few photos and i must say, i look a lot younger in them!!

Pat Clarke<patrick.cloth_hall@btinternet.com>

I'm ex RAF Police and stayed at 13a Road 4 Vale of Tempe Hillside Penang, left in October, 1972. What a wonderful place. Regards to all the local people there who were great. My website in UK: http://www.btinternet.com/~patrick.cloth_hall/

Michelle Commins (nee Cserny)<tjcbusinessservices@cairns.net.au>

Wow - what an awesome site. I always think back to the 2.5 years spent living in Seahome Drive, Tanjong Bunga with very fond memories. My Mum, Dad and younger sister, Eva were in Penang from 1977 - 1979 and my sister and I both attended the RAAF School. I still have the Australs from these years (can't bear to part with them). Love to hear from anyone who was there in that time frame. Cheers! Michelle

Jo Ferguson<jo@jferguson.karoo.co.uk>

I have already posted on the site but now have a new E-mailo address. My husband John and I lived at 2 Jalan Sungei Kelian from November 1964 to January 1966 when John was posted down to RAF Seletar. At Butterworth John worked in GEF Fitting Shop. We have very happy memories of Hillside and Penang and would love to hear from anyone who knew us from those happy days.

John Cornwall. RAF (one A)<johnco@eurobell.co.uk>

Desperately in need of a 'rest tour' after flying Shackletons for many years I ended up being posted to RAAF Butterworth. 1965 to 1967 At first I served with 114 MCRU (remember 'Junior' of the RAAF, a sergeant) Who was the Warrant studying law prior to getting demob? He tragically died soon after I left. Real nice person. However I did get caught out with that red light in the sergeants mess bar and ended up paying for a big round. The light was used to clear the bar for a while. Being a 'pommie' I soon adapted to that Aussi gambling habit. Every morning at 114 MCRU there was a dollar a time bet. A wheel was spun and whoever had the number that the wheel stopped at won the pot. What a wonderful lot you Aussies were. We were a small team of RAF SAM controllers who worked in the tent tracking aircraft linking up with 33 Squadron based on the airfield. Later we moved up to Western Hill. This involved climbing into a high backed lorry. The only way to get in was with the assistance of three or four blokes pulling and heaving you on board. Then it was from 'Green Lane' to the rail station where we clambered aboard the fenicular, changing trains halfway up the hill. Once at the top we hurried into Land rovers and drove in convoy through the Jungle to the very top of Western Hill. Here was our place of work. A large radar complex with rest rooms and a sort of sergeants mess. I used to visit the old Japanese look out tower at the very peak. Here I could look out over North Malaya and Alor Star in particular. Our team consisted of Mervynn Thomas Jack ? (composed wonderful poetry)Squadron Leader Steele and some who I have forgotten. Initially I lived with my family at 9 Jalan Sentosa Hillside (near the 'Happy Shirt' shop) later moving to Green Lane into new RAF and RAAF hirings. We lived next door to Warrant Officer Cuttress. Later I was posted down to Bukit Gombak in Singapore. That's another story.

Linda Thomas<supamum62@hotmail.com>

The photo of the garage, what is the address? We lived at 1 Tanjong Bungah Road which was on the corner, I can't remember the name of the other st. I am wondering if the garage is near my old house?

Robin Moffatt<robin.moffatt@btinternet.com>

My father who had survived 50 weeks in the front line in WW1 became a rubber planter. My brother Hamish and I were born in Malaya. In 1940 father was recalled from the officer reserve and became the Garrison Adjutant in Penang. We lived in what was then the military cantonement at Glugor. Mother, brother and I escaped to Australia carrying all the possessions we had. Father became a POW. You may have known my brother Hamish - now dead. He was a leading light in the VSCC - won a shelf full of pots fpr hill-climbs, but also drove an aged Lagonda from London to Capetown, across Afghanistan and Australia, an 8-litre Bentley across the Sahara and raced a Grand-Prix Bugatti. My wife and I will be staying at the E.& O. (where I learnt to roller-skate)for four nights at the beginning of May, on our way to see my second son Tom who lives and works in Sydney, but was run down on a pedestrian crossing in February. The excellent A. and E. hospital saved his life, but had to amputate his right leg above the knee. I hope this gets through to you, but if not try moffatts@iprimus.com.au

Bob & Lynn Hecquet<roblynn@webace.com.au>

We lived at 3 marie pitchay from dec 74 to dec 77. Fun reading all the comments, but nobody we know. bob was in raaf and travelled to work in the ferry every day. I would love to catch up with muniamal - muni my amah in 77. She used to live in King st. penang, and would be about 52 yrs old now. We tried to set her up with handsome indian grocery boy - but no luck. Wonder if she found her own. We have lots of photos of penang, but hardly recognize it from these photos. Great to see though. Also had chinese amah Annie in 75. What a lifestyle. Hope to hear more.

Gary and Karen<ghansberry@yahoo.com.au>

Now isnt this site something to be proud of. Congrats to the web-putter-togetherer We lived in one of those bungalow thingies at 7 New Road, Geh Chong Keat and as Susan says in her post, behind the RAAF School, and in front of that silly 30 foot retaining wall. We shopped at the RG Store, caught a bus to work, would see the people doing their Tai Chee, purchased peanuts in a newspaper cone on the Penang side ferry terminal on the way home, went to the Ambassador pub and the Merlin, I think one of those was a relvolving one cant remember fantastic Continental cakes at the Merlin Yum. Went around to all the beaches, went on the crazy angled train....... The memories are certainly wonderful. Thats all I can think of at the moment, Im absolutely stunned to find this, I was doing a search for Mirage Squadrons, I was with 3, drove them through Indonesia to Butterworth and 75 in Willytown


Hi, Well what a surprise to find a part of my life here.I spent the years 1969 to 1971 living there at New Road Geh Chong Keat, Hillside right behind the Raaf School where myself and two younger brothers attended. We are all present in the class photos.Myself in 5c-6c.I have often wondered how those class mates are as I have contact with only a few.Thanks to the person for setting up this site. What a wonderful job you have done and for keeping those happy memories alive. Love to hear from anyone who was there.

Karen McGuin<krashe812@hotmail.com>

hiya kewl page sent me back a few years we spent 1969-1972 at tanjong bungah residing at 1o jalan sungei kelian for stormy 3 years i spent some steamy days roaming around the hill and exploring scouts rock much to the dismay of my olds friends and foes alike , the names i recall are as follows susan sykes, kerryane bearman, angela and carolyn mcguire, austin mcgarvie, chris pommer, terry gardiner, ashley brimacombe, foes being mr allen, mr hart (grrrrrr) long time ago, dammit now at 42years of age, and a mum, i kinda wish my kid had such a warm and colorful bank of memories to draw from cheers guys, i have a smile on my face thinkin of you all and those balmy dam hot wet nights, mony drains, durians, scorpions on the hillside, jap forts,trishaws,rambutans,smelly markets, makan karts,penang hill train thingey,rubber plantations, and my dad's mad rally car he was president of the raaf butterworth motor sport club or something like omg thanks for taking me back to penang, would love return xxx karen mcguin penang 1969-1972


What great pictures; make me homesick! I used to live on Jln Sungei Kelian and had made friends with 2 Aussie families; we kids, one was Margaret (her mother was a nurse at the RAAF, the other was Kristin, she has a younger sister and the family took me once to the RAAF club for a special function and there was a ballroom dance competition by young kids; just wonderful. Helped Kristin with a couple of her school assignments and she was thrilled with the marks! She used to come over to play and I went over to hers; she has very friendly parents. The most thankful memory was the survaillance and protection we received during the riot of(I think it's 1967); we were very lucky and we felt very safe living in Hillside as we could see the Australian personnal patrolling the area. Fond memories. I'm now living in Canada.

Sheri O'Brien<so634@yahoo.com.au>

My family lived at (I think) 6 road 3 Vale of Tempy I can remember we were not far from the school, we were there 1971 - 1973 and I can remember great times playing in a creek around the corner catching fish. I also was a Brownie and then a Girl Guide I also worked at the deaf school up the road. I went to Thialand with the Scouts and walked the River Kwai. I met my husband over ther and have been married for 20y. He was in the RAAF and went back in 1985 I was left at home as it was just for a short attachment, but he went across the bridge from Butterworth to Penang, that was not built when we lived there as children. He has many memorys of travelling to and from school on the bus across on the ferry. Overall we both had a great time living over there and look forward to hearing from any body that remembers us.

Tony and Anne Parrini<raf@rcropenrith.fsnet.co.uk>

We lived at 24 Jalan Haji Rafaie overlooking the valley and the RAAF School. We were the young Pommy newlyweds who arrived on Hillside from our UK Honeymoon in July 1969 until we sent reluctantly back to UK in October 1971. I was a member of Hash House Harriers most of that time and did a stint as Hon Sec. (I wore the all orange Hash Outfit incase I got lost!) Work wise I was in the RAF Support Unit Supply squadron at Butterworth and then OC Supply Flt on Penang Island. I was also "Uncle Tony" on Radio RAAF Butterworth for a while. Any Brits or Ozzies who remember us, please get in touch. I am Chairman of the RAF Butterworth and Penang Association and we would love to attract more mebers, especially those based in UK.

Richard & Daphne Harcourt <richardharcourt@ntlworld.com>

Yep, moved from Chee Seng Gardens, Tanjong Bungah to Jalan Cheah Seng Kim, Hillside. Son and Daughter in Law had honeymoon in 1998 and took interesting photo from the same position as I had taken one in 1965 with same leaning electric supply pole and street lamp suspended over centre of road junction. Both had changed when we returned earlier this year on holiday. Stayed at Park Royal Hotel, Batu Feringhi. Went by train from Chiang Mai to Singapore. Wonderful experience. Going back again to Singapore and Penang 2003.

Blue Mewett<rbcs2@optusnet.com.au>

I was posted to Butterworth April 1966 to October 1968. On arrival I found I was to work in Housing Section Penang as HO1. My married Quarter was 33 Tanjong Bungah Road. The Tanjong Bungah Kampong was my neighbour. They proved to be the best neighbours a family could have. The two years, three months in Housing Section Penang was great. The duties included, allocating married members posted to Butterworth, a married Quarter, checking in/out of married quarters, all members posted in and out of Penang (inspections), include food parcels and an Amah on arrival, In charge of the gardeners, in charge of Furniture store RAAF Hostie, Payment of Rents, Maintenance inspections, and lots more especially with charters and Squadron arrivals and departures, eg Sabre Return, Mirage Arrival, Canberras to Vietnam, R&R from Vietnam to Penang. The Hostie Furniture Store had a young Indian working there called "SAHIB". I have never seen anyone more dedicated to the RAAF than Sahib. He worked many an hour unpaid to help RAAF members/Wifes with language translations, honest advice where to or not to shop,late deliveries of high chairs, cots etc. Although abused by some whinging house wifes, Sahib would always still help and thank the Mam/Master. I have visted Sahib from time to time and March 2002 I visited his wife's grave in Penang. She died recently and was a cook for some Officer families in the mid 1960s. Sahib is also very sick with a heart bypass and diabetis. I knew Penang backwards, having inspected every RAAF Hiring (over 1000). My son, Kevin started Penang school 1967 and was Christened in the school by Chaplain Leonard. I also arranged for Single School Teacher accommodation in the E&O and I think Runnymede. My Daughter Jo-Ann was born in the Army hospital Penang (Minden Barracks) but was to become a University of Penang Medical centre after the British Army/RAF pulled out. I had an Amah called Lee Siew Hong. I could not have wished for a better Amah. My last three months I worked in the Main Store, Butterworth Got to say Penang Housing was a great posting which started off at 16 Bishop Street before moving to Hostie. Today Penang, Georgetown has a population of over 2 Million

George Blood<thebloods@gblood.freeserve.co.uk>


Ray Green<rsgreen@optusnet.com.au>

Like Richard (below) I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Western Hill. I was RAAF attached to the RAF, from 1969 until close down of WHill in 1971. There were a few of us, and the single ones stayed in the Hostel. What a life that was. Greatest single quarters the RAAF ever handed out. We seemed to have so much time off, we were hardly ever up the Hill. That Train Ride each day...what a trip that was. The treatment we received from the Guards/Drivers on the trains was something to behold. You could certainly tell how welcome we were. I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time at Radio Butterworth, and enjoyed those times as well. I would love to go back there again, but can't see it happening worse luck....

Richard Tapson<richard.tapson@btinternet.com>

What a find this site has been. Many wonderfull memories. I was stationed there from 1967 to 1969. One of a small detatchment of Royal Signals working on the radar site at Western Hill. Lived at Hillside with my wife and 2 children.This was without doubt the ultimate posting during my service. We are returning for a holiday this August and are very exited to be returning after so many years. It is possible I still have some photographs stashed away, I know I have some monochrome of Western Hill site so if anyone would like some I would be more than happy to oblige.

Jim Richardson< jim_richardson@iprimus.com.au>

What a great site with great memories. I was posted to Butterworth with the RAAF Police in November 1982 and spent my first six months living in Jalan Marie Pitchay before moving to the mainland. I would love to hear from anyone who may remember my wife Gaynor or myself. We were also at RRB from late 1982 until our return to Australia in 1985.

Robynne Bates (Dally - Watkins )<robynnebates@hotmail.com >

I was in Penang in 1966 - 69 and lives at 5 Jalan Ahmid Bin Kasa. Also lived at the Penang Pool were my father was Secretary for some time ( he was also in the RAAF ) had many great memories and enjoyed all the food the people and the swimming championship of which I took home quite a few medals, even got disqualified by my father in one race for not touching properly. Went back again in 1982 - 84 and lived in Rd 3 Vale of Tempy and also Rd 7 Vale of Tempy had one of the last babies at 4 RAAF hospital in 82. Loved both times up ther although very different on both occassions. Would love to be able to go to the shops and buy Rambutans and Mangastiens for next to nothing not like in Australia $12 a kilo and the Mangastiens are unheard of. Loved the Pics although it has all changed so much since I was there last.

Peter W.Herman <pwandsj@ozonline.com.au>

We lived near the Hostel at Tanjong Tokong. I was in the scouts and went to Thailand in 1962. We were in Penang from around 1961-1963 or there abouts. Look forward to any email that might turn up.

Ray Green<Ray4706@hotmail.com>

What has happened to the old Hostel. Is it still standing???? I lived there as a singly from 1969 to 1971. I "worked" up the top of Penang Hill at the Radar Station during "working" hours, and spent the rest of my time at Radio Butterwort

Norman Kelly<snowhead_kelly@hotmail.com>

First, a massive thank you to the Penang Turf Club for the creation of this web page, my son and I happened on this web site by chance, we are now living in Manchester, UK at present, and it is winter (Freezing)nothing like sultry days and nights we enjoyed in Penang. I was a corporal Education Assistant in the RAAF at Butterworth and we lived at 30 Jalan Azyze, mid 1974 to mid 1977. I well remember Sheriff Newsagents, and we also used Straits the Grocers, and now my eldest son Steven who was eleven at the time confesses now at thirty eight to ordering ice creams and other treats for his friends,(as if I did not know!!) we also utilised Teng Tek for all our tailoring needs, and I well remember the pampered lifestyle of servicemens wives, who spent hard earnt cash on themselves in Georgetown with beauty treatments and latest fashions that were tailored from the latest magazines, i.e. Elle, Tatler, Cosmopolitan, Et Al. at a fraction of the cost back in Australia. I visited New Zealand last year (2000)with a stopover at the Bay View Beach Hotel, Batu Ferringhi, with night time entertainment at the Rasa Sayang Hotel(The best hotel on this Earth!!) for myself and my partner Margaret. I met the present occupier of my old married quarter, quite an emotional meeting, and we visited all the old tourist venues, I found that all my favourite watering holes were all gone, who remembers the Spaniards Inn, Cartwheel, and my particular favourite the Garrison's Inn. I asked whilst in Penang about the Australian Hostel and was saddened to see it closed and in a derelict condition, skirted by a six lane super highway (My son when he found out was gutted as he had plans to attend the next joey dance at the Hostel when he visits on a stopover February 2002) halcyon days indeed for all our family, and I have to say Penang is forever in our hearts. I am visiting New Zealand at the backend of 2002 and I will be definitely having another stopover at my favourite destination, Tanjong Bungah, Etc. If anyone knows of us or wants to have a chat about Penang please E-Mail.

Dean McNamara<livvymac@ozemail.com.au>

Yes ... I lived at Jalan Ahmad Bin Kasa between Mar 81 - Dec 83. I went to school at RAAF Penang. Thanks for the photos.

Tricia Hardy<harlee@oceanfree.net>

We lived at 38 Jalan Azyze directly opposite the school in 1979/80. I miss the makan carts - especially the rotis and the local coffee with condensed milk! I don't miss durian. Remember Bok the shoe man who travelled around on a step-thru scooter and who could whip you up a pair of shoes in your driveway? I also miss the "hostie" with the thrive of activity on the basketball courts and the great movies. We had the classic faded green Hillside Hillman station wagon for the 7 in our family. I remember we once crammed 14 of us into a friend's sedan version to go out to lunch at Batu Ferringi (Palm Beach hotel all you could eat for 8 ringit) past the Bleeding Rock (2 were in the boot). Does anyone remember the name of the street than ran parallel and behind the "mad mile" on the way to the hostie? I can't remember it and it's driven me crazy for the past 20 years!This is a fantastic site - thank you for going to so much effort! Have you all seen the website www.schoolfrie! nds.com.au? You can enter your details there for RAAF School Penang and other schools and catch up with old friends too.

Peter J. Hardy<hardv8@hotmail.com>

Well, finally the Hillside is getting the recognition it deserves! I went to Penang in 79, aged 11, when my father got posted to a country that myself and 3 sisters (Cathy, Tricia & Carolyn) and brother (John) had never heard of before and, safe to say, did NOT want to leave Australia. Cathy ended up going straight back to Australia and joined the RAAF....I think it was a ploy to just get out of Penang. Now it's been 20 years since we left (2 year posting) and we all sit around once in a while remembering the "great" times we spent there. It truly did open our eyes and we loved it. We lived on Jalan Azyze right across the road from the RAAF school which was great at lunch for a quick duck home for a shower on the really hot days! After staying in Jalan Azyze we were moved, no idea why, closer to the Hostel....we missed the Hillside Hilton like crazy. We were, however, fortunate enough to experience the Hillside Hilton when it was just the tin makan carts before they "modernised" it. Funny enough, we were as upset leaving Malaysia as we were leaving Australia in the first place. Would love to hear from ANYone I went to school with at the RAAF School and hope this site has a long shelf life. Thanks for the great memories Hillside!

Colin Cole<qccole@pacific.net.au>

I was just browsing and found this wonderful site. How it bought back memorise. I went to school in Penang from Sep 61 to Jan 64 when my father was posted to Butterworth. I first went to the old school in Residence Road, near the Penang General Hospital and then to the new school when it opened, I think in Jun or July 62. We lived at Tanjong Tokong, near the Snows Club to start with and then moved to Jalan Gajah, right next door to the NAAFI(on the up side). We then spent our last 18 months in a large semi detached house at 520 Tanjong Bungah Road. We travelled to Butterworth by ship, a Flotta Laura Line one called the Sydney. It took 12 days, what a holiday. Other Raffies came on its sister ship, the Roma. Aircraft were not used then and were only just starting when we left in January 1964. We came back on the P&O liner "Oronsay". That took 9 days, I was 13, the ship had a lot of English immigrants migrating to Australia with kids my age and an abundant stock of ! the latest Beatle records. What a trip. I joined the RAAF in 1968 and got my first posting to Butterworth in 1975 with the RAAF Police, as a singly. I did two years spending the fist six months on Butterworth then the remaining 18 months on 'The Rock'. 12 months of that was with 'Penang Patrol', so I know Hillside like the back of my hand and could drive around it in my sleep (mind you I think we did sometimes). I again got posted to Butterworth between June 79 and December 81. I was a 'Bagger' this time, married with a six month old daughter. We lived this entire posting on Butterworth but many trips were had to good old Penang. I would show my wife and friends all the back streets and short cuts. To this day I don't think my wife knew where she was going when driving around Penang in our 1957 Prefect. I only spent about six months on Penang Patrol this trip but it was still fun, especially Mary's Mee Soup off her makan cart fro lunch. Oh! those were the days.

Peter Dacey<peter_dacey@bigpond.com>

I lived in Penang as a RAAF brat 69-71 and then had the opportunity to return once again 77-79. I attended the RAAF school and was in Year 9 and 10. I have many fond memories of Penang. Would be great to hear from any one who attended the RAAF school. PS I have copies of the RAAF school Australs for these years.

John Morrison<johnbernmor@aol.com.au>

Bit after your time but enjoyed site. Got out some great photos to possibly send to site. Lived York Rd 1983/86. Chalkie. SNOWS & Islanders.Did not have Hillside Hillman either. Hillside Heap YES. Courtesy of Rev Mcleod a yellow Vauxhall.PM something. Lousy front suspension. Habit of collapsing after SNOWS Chook runs. Photos include Dunk Island Doz Cricket & a great friend the late Rev Jack Pilgrim; Chalkies revenge(s)1985 (KimSai & Smithy in almost illegal action) (Rajan from the Rubber Plantation & all the Depavali memories. Mary Johns our Amah who cooked so beautifully that our kids would not eat for 6 months after coming back to Aus.) Got cartoon graphics of Stewie and other reprobates - Smithy, One Beer, Old Doc Eddy Ooi, Henry Richter & a few more. Also "The great sadness of the huge SNOWS FLOOD. York roaders only got half way home when the heavens opened. "Damnation" they all chorused at Chree's insistence. "Off with the socks and we can't risk the road home till the! rain stops" When the rain stopped the cars were bogged. What were we to do? Call for an overworked Penang council rescue squad? Notat all their leader was also caught half way home. He lived near the NAAFI and just had to stop in and check on how the club was managing. Poor Eddy got stuck too! As a few other of your contributors have noted children did not take readily to the pungent odours of the makans and monies at first but when they left it took a long time to manage the "plain" tucker again. Sunday morning Soccer with life giving sweats for the refs and coaches was a ritual. Little A's and the Chicken Rice revivers were the Sat morning routines. The Rock Pools were a Godsend for the kids on hot days.Mind you a couple of mine decided that the Monies were also cooler than tan the front yard.Living in Penang gave my 3 a fantastic start to stretching their wings. For anyone who remembers Elizabeth, Iain & Joanne: Elizabeth works mainly in London (with side trips to other destinations) Iain works in Scotland and Joanne is at Uni here in NSW. Me? Redundant by choice relaxing on the Wollongong Riviera. Billy Sylvester (another Chalk is also more or less settled here) He still has the wanderlust for Middle eastern climes. Special Photograph obtainable for Y10 1985. Names all attached courtesy of Kelly MacPhee. Love to hear from any one interested. How many remember the Laksa lady and the Cuttlefish in Chili sauce outside the Chinese Girls HiS? And the pleasure so many kids(and parents) got from the Snake temple Mee Hoon at the Swimming Club?

Ross & Karen Daniel<kdaniel@dingoblue.net.au>

Unbelievable, a site on Hillside.I was an Gunnie posted to 75 Sqd RAAF Butterworth in Feb. 1979 and left in Feb.1981. My wife Karen and I lived at 35 Tanjong Bungah Rd.just down from the Esso Service Centre.It's sad to hear of the demise of the Hostel as we spent many a night there.I can still remember the experience of getting off the Jumbo at Butterworth, the smells, the heat, the ride in the back of a truck to be offloaded at our house at 9 pm. All with a young wife and a 2 year old baby. (Now 24). We used to eat at the makan carts just up the road. Long gone I would say. We had an Amah called Shabi who lived further out along Tanjong Bungah Road.Of course you became very close to your Amah and we often wonder how she is. I still have my RAAF Motor Club membership card from 1980. We had quite a few problems in Malaysia mainly regarding the purchase of a car. No, not a Hillside Hillman, a VW. Started off innocently but ended up with us being removed from Penang by the RAAF 6 months early after 3 court appearences, an assault charge and threats on our lives. My wife used to Ten Pin Bowl, as did a lot of others, and made a lot of friends during our posting, all of which we have unfortunately lost touch with over the years. I aquired a taste for curries in Penang which is how I found this site actually, looking for Malay Curry web sites. A good friend we lost touch with is Tom Walsh , a WO Armourer from Base Sqd. Butterworth. We lost Toms Aussie address and have not been in touch since we came home. He left about the same time we did. Some memories----- Chandra(Sam) and Ramu the 2 stepthrough riding Encyclopedia salesmen , we didn't buy any books but became good friends. They invited us into their house for Deepavali and we enjoyed it immensely. Going for a swim at the Holiday Inn (cost $10, I think) and making out we were rich tourists. Who can forget the New Years Eve partys at the Hostel. Celebrating all the time zones in Australia. What a night. Ending up in the RAAF hospital with the worst dose of food poisoning ever.( not after a new years party) Our weekend visits to the temple markets. Saturday lunch at the Eden Restaurant. Going to work on a Vespa Scooter. ( the most adrenilin you could fit into 11/2 hours.) Anyway ,I've waffled on for long enough. Anyone who wishes please email. As a post script. My eldest daughter, who was concieved at Hillside but born in Aus., last year married the son of an Aussie army infantryman who was at Butterworth the same time approx. as me. Cheers all Ross and Karen Daniel.

Russell Cole<spacey70@hotmail.com>

I lived in Penang around 78-79 and went to the RAAF School. Lived in Jalan Ahmad Bin Kasa, and also moved to just off jalan gajah in the second year. Looks like things have changed heaps, can still smell the beautiful food from the makan carts though ! Russ

Valerie (nee Mulder)<Valeriep@dingoblue.net.au>

What a fantastic site. My family were here 1968-71 such vivid memories. 7 Jalan Azyze for 12 months. Great freinds Kerryanne Bearman and Sue. and two years at 14 Jalan Meranti. Kym Dengate where are you? Wow those carefree days, where we did so much exploring. The miles that our bikes covered. I shiver to think of my children doing the same. Times have changed. Teachers still clear in my mind, Mr Heart and Mr Allen.

Gene Oh<gene_oh@hotmail.com>

Hi, I dont stay at Hillside but I was a Painter there who painted the houses where RAAF personel rented it.That was in 1962 when I on my first painting job.I have to translate to my Boss what colour the Aussie RAAF wife wanted.It was fun as I have to go to each room and mark down the colour she wanted.We painted nearly all the houses there and we can always think of how lucky the RAAF's are with Amah to cook,look after their kids and shared Gardener.After that I left and become a baker at Cold Storage Sunshine Bakery in Butterworth. It was fun too when it comes to the Athenic May 13 riots.The RAAF's was so scared they could not get any bread that they have to come by their truck to load up bread for their Camp. The Bakery was in Butterworth and the could not bother about the packing they just load it into their truck. I dont think Penang will be the same as the old day.Theres more traffic,more people and the roads the same,narrow.Theres no room for improvement and for years to come I bet it will be a big headache for the people there. Gene

Bob and Maria Darby<mrtdarbs@picknowl.com.au>

A friend sent me this site and it was nice to see. We were in Penang 1987 to 1989, appreciated it more when we came home to when we where there. I still keep in touch with my Amah, Menah and also our two gardeners Taminum and Bass send Xmas and Deepavali cards, it has been nice to have kept in touch with them. We lived at Vale of Tempe, bit more up market than Hillside?? It never fails to amuse me out of all our postings that Malaysia stays good in memory and our children now 26yr olds re call more memories there than anywhere else. Malaysia certainly left an impact, smells, monie drains, monie grots, horrendous traffic, markets full of flies, heat are as much a pleasure to remember as all the good things we experienced.

Jo Ferguson<jo@jferghuson.karoo.co.uk>

We lived at 2 Jalan Sungei Kelian in 1964/65, in the bungalow next door to the garage. Second photograph on the top row = I can just see the roof. We were RAF and in those days there were quite a few RAF families living alongside RAAF families. John worked with the RAF at Butterworth. I too remember the RG Store, Sherrifs and a shop called Happy Shirts where we bought a lot of records and we could also trade paperback books. I remember the beach and all the steps we had to climb up and down to get to it. I remember my first Christmas on that beach - a picnic instead of the usual Christmas Dinner. It didn't quite seem like Christmas that year - it was too hot. I remember too the Chinese swimming pool,the Aussie Hotel and the Thursday bingo nights. We had great times there and made loads of friends all with whom, sadly, we have lost touch. Margaret & Sandy Small from Perth (Scotland), Jock and Ann Leach, Jim and Hermie Conway, Tug and Sheila Wilson from Goole, Jan ! and Ian Fields, Jan came from Penang - I believe her father owned either the Yellow or the Blue Bus Company. Are any of our friends out there reading this. Please make contact as we would love to hear from you. Thanks for the photographs on this site. Hillside hasn't changed too much over the years. I look forward to seeing some more - how about the beach, and the Aussie Hostel, and where the Naffi was. Great days = great place

John & Jeanette Canning<john.canning@bigpond.com>

Hi, Resided at 75 Jalan Sungei Kelian from February 1969 to August 1971 and a former Hash House Harrier. Our first child Michelle was born at Minden Barracks Maternity Hospital on 23 December 1969. Our saddest moment was when we departed leaving our faithful mongrel 'Bullie' behind. Cheers John and Jeanette

Kevin Mezzina<mezzina@ozemail.com.au>

Yep, I lived in Hillside with my family from May '64 to Nov 66 on Jalan Azyze, the street in which the school was located. Our house was the first on the left as you turned into Jalan Azyze. The school was at the other end (rubber plantation in those days). In those days this side of the street only had houses, the other side was under construction. I vividly remember the herds of goats and cows being marched along this section under the guidance of an old and somewhat cranky herder. But one must remember she was under somewhat pressure to bear from us bravehearts as we threw what ever we could at the animals from a hideaway in which we could not be seen. How brave we were in those days. My age at the time was about 14 or so and I thought I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof until I was confronted by a group of locals and at this time feld less that one foot tall and plasticine as they tormented me to the point of absolute fear. I remember climbing the dirt hill which o! verlooked the area and visiting the Japanese forts located in the bush hill next to the dirt one. Those were the days when long hair was just coming into fashion and us (sons of RAAF officers) had to conform to the short back and side look when the English army kids were showing us the London fashions of bell bottom trousers, miniskirts, wide leather belts and high healed boots. Those were just wonderful, fantastic days which will stay with me forever.

Derek Dobson<derekd@bigpond.com.au>

I stumbled across your site by accident, not really hoping to find any pictures but searching none the less. The images invoke strong memories of the five years spent in Malaysia, 1967-1969 and 1974-1976. I have travelled back to Penang, but I have always been distracted with either professional or family committments. I really should have taken the time to walk around the old neighbourhood. Im sure some of the magic and mystery are still there, although I doubt the local population would tolerate the behaviour I demonstrated as a child!! The majority of kampomg dogs were my best friends! Many of my memories are very vivid and in the main all happy. Life was so much simpler then. Lew at the Esso gagrage, Sherrifs, RG's Store and the drinks and icecreams put on my parents account..."who me?" Peter Poon and his kombi full of linen. Tony the delivery boy from RG's....yes it was me who stole your stepthru 70 that day I still have the scarr on my leg from the exhaust. Life goes on, I just wish my children could experience growing up in an idylic setting

Badlil Othman Merican<cekbad@hotmail.com>

Gosh!!!I just can't believe it.The house,the name of the two roads that my family used to stay.This is a wish come true.I have been trying to get some photos of the places we used to stay (Hillside)to show my kids.Lo!and behold.I have printed all the pics.and will be visiting the area with my kids when we go back for a holiday.I studied at Tanjung Bungah Secondary School (1969-1973).Anyone who remembered e-mail O.K? Some of the names that I can still recall:- Teh Hai Hock,Teh Kooi Kee,Ahmad Sulong,Chan Lai Yong,Habibah Saidin,Pek Sang Choon,Mahmood,Lim Yew Ting(The most cleverest in the class),Rosli and Rosnah Zain,Darus ,Yap Poh Hua,Noraini,Arulandu,Shammugam,Azizah Mat,Che Kama Binti Man,Fadzillah Hj(I can't Remember),Abdul Kadir(I just met your sis Zalehabi in london), Babjan,Abdul Rahman(my best friend in Form 1B SMTB)and many many more.Aaaah!! the memories came flooding back seeing those pictures.Our school was next to the RAAF school (Hillside)There were very few ! mixing between us and the Aussie kids.Perhaps we were sizing each other up and waiting for the other to break the ice.We were a shy lot those days.We used to stay in Fettes Park as well but that's another story.Hey!! you guys out there write to me OK? It has been more than 28 yrs,Tanjung Bungah (Hillside)/Tanjung Tokong must have really changed.Keep up the good work.More pics please.!!!

Lorraine Hughes<lady000@ozemail.com.au>

Hi, my name is lorraine and i lived in hillside from 1975 to 1977 and again in 1981 - 1984 . I adopted a baby girl chinese in 1981 and i am trying to find some friends who i love in penang. who are you? My friends are richard lim and ben tan plus heaps of others. I want to come over for a visit but i need to contact them. Can you help. Lorraine

Gordon Fellows<craftwoodtrophy@bigpond.com>

I was with the RAAF Police in Malaysia from 1968-1972, and lived at 128 Jalan Gajah.

Yat Hoe Ng<yhng45@hotmail.com>

Looking at these pictures makes me not home sick as I do not recognise any of the sights. I let Penang in 1971, may be that's why. I grew up in Tannjong Bungah and later in Fettes Park - Green Hill Drive. I do miss the weather and food. Please will someone kindly forward a 1st class ticket for me to visit my childhood sites again!!!!

Ismett Azyze<ismetta@kub.com>

I am so happy to see my father's name in one of your photographs showing the main road to the former RAAF School. Just for your information, Jalan Azyze was named after my late father Tuan Haji H.A. Azyze who was the 1st Chairman of Rural District Council Penang (from 1955-1961). During those days Penang was under 2 Councils (City Council and Rural District Council). Except for the City of Georgetown the rest of the island was under the RDC. The Chairman's post is now known as Yang Dipertua Majlis Perbandaran. I noticed that you also included Jalan Geh Chong Keat. Mr. Geh Chong Keat was the 2nd Chairman to RDC after my father. They were elected members to the council ( what I meant was they have to stand for election and it was the public who voted for them to be members of the council, not like what is happening today where members are nominated my the ruling party or government. There's also Jalan Oldham. Mr.Oldham was the last Chairman of The Rural Board under the British rule in Penang. When the British handed the Board for local rule in 1955 (before independent),the then Resident of Penang Mr. R.P. Bhingham and YTM Tunku Abdul Rahman (Chief Minister of Malaya) gave my late father the honour to be the first Chairman. Later he and his Alliance group stood for election and won. Thank you for your kindness and effort to remind me of those who have served their country especially the state of Penang, but sorry to say they have been forgotten by the present leaders. I dare to say so ! be! cause you cannot find any documents or history written about them and the present leaders didn't even know who these people were. Thank you. Penang is still the Best.

Wayne Cummings<wejac@tnet.com.au>

I'll be buggered...I could not beleive it when I stumbled across this site. I lived at 52 Jalan Gajah (up from naafi) (?)from 4/1970 to 10/1972 and went to school there. We (mum and dad and my sister) had a fantastic 2 1/2 years there. I still have fond memories of the view from scout rock..... and the school etched in my brain,...swimming at Golden Sands beach and the chinese pool, the jap forts on the hill opposite Jalan Gajah, our pet monkey that escaped and terrorised the street, climbing Penang and Western hill, the scouts and the trips away, boxing at the hostel on Saturday's, our gardiner Abu and our amah's, the day the cobra came into our house, pigging out at the crab temple, I can even recall most of the words to the school anthem..... Is'nt it funny to remember flashes of old times and how we are conditioned by our experiences....they were very special days to me and I often ponder about my old friends and the good times we had in Penang....... My last memory was of the sunset over Penang as we were on the ferry before we flew home. I was with some of my best friends, Angela and Caroline Macguire, who also returned home on the same charter. I have never heard from them or anyone else and hope that someone out there in this small world knows their whereabouts. They went to Vic or SA. If any one can help me piece together some old school friends from '70 to '72, I would love it. Especially if anyone has a copy (or part there of) of a school mag for these years. Whatever I had was lost in Darwin during cyclone Tracy....... my photo's.....my 1971 issue of the school mag....so now it is all from my fading memory..... Do any of these sirnames ring a bell... Macguire, Mullins, Hodge, Weeks, Cross, Eyre, Freeze, Johnston, Blackshaw, Beaumont, Trattles, Saville, Norotzky, Webb, Gardner and there were others.... I would be very greatful of any info from anyone who could help. PS: My hairdresser went to Penang for her honeymoon in 1998 and I asked her to take some photo's of 52 Jalan Gajah, for memory's sake, and the only thing that had changed was an airconditioner hanging out of the wall. Everything as I remember it was exactly the same. Even the garden. I don't know what I was expecting, but I often look at the photo's and relive different moments. Thanks Narelle. Email me pls... Thanks.

John Horsting<john.horsting@iprimus.com.au>

Hi to all, what a pleasure to open a section on butterworth and find a section devoted to time in one's life. My wife and I were in Butterworth from 1986 to 1988. I was unfortuately one tasked with the reduction of activity at Butterworth. We initially started at 20 road 6 Vale of Tempe. We too made the many a trip to Butterworth each day until we moved to the mainland. There are many a tale to tell and many evolved around the motor club on base. Is there anyone out there that was around during that period? Regards John & Joy

Pam Rackley<prackley@powerup.com.au>

This is for Chris and Terry Smith, I have a note on the Tanjong Bungah site which might also bring back some memories. We were there from 1978-1980, leaving in August, our youngest son was born at 4 RAAF hospital and as he will be 21 next month I am looking for any other children born there between Feb 24th and 6th March (approx) 1980. If you are in touch with anyone of them please let them know I am looking for them. Peter worked at SASS and Sar and we lived in Jalan Hashim opp the Garjah. I know your names so I am sure we have met. Cheers, Pam Rackley.

Terry Chris Smith<christerry@optusnet.com.au>

HI, What a great surprise to log on and find these great photos,we lived at 1jalan sentosa in 77---79 going back sometime this year it will be great to see the changes as I went to school there in 60---63 .bye for now .chris. HI everyone just a quick question can someone tell me what has happen to the RAAF HOSTEL is it stll standing or gone to rack and ruin, also the school ? thanking you CHRIS SMITH

SB Quaid<nightbird18@hotmail.com>

Hello! i've never expected this! An American chat friend wanted to see pictures of Penang and i introduced her to the page and what did I see??????? My own house in Hillside!!!! *LOL* I'm not saying which is the one but who took those pics of Hillside? i'm curious to know! is it some Aussie guy who had rented my place before? I hope to get some positive responses as my house was once rented to the singles in the RAAF thanks

Hi Quaid! All the pics were taken by me. I just walked around Hillside and snapped pics of places/houses which I thought were interesting. Didn't know I included your house. If I had known, I would have walked in and asked for a cold beer as I remember it was very hot that day :-) kayes

Nigel Cullis<nigelcullis@supernet.com>

Great to see photos of Penang again. My father was with the Royal Air Force stationed at Butterworth and Glugor 70-72. i have many happy memories of hillside and scout rock.

Najieb Ariff<jieb@hotmail.com>

Hi Kayes, Thanks so much for posting all the photos of Pearl Hill or Hillside. I am very familiar with the area coz i do live at Pearl Hill. As you can see from 7-11, my house is the one with the glass window and its grey in color. I really miss my neighbourhood and very pleased to see the pics. How come you did not include some photos of the house on Pearl Hill. It would be much nicer and cool too. Anyways, nice pics to look at and thanks so much Kayes. Looking forward to meet you when i get back to penang. Cheers, Najieb

Grey Cusing<grey_18@yahoo.com>

nope , i haven't stayed there before..but the place looks cool :)

Mary Schneider<marys@pc.jaring.my>

Hi kayes, Thank you so much for the latest update. Although I'm very familiar with the Hillside area, it was, nonetheless, wondeful to see how you'd captured its essence so well with your camera. It's a truly wonderful thing that you are doing. Take care, Mary


well done


Dear Kayes, My name is Warrick Langham, I am 42 Y.O. living in Melbourne. My father was in the RAAF for 25 years and 2 of those years (1960 -1962) we lived in Penang. My younger brother was born there. Ouir Amaht aught us tospeak Chinese before we learned English. My mother told me we lived in Fettes Park, Circular Drive at Tanjong Tokong. I wonder if you could direct me to any photos? On 3/9 (only 3 days to go) I fly to Singapore, then Bintan for 4 days, then to Penang for 5 days and Lankawi, before returning home. I always knew I would return some day, but 40 Years is a long time. When we lived in Penang we had an Amah Named TAN TAR PO, she would be 69 Y.O. now . My parents went back in 1985 and reunited with her. They all cried tears of Joy. I am currently trying to contact the Family Liason Officer at Butterworth to help me contact TAN, but I'm not having any luck with the email address. Don't know if you can help. My father drove a big Studebaker Champion, which he bought back to Melbourne, the only one I have ever seen. We have so many phots and slides that I think I can remember, but I was only 2 Y.O. I still have Tiger and Anchor Beer glasses at home. Anyway if you; or, anyone can help me locate TAN before I leave, it will make my job easier than waiting until I get there. I trust you will have a word with the weather man and make sure it is sunny for me. Keep up the great work.

Ronda Street was then mulder<rondf@ozemail.com.au>

We where housed at hillside in 19 71we had 4 children my husband then was colin mulder we had four girls good days then Ronda

Lesley Seymour (Eyres)<seymour@hypermax.net.au>

Lived in Penang 1961 - 1963 attend RAAF school Regards Lesley

Jan Barnes nee Eyres<janb@caloundra.net>

I lived in Jalan Bungah Chempa Putah between 1960 63 Have very fond memories. Attended RAAF school in correspondence class. Would love to hear from any one from that era.There were six children in my family so maybe someone remembers us .Janet Ray David Lesley Wendy and Graham.Eyres.